Moto Z says, 'Hello Pakistan!' through the National Anthem Instrumental!

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Picture Credit: Obaid Chawla as he explored Pakistan's Siri Paye
Knowing that the national songs of the present era are quite unmatchable with those composed by Sohail Rana till the 1980's, anything that excites the true spirit of a Pakistani is worth talking about. I am referring to the Moto Z anthem that has struck the air waves like storm and captivated the audience through the brand's flamboyant image.

The campaign was officially launched as Lenovo announced the launch of Moto Z in Pakistan as this comeback is something greatly anticipated by die hard Motorola fans. Tell me who doesn't remember the "Hello Moto" ringtone and those flip phones that were predominantly in use over a decade ago. This comeback really brings back some fond memories. Some might not know that Motorola Mobility is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo. 

Moto Z's anthem has been completely shot and produced using a Moto Z phone which reveals the superb quality of this electronic gadget. Picking the national anthem to create an instrumental using this gadget entirely (it was edited later of course) is what depicted not just its functional attributes but hit the chords where the emotional attributes too create an association. The amount of travelling required to shoot this TVC would make you envious of the brilliant team (Mehreen Jabbar, Amean J, and Hira Tareen) behind this piece of art. It makes you proud every time someone produces something that speaks positively of Pakistan, contrary to the negative stories that end up getting immense traction. This is something that you should talk about since we as a nation have enough of overwhelming negative publicity already. Mughal architecture in this video was one of the best options to be considered, while the end showing a person praying and children humming the national anthem denote peace and tranquility. Well now I understand why Lenovo had the Pakistani flag badges for everyone at the registration desk. Watch the TVC if you haven't already:

There are some facts about the Pakistani National Anthem that perhaps most are unaware of so let's talk about them:

1. The national anthem of Pakistan was written by Hafeez Jallundhri in 1952 and composed by the musician, Ahmad G. Chhagla in 1949 prior to the poetry being penned down.
2. It's written in the Persian language and contains only one Urdu word, 'ka'.
3. It was selected from 723 competing songs (crowdsourcing existed then).
4. The prize money for the best one was Rs. 10,000.
5. It was first released on Radio Pakistan on August 13, 1954.
6. Did you also know (as if you knew all the preceding facts ... myself included before this research ;) ) that the first colour film with the Pakistani flag and anthem was produced on January 19, 1955 in the USA.
7. There are 3 stanzas in the national anthem.
8. It uses 38 musical notes and 21 different music instruments.
9. Its duration is 1 minute, 20 seconds.
10. It was played on the electronic guitar for the first time by none other than the rock band, Junoon.
11. And above all, Pakistan's national anthem ranks the top among the top 10 national anthems of the world!

LEARN these facts! These are among those things that make you proud for being a Pakistani!

Who remembers this vintage version of our Qaumi Tarana being aired on PTV during the glorious days of television?

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