Safar Badnamah: Season 1, episode 8 . . . “Beggars & Wonders of Public Transport”

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 Heba Moeen 1 Comments

When I was in school and ever since I opted for a public bus in class eight for transportation as opposed to a school van which I vowed never to travel by again, my friends expressed how they would love to travel in a public bus and these thoughts really amazed me. Some of them had not even sat in a rickshaw. Oh common! How can anyone afford to miss the joy ride?

Today I was summoned by my home again . . . Yes Szabist that I probably am not leaving before another two years. A few days back I was thinking about PhD . . . Damn! What’s wrong with me???

Anyway, I left my original home to reach my second home, on my way to get the bus I was accosted by the beggar duet; husband and wife. I got reminded about the topless beggar who later started bringing his wife as well for begging. His persuading, painful, pitiful and attention grabbing voice always prompted people to do something for him. “Baabay ko roti khiladou baba bhooka hai,” he used to shout out at the top of his lungs (translation: “Feed the old man he is hungry.”). Given his old age, his vocal cords were really impressive, my mom gave him some clothes and yet the next time he was topless again. Later he was seen with his wife at various shopping centers.

There is one of the most renowned beggars at Tariq Road who is deaf and dumb and walks with a slate expressing the reason why is begs, it reads about God and his Prophet (PBUH) and that his children are very young. His kids have been young when I was a kid and I wonder how many of them there are that some are still young, I have been noticing him since class two and he has the same thing written. One of the shop keepers even challenged him and offered him a reward of Rs. 500 if he could talk.

While I was in the bus I missed my phone that is dead until repaired, I missed it for it’s camera because there were really cool billboards by Coca Cola and Mountain Dew. Coke had it’s logo printed with the beverage gushing effect while the latter continues to focus on it’s adventurous positioning. As the bus neared Cantt Station, I was surprised; I was not only surprised, I was awestruck and shaken by what I saw!!!!! Oh my goodness how can that be? That place now, finally has a road, a well spread out, smooth charcoal road, a ‘still black’ road, a newly formed road . . . well until heavy rainfall I guess. In these years of having this pathetic route never have I seen a road here and when it rains there are trenches to pull the bus down.

I love the location of my school not just it’s a central location but because of the wildlife around . . . well the real wildlife ofcourse! J Cuckoo birds, humming birds, storks, big WELL FED school cats, all are here.
When I reached the place, I saw tensed faces of human beings, well dressed quiet people with anxious looks and ahhh those faces reminded me of my day back during my time. Yes they were interviewees. I remember the question I was asked, though it was pretty unexpected, I was asked the meaning of my name and this meaning makes me laugh at myself at times. How can I talk about other faces when my own face probably goes pale and then colourless during such dreadful situations? Some people are just not comfortable talking about themselves at times.

Once I got done , it was time to go back, infact rush back because it had started raining kittens and puppies and in no time they would grow up. Finally I got the bus, crowded one and that stupid engine to sit on again, however, I was thankful that I am not standing at least. A few blocks away a few women entered burdened with their shopping menu and one of them placed herself next to me. Within no time he started feeling uncomfortable after all it was getting suffocating and sickening. She pulled out her shoe box lid to ward off the humid temperature around . . . Wow what a fan but good idea in this awfully hot weather. But to my surprise she just placed the lid underneath her . . . the engine side seat was becoming unbearable to sit and eventually she was feeling cooked.

Lately you can get to see the outcomes of latest fashion trends among ladies and guys with hair bands . . . It’s really weird how it appears that some women have worn three to four shirts with fabric flowing out from different corners and the wings they get with shirts. This topic is for coming discussions.

At my right side was a filthy pathan kid with some suspicious activity going on in her head, it’s not that I dislike pathans but the target market of Sea View and Jinnah Hospital is helplessly filthy I’m sorry!!! The woman with her pulled something out of her head and though I was trying to deny my eyes of what they thought they saw I controlled them from bulging out and running away. She had pulled out a lice and handed it over to that girl, those disgusting people!!! How can somebody afford to be so dirty? I wanted to puke in her head but tried taking deep breaths  and tightened the dupatta borders on my head a little bit more to avoid any invasion. AARRRGHHH! :@

Later I chanced upon Coke Studio billboard, I felt not so good about the not so good season this time even though the billboard is awesome. They seem to be losing some charm but things should be remembered for the good quality they have produced and not for moment they falter . . .

Disclaimer: You have just read this post, this dull, pictureless post because my phone is almost dead, it needs to be repaired and, therefore, I can’t have a camera on the go. 

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  1. Needs to be discussed. Im in a little rush will back to you on this. Nicely written and was funny though :)