Turkish Canadian Watercolourist, Atanur Dogan visits Pakistan

Friday, April 01, 2016 Heba Moeen 8 Comments

Photo Credit: Artscene Art Galleries

Karachi has recently been a proud host to have welcomed the expert watercolourist, Mr. Atanur Dogan whose recent visit brought about a wave of excitement among the hobbyists and professional artists alike. His stunning paintings had visitors in awe of the watercolour brilliance in front of their very eyes as the realistic effect of his work highlighted life in its own thought provoking way.

Dogan's work is displayed at ArtScene Galleries till April 04, 2016 and the prices are quite reasonable too, given his goodwill comprising of international recognition and magical fingers that produce astounding wonders of art. The exhibition of his watercolour glory commenced on March 29, 2016 with a live demonstration characterised by details and important tips that he shared for every artist. 

What I really liked was the tip he gave regarding the use of a candle as an alternate to masking fluid for fine highlights. He had photographed what seemed to be a septuagenarian man with a beard and used him as a reference.The wrinkles and turban added to a high difficulty level which he is a master of conquering. As expected from artists, he seemed very honest to his field and extremely dedicated to what he teaches, hence, the almost 2 hour worth of demonstration starting from description of watercolour as a medium and ending in an immaculate piece of art right there, in front of us!

Mr. Atanur Dogan is a Turkish Canadian artist who works alongside his wife and together both have explored various countries for their love of art where they have produced paintings and exhibited as well. He is also the Founder and President of the International Watercolor Society where artists from around the globe are members. This community began its journey in 2012 and now has 80 branches worldwide that connect several nationalities under the umbrella of art. You can get in touch with IWS through their Facebook page as well where recent videos of Dogan's visit to Pakistan are are uploaded. The theme being followed for 2016 is love, harmony, and peace which is what the world needs right now.

While painting (Photo Credit: Ummes)

Dogan's Live Watercolour Demonstration (Video Credit: Ummes)

And here's the completed painting! Brilliant! Isn't it? (Photo Credit: Artscene Galleries)
I have never seen a universe of a watercolour palette like this before and fell in love with it and the brushes the moment I saw these and this day has reminded me not to give up on my watercolour projects because every artist needs practice (well, I'm an aspiring hobbyist, trying to become an artist *sigh*).

Here's a another look of the palette and the painting: 

Another tip that he shared was regarding using a tablespoon of honey in 500 ml of water for painting so as to give a shiny effect to the painting. Have to try both the tips; candle and honey.
Here are some pictures of some of Dogan's finest pieces of art:

And this again! :-D

I never knew that beards would ever serve as an interesting subject for artists but Dogan has proved that both beards and senior citizens are among the best references one could opt for.
We can conclude by saying that Pakistan is happy to becoming host for an artist of such a high caliber and would be looking forward to welcoming more artists in the future. We would love to learn from you all as the country admires anyone that has a flair of artistic instincts.

Disclaimer: Pictures without photo credits have been snapped by me and both my friends, Umer and Ummes.

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  1. Hayyyee:!!! wat a amazing exibhition, simply love these watercolors paintings,and wat a creative artist is mr Dogan.hatsoff to him.
    well hiba your blogg is juz awesome as always keep it up:))

  2. loved it hiba

  3. Watercolour is true love! *sigh*
    And so is his palette. ;)

  4. Loved reading an artist praising another artist. Well yes the author herself is actually an artist.. just not having the label. Moreover i am a big fan of the author not only for her blogs but also for her oil paintings, her own original water colour work, heart touching poetry, knitting, hand writing, her humble nature, sweet voice, her overall personality and for so many other talents she's blessed with MashaaAllah.
    Loved this blog and ofcourse mr. Dogan's paintings too. Keep up the good work Heba.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment Nadia! Now you'll have to pull me down from the sky that you fueled me up for. I just love it when people post their comments on my blog and your lovely comment just made my day! :)
      Well yes, I have so many hobbies that I tend to forget some of them at times. And I need to get back to my dedication of watercolour. I want you to join me in this venture. Oh pretty please! :)