'Arrow' Season 4, Episode 18 Review and Episode 19 Synopsis

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Well, death is inevitable and no one's immortal but the characters in Arrow suggest otherwise, given the resurrection instances and the surprise comebacks of villains especially. Episode 18 of season 4 witnessed a shocking turn when Black Canary succumbed to her death or what might seem like her death.

The writers and producers over these seasons have ensured that you don't trust what is obvious, eventually you shouldn't trust what they might be trying to tell you because the outcome turns out to be the complete opposite to what is easily predictable - death! Damien Darhk as quite some villians are, turned out to be a man of his words and killed Laura Lance, that too with Oliver's arrow (ewe, the sights and sounds of the murder would make you fast forward the scene), thus ensuring that whatever threats he made to her father turn out to be true eventually. 

John Diggle is left awestruck with guilt for having believed in his brother, Andy; someone Oliver warned him about yet the brotherly love had taken over. Sarah's resurrection seemed somewhat futile given the recent prominence of her sister, Laura's character and God knows why Malcolm Merlyn is still alive. He perhaps needs to continue existing to evolve through various alliances with the evil-good, good-evil stance. Seasons change so do some characters.

Now that the Black Canary is really gone, please let her die a natural death and don't resurrect her for a change but is she really dead? The recent sightings (as expected in Episode 19) of the Canary could suggest a comeback of her sister. Somebody burn the bridges of Nanga Parbat (the actual name) which is spelt and pronounced as Nanda Parbat in the show for some odd reason. 

Here's a sneak preview of episode 19, 'Canary Cry':

What Arrow has taught us is the fact that one shouldn't believe in the notion of predictability or to accept the obvious. So will 'Canary Cry' or will 'Canary Chirp'? Perhaps Flash would cross over to twist the whims of time. :) 

Wait for a week to find out. 

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