Dear Friend . . .

Wednesday, June 02, 2010 Heba Moeen 7 Comments

Dear Friend . . . 

Don't come in my life to go away some day,
I'm better off alone than to be tearful that day.

You came in my life, you made me smile,
you gave me hope out of this lonely exile . . .

Don't come to imprison me back there some day,
Else I have befriended enough lonely days to have my own way.

Time will tell what you value more,
that you would someday be ready to compromise this friendship for . . . 

Don't come to leave me for some new opportunity,
to title this sincere friendship, 'Anonymity'.

Don't come to abandon me and let me die of unhurt pain,
I'm better off dying in my lonely disdain . . .

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  1. its aight hiba. I am sure u wud get over me one day!

  2. :'( so truely written...

  3. @Nazish: Thanks my friend but I'm straight . .. =P

    @Mehr: I know it came from my hurt heart. . . :)

  4. I will neva leave u my frnd ... I have come to stay ... And wow ... It's painfully beautiful, pleasure and pain in one poem!!

  5. All my new opportunities would be a step taken with u, my frnd!! Thank you for being my frnd. Xoxox

  6. Thank you for being there when I need you and for being all ears when I need to let all the frustration out! :)

  7. True Friends and
    well-wishers In ur Life are like Stars,
    That Constantly Shine.

    But Often we Don't see Them Until the Dark hours come..