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Thursday, December 22, 2016 Heba Moeen 5 Comments

My recent visits to Café Chatterbox have been quite worthwhile, considering the quality of food they serve and the cozy ambiance to enjoy with. Most are aware of Pie in the Sky which is one of the most renowned names when we think about bakeries; Café Chatterbox is an extension of this and more of a concentric diversification and one which is rightly done indeed.

It’s now beginning to become a ritual to assume this as a meeting spot for me and my friends. I like the brick walls around, and the cerulean blue crockery that compliments the brand’s corporate colour, amidst the old-fashioned setup, with cutlery served in aluminium buckets. I am a fan of anything vintage so whatever resonates with being vintage themed, that’s the place for me.

As for starters, their Nachos are highly recommended, we just wanted to have more and more of it.

Since I am a burger person, I order burgers everywhere I go, despite always telling myself to step out of my burger comfort zone but to no avail. The American Style Burger was so good that I had forgotten to snap its picture until I realised that I was done with half of the mighty deliciousness. 

Café Chatterbox’s menu card had quotes by various authors which add to the intellect of the mind behind the entire set-up and design. “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” By J.R.R. Tolkien adorned the page for wraps and quesadillas among others. And as I write, I get hungrier imagining their menu and the hospitality we have been treated with, go further down and you’ll know why I am saying this.

I’m not a soup person or you can say that I would only go for soupy dishes if there is rice along with those dishes. But the ‘Fettuccine pasta with chicken in a light creamy sauce’ is something that would take your taste buds to the next level. *drools again*

The ‘Garlic Rice Bowl’ is another delight that my food consultant (that’s the title I have given to my friend) had. It’s served with spicy beef, pickled green beans, and fried egg. The egg yolk is what he left out and I would have done the same because although it looks great but I don’t remember the last time I had a fried egg since I’m not too fond of it (It’s my opinion, however, I’m sure some people would love the idea of having a fried egg topped serving). This dish would haunt you in your dreams until you finally decide to visit Café Chatterbox again and eat it all away because it’s that good.

I don’t remember the title of this particular dish but it had a Thai touch and was so wholesome that it’s more than enough for one person; actually it’s sufficient for two.

Some of us friends had visited Café Chatterbox again to celebrate our friend’s birthday, so after getting done with the savoury meal, we decided to place an order for a slice of walnut cake with a candle. To our surprise, the waiter got us that slice that we had asked for along with a humongous slice of mouthwatering, chocolate cake slice which according to him was from the café to wish him a happy birthday … entirely complimentary! That’s where the hospitality part comes in! And I am amazed, it’s not that we had our names etched on their walls as regular customers but I’m truly moved by their wonderful gesture. 

And then an interesting, yet a funny thing happened, the café played a birthday themed music that made him feel more conscious and red too (laughing again as I write), there seemed to be an entire department of a bank next to us that sang along.

This is what café Chatterbox got us.

This is the walnut cake we had asked for (to be honest, this was good but we liked the free cake more! :))

Their food is absolute love! I can’t wait to grab one of their corners with coffee and food again … and I’m visiting soon for sure! You should too!  

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