“Fashion Trends . . . excuse me balloon dresses . . . get a shape!”

Sunday, August 29, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

These days fashion trends won’t cease to amaze you especially with too much of fabric swaying away from corners as if the one wearing it belongs to medieval times . . . I at times wonder if I (or people like me, though nonexistent) belong to the stone ages if I prefer not to adorn my bones and fat with such dressing, however, presence of the so thought of stylish dressing is inevitable.

There are these long shirts, the very long shirts . . . at times with corners pulling themselves out to mop the floor, well they are also the replacement for dupattas as well at times. They originate from the shoulders and go on with their never ending journey . . . well, towards the floor that is, and yes how can I forget the wide satin edges giving the caution signal that yes the length of the shirt ‘ends here’ . . . some have corners pointed out depicting a sad face while some shirts give a look of three to four georgette shirts worn together.

Now let’s talk about those pleated dresses, some have decent pleats but most have the pleated look making the shirts flow away and trap air like a balloon, oh these shapeless huge frocks! Ladies? Well, hello! What is this that you have started to wear? These maternity dresses are ‘IN’ fashion these days with the pregnant look being the value addition . . . Oh my God! Get a shape you vulgar shirts! Such fashion is hard to swallow. .. How can you allow casual dressing to have the look of maternity dresses? 

 There is another kind of shirt that seems to have been worn then stitched . . . yes, because the tailor forgets to shed the cloth below the arms to give the sleeves a shape . . . these are the square shirts where it seems people are asked to stand in a T-shaped while such T is outlined with stitches . . . so simple but expensive stitching. Why? It’s because such ludicrous things are in demand these days . . .  

I’m not against fashion, I, like everybody else like to dress well but such fashion trends are definitely meant to make you suffer from indigestion . . . One should cut his/ her coat according to the cloth but what to do when the cloth is just too much?

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