Nazia the Vampiress (Season 1, Episode 7) “Glow in the Dark Vampire”

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Disclaimer: Ok here we go, disclaimer is at the beginningAll characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. Don't start assuming things, try educated guesses . . . if you still fail and relate them to real life characters, it’s not vampires’ fault, you were warned already …

Nazia wasn’t yet over with absorbing the fact that Faraz is a vampire too when suddenly she jumped at the sound of the firm knock on her window. She tried to use her invisibility traits but immaturity only rendered her unsuccessful, she started blinking. The window open with a strong, roaring gale . . .
“Mommy!’ she exclaimed.

“Day and night I work like hell to fix this home but you guys are sure to make a mess! Problem with dinner, problem with everything, why would you like home made food when you have got so used to restaurants! Your cat was roaming inside the kitchen again, couldn’t you check?! Her mom fired away. With that she gave a flying kick to the cat and it went running away where it came from; the floor outside. But self respect was missing in that cat, it never was content until it got a kick from her mom.

That glutton was always at the verge of purring it’s way in as soon as the door opened and if it continued to annoy her mom Nazia was sure that she would chop down the cat some day to serve Scrooge some cat chops and cat biryani … sounds yucky indeed.

Nazia would have killed to be invisible someday other than Gtalk and Facebook alone; she could only consume her invisible potion for these two PC gadgets but could not become invisible in real life. How nice it would have been to hide away, hide your past, change identity with the new you, be invisible and not to let anyone know you well enough … ahhh!

Just when she was lost in her deep torturous thoughts she saw neon light getting brighter and brighter outside her window, it made her jump her way towards it …

“What the heck! Scrooge and Faraz! What are you both doing flying over here?! She asked.
“Just checking up on you and your cat! Blinking vampiress.” spoke Scrooge.

“Stay away from this building cat of mine, it’s well fed but not meant for you!” Nazia snapped, “What’s with this incandescent light? Have you had a reaction with bromine crystals or alkaline confused, dengue infested water? Vampires are not supposed to show off and get noticed like that…”

“Well we got together to discuss a local company’s penny scheme meant to circulate interest and have a profound effect on the monetary policy …” explained Faraz “Oh I’m so proud of the penny scheme … oh my pennies! Oh my pennies! Fled with a diversified company! Yey!”

They were both flying together, hand in hand, glowing together with their wide eyed fiery looks.
“But why the heck is Scrooge glowing??? You know you both should be at home before the demon’s tantrums shake the city again.”

“Oh his fondness went to attack some animals but got inspired by a frog who had consumed a light bulb … he ate it up and now he thinks he is an entrepreneur with a bright idea. Poor Scrooge and he is high on cow blood now that Eid is around the corner.”

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“See my motto is ‘if you can’t beat your purchasing power, drink it’ heahahaha!” uttered Scrooge.
Nazia pitied him for the blood reaction he had just had, he wasn’t awake and was vamleeping with bulging eyes (vampire sleep). 

 Toots would be so devastated if she knew her friends were vampires and that too unclassified ones. However, Nazia waited for the right time for the reality to unfold itself.

“You know I was thinking about the cocoa butter cream’s target audience and group honey mooners we discussed in Mr. Sinclair’s class …”

“Oh the glowing vampire! He is cursed!” interrupted Nazia’s mom, “he must be exorcised with Surf Excel’s pH level solution!” 

“No mommy he just ate a frog and that frog had eaten a light bulb, eventually he is glowing!” defended Nazia, “but wait a minute … oh … this syndrome… Faraz why are you glowing as well?”

… To be Continued …

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