Safar Badnamah, Season 1, Episode 14: “Ahh Billboards again …”

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

Today as I got done with my ‘Emerging Media’ rib cage shattering, mouth collapsing humourous class I realized that I would get roasted again to wait for my bus … well that I later did unlike after fourth time slot classes when the stupid bus doesn’t come at all anymore …

While I was getting barbecued, there was still hope to get the bus though over whelmed with the target audience of Sea View but I thank God that this class of mine starts in the morning to end at an appropriate time when the situation isn’t as bad … you know… tiny feet filled with wet sand and exchange of coconut pieces within the enormous family of families … ‘The Khaaandaaaaaan’ all in one bus.

This time I didn’t observe much because I dozed off within a few minutes of being privileged with having a seat. Thanks to the electricity loadshedding situation it’s difficult to keep a balance between work and sleep. Since I go through a logging off session at times, it is my duty of utmost importance to guard my mouth which thankfully stays shut during these power naps in the bus … I have seen people sleeping, falling to sides and worst of all with their mouths so wide open so as to reveal the throat tunnels and teeth … I feel bad for these people especially when I try to imagine myself in their position which is never happening in reality for God’s sake.

What I did recall was the billboards I observed a few days ago and those awfully cheap songs again. Why do some Pathans have a taste for Indian cheap songs that no one listens to. I remember this song from last week’s ride:

“Tum agar saamnay aa bhi jaya karo, laazmi hai kay mein bhi pardah karoon. Shaadi kay din abb kareeb haen!”
I mean what the hell is this? Don’t make me translate this crap, it was already buzzing on top of my head and some things have a tendency to later buzz inside your head because their ‘annoyance’ has a good recall.

 What I really liked was StoneAge’s ‘Perfect Fit’ and ‘Relaxed Fit’ billboards. The former shows a figure of a girl some would want to kill to get while some fat people like me would want such perfect looking jeans to fit them someday and enhance their esteem or social needs. Yes I know what you are thinking: … “Whateverrrrr! Maslow’s hierarchy” The painful looking stilettos worn are … well … painful.

Similarly, when we see along the same product lines, there is Levi’s billboard regarding recycling, ‘Recycle Happiness’. I wish I could take a picture with my ‘hoping to be replaced with Nokia, Sony Ericsson mobile phone. I want to sell it for Rs. 100 and buy popcorns.
Well that was an attracting billboard too.

Then there was this billboard by McDonald’s about their value deals which don’t seem value generating at all especially when you buy Sundae and find it half empty. Oh common let’s be optimistic here, it’s ‘half fully filled!’

Teddy Charles name still endorses Sunsilk’s billboard just outside the cemetery, the surroundings need it … ghosts need a reason to flaunt off their hair or decide for the sweet melon fragrance Pantene instead, both choices are right there ‘fighting’ for their brand.

Last but not the least, Panadol decided to make use of it’s OTC status by advertising … ‘Maira Bharosa’ … The billboard plays a reminder function to have this food in your bag to kill migraine produced by bad weather or by the weirdest songs played in the bus …

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  1. follow link to see copied ad. stonegae ad men hav no creativeity

  2. Hi Mahwish,

    Thanks for dropping by . . . lemme check, unfortunately we get to see alot of copied stuff and the synonym people give to such an act is, 'adapted' ... =)