"Nazia the Vampiress" (Season 1, episode 1)

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Nazia had just graduated and was on a job hunting spree. She had applied almost everywhere she could think of so much so that it seemed she had spammed the entire nation with her resume.
One fine day Nazia was walking back home from her school when she heard faint footsteps follow her trail and they seemed to get closer and closer. She was terrified for the safety of her mobile phone which though was dying out and failed to produce any sound during phone calls was her only hope for a good contact list she had. “Hey beautiful lady what are your strengths and weaknesses? Your resume seems attractive!” a crisp voice from behind uttered. There she wondered how many places and people she unconsciously mailed her resume to that an unsolicited pervert interview was in her face.
The shrilling noise of the alarm finally woke her up . . . But hey! Wait a minute her phone was half dead and failed to produce any sound . . . ok, ok, it was the phone’s vibration right next to her head that jerked her off her scary slumber. It was over, the nightmare was over . . . Anyway she needed not worry for any stalker paving his way towards her in the streets because she knew self defense. She was not just a business graduate but a young, capable vampiress as well. However, such perverts’ blood wasn’t simply her taste as the thought of such obnoxious blood made her puke.
What she actually developed a taste for was her second semester’s ‘Oral Communication’ teacher who had flunked her to her utmost surprise because presentations were something she wasn’t really that bad at. She still could not forget the last and the only class that she missed due to ill health and that was the day her teacher conducted a 10 mark quiz. “It’s not my fault that you were ill!” the teacher exclaimed when approached by Nazia and despite her overall good semester average for this course she ended up with a D grade. No wonder the lady was a sugar coated one of her own species. That day, Nazia was devastated as the uncertain thought for her future haunted her once again; the pain she had endured to get to college life struck her badly yet again making her wounds gangrene. “This is it! This is the end . . . I was sure I’m never going to be a graduate and this event has just made it possible . . .” she thought to herself. After all she valued this one last hope (bachelors degree) more than her life.
Revenge was on her mind when she went to attack this teacher at night, she impaled her, however, the blood enhanced her taste buds and was just the right blood group to quench her thirst. Nazia later found out through experience that this blood was extremely rare in humans, usually absent . . . This was the blood so sweet and yet notorious that it initially gave her a heart burn. But whatever it was like, it was sweet and since her sweet tooth never let her rest she always loved to eat sweet things. This time she was drinking one and finally over the span of her eight semesters, this poor old teacher became so weak and tired due to impalement that she finally announced her retirement while she stayed oblivious to Nazia’s cold touch of sharp teeth.
“Stop feeling guilty about your past! It’s ok and no one cares about it so you stop fretting about it! Get over it Nazia, it’s over and this is what matters,” exclaimed her friend, Toots while trying to convince her to shrug off the issues with her past. A bad blood reaction compromised her vampire capabilities and fiddled badly with her professional studies thus causing some delay. It was the start of her vampire existence when she accidently pierced her teeth in the jugular vein of a mad cow . . . it was for practice that she opted for animals instead. What she didn’t know was that somewhat like her, the cow had an upset mind. “Muhahahaha! I am a ‘How Cow’!” the cow had told. “My mom was a cow and my dad was a vampire . . . and hey wait! Jeeeez !!! You forgot all your teeth in my throat . . . Boooo! Hahahahaah aka LOLz! I’m going to make a necklace out of these!”continued the cow when asked about what exactly a ‘How Cow’ is. Whatever animal saw that weird cow thought, “How can a cow be like this,” hence, the title, ‘How Cow’.
“I know, I try to make peace with my past but it was because of that incident that I lost my teeth . . . my canines to start off with and then I went on to steal blood samples from hospitals . . . I still feel so ashamed that I just can’t socialize much . . . I changed myself completely after that even my subjects . . .” said Nazia. “What matters to me is the kind of person you are, you are my best friend and you are capable of a lot!”convinced Toots.
The next morning came in a hurry when Nazia reached her Advertising class just in time, exactly at 8 am, however, her teacher’s watch had something wrong with it and always used to be ahead of Pakistan Standard Time, thus, arousing her worst fears of being late. The last time when one of her class mates was late he had asked her to sing ‘Baba black sheep’ to allow her to attend the class . . . but she didn’t have any absences left and had to go through this funny embarrassment in front of the seated class to avoid getting her absence limit being exceeded. On the other hand, Nazia had her absences remaining which put her at ease but she was still on time according to Pakistan Standard Time then was why Mr. F’s watch running ahead of time???
“Why are you late?” asked he in his starched voice. Nazia was about to answer when she was woken up by power failure courtesy KESC. Well the dream was a recap of what actually happened in the last semester and she was used to getting recaps now.
Nazia got up, distracted by a weird, faint noise, she sneaked out of the window when . . . 

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. Don't start assuming things, try educated guesses . . . =P

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  1. oh my God. :P

  2. and whether or not you had put the disclaimer up, i WILL make educated guesses abt the 'sweet' blooded teacher. :P

  3. very well written but read and heaed this story quite alot of times :p

  4. @Nazish: Yes exactly . . . Aztakhfirullah ! =D

    @Saeed: I don't know what you are talking about . . . seriously . . .

  5. i can relate this story to my closest friend

  6. lolzzz hibi!!! i LOVE it!!! :D:D nd i know exactly who all the ppl are in here :P:P including nazia!!! :P:P except for toots!! who's toots??? :S

    Good job hibi :D cant wait for the next episode!!