Saddar goes Artsy

Friday, October 28, 2016 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

Karachi has been witnessing a steady transformation when it comes to art. This is evident by the fact that quite some public places have been adorned with murals painted on walls and flyovers with Cantt Station (walls painted by Phool Patti Pakistan's Truck Art Team) and the underpasses near Regent Plaza and Gora Kabarustaan painted vibrantly to name a few of these places.

Recently, a family friend, Dr. Muhammad Hussain who is a resident of Saddar revealed that his residential vicinity is another spot where the walls are being painted which is another step to beautify the city. He rather seemed motivated by immense passion as he conscientiously stepped out last weekend to take pictures for this blog post which he later assisted for as a co-author. It takes quite a few people with observational skills to see and document whenever their city is being prettified. The picture above is one of the many pictures that you shall see now. Right now it's a work in progress situation or perhaps has been concluded as you read the post. 

There is a series of wonderful paintings with an educational touch to them and let's hope no one stains these with their betel leaf trash and vows to preserve the effort put in by the artists. This is a project conceptualised by the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture just like various others in the city. 

Once upon a time I myself wanted to go to an art school and this could have been one but I later chose a different path, though art is a strong part of my soul which I can never break free from.
The pictures above have been painted on the walls in front of St. Joseph's Convent School and College, and near St. Patrick's Church. The lovely vintage neighbourhood that you see below is the Cowasjee Foundation Residential Flats which was privileged to have its walls painted into scenes of monumental places and descriptions of various others.

It's never easy producing a remarkable piece of art, there were people and great minds behind this work. Dr. Muhammad was able to have a word with one such painter who was working there. His name is Gulraiz Khan and he also does astounding calligraphy. 
The Urdu alphabets which are known as Huroof-e-Tahajji in Urdu were elaborated with details associated with each word and perfect for anyone to jog their memories and learn from, especially children.

I am totally in awe of this brilliant team work. You should all look around for the bits and pieces word appreciating around us. I'll sign off with a few more pictures that Dr. Hussain snapped with his phone.

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  1. Hafsa. M. Hussain30 October 2016 at 01:46

    Very well written...
    A person needs a keen observation and a love in heart to observe such beauty...

    1. Hi Hafsa! Thanks for your comment. I agree with you because we are always on the go and in a hurry that we forget to observe the beautiful things around us.