Lights, Art ... and Action!

Monday, December 19, 2016 Heba Moeen 4 Comments

Rumour has it that this painting is what got the audiences totally hooked at the launch of the exhibition because it was a live painting by Bhola Ustad at V. M.Art Gallery which turned out to be the claim of fame and evoked nostalgia, given the fact that panaflex prints have taken over this art.
The title of the exhibition was, ‘Lights, Art, and Action’ and housed the various artworks by 50 acclaimed artists; the theme was based on the Pakistani Cinema that has had many splendid works as feathers in the cap. The exhibition commenced at the end of November and was up until December 10.

Here are two paintings of Marilyn Monroe by two of the astute Pakistani artists. One is a desi version of this American actress painted on Banarsi fabric (silk fabric which is often hand woven in Pakistan) by the young Summaiya Jillani. She has brilliantly used acrylic colours in a combination of strokes to make the portrait stand out, follow her on Instagram to see her other pieces of art.
The other portrait of Marilyn Monroe is by Pervaiz Rana, perfectly done with oils.

Below is another beautifully done painting by Summaiya, this is again acrylic and the medium if raw leather. This one is Clint Eastwood if I am not wrong.

Considering, pen & ink is one of the favourite past times for me as a scribble through with my hundreds of drawing pens, I simply fell in love with these pen drawings of Pakistani actors of the past. It’s not easy to draw portraits and drawing them with pen must be equally difficult. Just see the depth Fraz has given in each portrait.
These are various paintings of Waheed Murad and that of Noor Jehan’s by various artists.

The green background in the picture above is a wall which was especially painted to hang old video cassettes that have been used to paint on. Creativity surely has no limit to itself.

Considering, watercolour is a very difficult medium and you need a really trained hand to play around with watercolours, artist Firdous Siddique has done a marvellous job with her presentation below. ‘We always like to memorise our older days which energise us to move forward,’ she has mentioned.

Following are some other paintings and art works that were really a great sight to look at.

Rameez Rehman, Title: Lens of Critic
Medium: Wood on convex mirror

And since you might be wondering about the entire team behind all this:

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