My Childhood Zone

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Take me back to my childhood zone,
take me to those carefree moments.
To the time of our first household phone,
and teachers' report card comments.

Let me go back to play Mortal Combat,
Doom, Heretic and retain all childhood fat.
Let me kill those monsters again,
Farmville requests have become a growing pain . . . =)

Take me to my school days,
that punctual morning routine . . . 
Take me to the time when chicks we would raise,
to watch them grow and become naughty and mean!

Take me to the time of heavy school bags,
and tonnes of books.
When we used to decorate Independence Day with flags.
Just remind me of the past paper frenzy . . . 
Mcq's and examiners' reports to render you crazy . . . 

Take me to the time of completion of 11 years of school,
the 'Farewell' and when everything seemed all cool . . .  :)


"Safar Badnamah . . . (Season1, episode 2)"

Saturday, February 27, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

While I was returning from my late, late, late evening class at night I notived the cameras around and what good they were of to the society . . . I walked and walked and before I could stop and wait, the bus was almost already. Alas! I felt so revived and elated for being blessed with immediate transport.

The bus went past the underpass then a spot where there were green and white lights . . . *weird* I thought. We don't have electricity  in our homes but these lights being put up are still on during the day time. And what's more annoying is the songs being played in this holy month, they are not 'Naat' or 'Nasheed' as most would call . . . unfortunately they are disco songs and people can't help keep the volume to their ears only. So quite a number of us get to avail a chance in Muharram and Rabbi-ul-Awwal to just blare away rather than actually praying a little extra.

Anyway, I tend to deviate from the topic I'm discussing . . . well . . . as the bus went a little further, a woman came in. She carried with her some food stuff, something that looked like maybe left over dinner. One of the things disappointing about her was that she placed it near her feet . . . Respect for food? None. Another woman's suggestion of picking it and keeping it somewhere on top fell on deaf ears.

Within seconds she revealed herself that could not stop us from laughing. She kept on talking and talking and initially kept on bragging away that she got into the wrong bus and then that doesn't really matter to her because it doesn't cost her anything. The bus conductor came to collect the fare from her at which she uttered, "How dare you ask for it? Don't you know who I am?!!!!!!!!! You want to continue with your job?"

Such moments make it difficult at to suppress your laughter. "Don't you know who she is? She is a 'Madam' . . . Madam in police", the driver told the conductor.

"Please give us your card so that we also get to save our share of the fare", that other woman in the bus said. Well, now this crazy woman was not only cray but awfully crazy for her next sentence proved the level of her craziness. "We are 'Saith' (owners), you people are passengers . . . When we start counting our buses in the morning, the night takes over and we still can't stop counting them . . . " She also told the laughing us that when she, the mentioned 'Saith Loug' go to petrol pumps, they are not even asked to pay for petrol or diesel.

Apart from the fact that this evil looking woman seemed to be on drugs, she also seemed stupid that contributed to her over all obnoxious nature. She was hyper . . . I'm sure she didn't have had Red Bull otherwise she would have been flying. The reason I am talking so negatively about her is that women like her find ways not to pay the bus fare and are actually pick pockets, the way they aim at bags and pocket is a totally different story and I will be discussing some time later. We should be careful of such beings while traveling in public buses, they come equipped with all forms of indecency. Even maids are poor, they also travel by public buses, they might fight for a Re less or a Re more but would carry themselves with sufficient self respect and pay their share.

Thankfully this weird thing got off at Cantt Station and a smooth and yet not funny journey prevailed. We moved on and then again I chanced upon that Mc Donald's billboard that said 'Kiya Cheese Hai' fit in between the model and the cheese sticks. When you look at the model and say that these not so catchy lines are indecent the people for this advertisement would aim for an attack on your mind, may be your perverted mind, the way you think etcetera, etcetera. However, this cheap style was their way to approach the mass audience . . . Might work . . . So there are two annoying things at Allah Wala, the colour of this fountain itself and Mc Donald's cheesy poster.

"Kiya Cheese Hai ???  Mozzarella cheese hai . . . The answer is right there in the question . . . Comprehension.


"Isn't Loneliness your Best Friend ? "

Monday, February 22, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Loneliness is your best friend,
though socialising is the latest trend.

It gives you company,
in those silent hours of agony . . . 

It admires you, it embraces you,
when all that's left is virtual social residue.

It assists you, it teaches you,
that friends seem many but true ones, few !

What really facilitates the thought process,
is this friend that you always try to suppress !

It is a situation of connected disconnect,
when you don't realise the social networks, so inadequate . . . 

You might have thousands added as friends,
for it's a norm.
But it's loneliness that always makes amends,
to your desolate form . . . 

Less than 10 of these (social network friends) would serve as true friends,
in times of need despite changing trends.

You could be deserted by many throughout,
killed not by enemies but a dear friend's silent clout . . . 

It's silent loneliness that kills,
but try accepting it.
For it strengthens and builds . . . 
the mind for which it wasn't the best fit.

You think your state of mind is what everyone can comprehend?
Oh my friend you are so wrong !
How then can you deny your best friend?
You were born with and which you will die along . . .


Safar Badnamah (Season1,episode 1) . . .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Hiba Moeen 4 Comments

One fine Monday I got ready to go for my evening class . . . I paced through the road amidst people shopping enthusiastically . . . eeee . . . something I am really allergic to, it seems more like 'birds of a feather flocked together'.

I finally managed to get through the chaos and reach the spot I was to get the bus from. That area is good enough because I can lean against the showroom's car and read stuff till I get the bus. Flying it came and I mounted on the flying horse . . . And yippeee ! I got a better seat to sit on.

As it sped on, the driver took a packet of cigarettes, pulled one out and lit it up . . . *One of the many morons to face in life* I thought. After all these years of going to school in a public bus and being subjected to alot of passive smoking even at school I'm still not used to it and this then becomes a cause of migraine.

Anyway, my lungs wept and choked till the wind blew the puffs of smoke on my face. And we moved on . . . Passing from Allah Wala roundabout . . . Yes the Pepsified and capitalised version of the place. Thinking about how it disgusts everyday I pass by I wished the fountain would wash the cerulean blue colour one day. Then opposite to it was McDonald's billboard displaying a beautiful model with their cheese sticks. What are they trying to convey I thought. Are they simply trying to attract attention of a mere layman? Or are they trying to convey the message that you would still remain as smart as a stick even after the consumption of these cheese sticks? However, if you do stay as thin after continuous consumption of McDonald's stuff, this would no doubt be "McDonaldisation of Bulimics" . . . well not to mention that alot of models are bulimic!

I simply forgot how fast the guy was flying the bus even when he drove on the Nursery flyover . . . These instances are a reminder for me to recite the Kalma or other Verses that would support life or even the end of it. Another such place that reminds and keeps reminding of the end of life is the road adjacent to Regent plaza which has been dug up into a trench to make fun of the road . . . I mean it's literally making fun of the road when they have to crack up again one day when it rains, same is the case with flyovers. That place has got so bumpy that if the skilled Pathan drivers don't control the sterring, the bus would no doubt fall into the trench with pillars smiling and ready to hug you . . .

Then comes the excruciating spot known as Jinnah Hospital, if you get to sit with clean doctors and house officers that's your luck day, however, if it's the target market of Jinnah Hospital as usual you end up trying to . . . well stay clean :(

Moving towards Cantt station, the place that once had a road, now lost to rain . . . After having his cigarette the bus driver had 'Hum Tum' supaari and within ten minutes after that he had a chewing gum, some brand of Hilal ! One thing that I noticed was that as he was consuming these things he continuously threw the wrappers outside the window. What's the difference between him and an educated person I thought, he being an uneducated person was doing the same thing that educated people do, they also smoke and they also dispose tiny wrappers outside on roads . . .

As the bus neared Dou Talwar I was struck by the sight of no traffic jam that day . . . I thanked God for the end of JJ Lawn exhibition, a source of attraction for many and at the same time a source of nuisance for those trying to reach their destinations on time . . .

ALAS ! My destination finally arrived, or rather I reached my destination, thanks to the driver for not speeding us to death that day ! =D

I got off and walked and walked and walked . . . There like every day were those adorable kids and lambs being sold lately . . . I patted one as I walked by. The flock of birds flying gleefully in groups usually catch my attention but this time the migratory birds added to the beauty of the sky . . . however, while crossing the road near the petrol pump you have to make sure that you don't get run over by some lunatic driver because people tend to cross the limit here . . .

and I walked and walked and walked until I was dumb founded by what I saw . . . A crow had just dropped off something from a tree, when i looked at it I tried supressing my laughter . . . It was a packet of NISWAAR !!! Amazing ...


"Friends . . ."

Thursday, February 11, 2010 Hiba Moeen 4 Comments

Friends come and go in life,
like footprints on sand.
Most get washed away with time,
leaving you once again like barren land.

Hardly few survive through your thick and thin,
when finally you realise friendship was a sin.
The face that had two sides . . .
gets swept away with opportunistic tides.

The truth that really offends,
is that most were never really your friends.
It is a harsh situation,
when everything seems gloomy and dark.
To embrace this realisation,
it really takes a very strong heart.

Loneliness is your best friend,
and this is how things in life will end !


"Some Childhood Wants . . . "

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Hiba Moeen 6 Comments

It's strange when you accost a few things in you life that remind you of your childhood . . . the nostalgia could be so painful that it would bring you at the verge of shattering into pieces. However, such pleasant memories remind you of how beautiful life was when you were a child. 

I chanced upon once such thing today. Yes . . . the picture that is uploaded is a drawing I made back when I was in class 1 and I have had a habit of keeping all my drawings and paintings with me. At times, the innocence of your childhood does not make you realise what weird things you are drawing or how they could be perceived and this is the stage of life when your imagination is probably the strongest and probably without barriers too. This is the concept I used to draw very often that showed an egg factory with eggs going down the conveyor belt and being packaged. Ah! branded eggs !!?

It was during this time when I was 6 years old that I wanted a toy chicken that would lay an egg when it's button pressed. I know it sounds weird but one fine day such an imaginary toy came into my mind and I wanted it badly right there and then, I wonder why that habit of having something right away has still not abandoned me.

Anyway, so I got on to the nerves of my father, maternal uncle and maternal grandfather urging then to get me such a thing. My grandfather even took me to a few shops to explain the shopkeepers what kind of toy chicken I was thinking of . . . For some days the efforts were rendered futile but surprisingly my imagination came to reality and such a thing finally did exist. All three of them got me the small plastic chicken  each that had a hole on top for putting in eggs and when pressed would open up it's feathers to lay an egg one by one.

It's surprising that when you think of that imaginary something that you need right there and then actually does exist in the market later on. Oh! A want was created and an urgent need extracted ! That time I didn't know I was going to be a marketeer but now I am . . . Some memories last forever and they make you realise how beautiful some moments really were . . .



Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Where am I?
Who am I?

When I got conscious,
I found myself deserted by my own self.
In the nightmare, so ferocious,
it was hard to break free from the slumber.

Every morning I wake up in search of happiness,
just like a new self.
But I am left aside to grieve upon my loneliness,
to mourn upon the happenings and an obscure self.

I am lost in despairing thoughts,
I do not know the way out.
My mind is tangled with various knots,
I stand nowhere I doubt.

I am on my own in the surroundings, such desolate . . .
however, still seeking happiness.
Whether it's day or night, I'm always desperate . . . 
To find a cure for my loneliness . . .


"Fallen Blindly"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Without you my life was an unsolved mystery,
 with you it's going to become a cherished history.
You eased out my difficulties,
 and enhanced my capabilities.
I always long for you,
when all teh affection is due.
I admire you greatly,
Knowing that everyone else falls for you madly!
It's always easy to write praising words with you,
when there's no one but you & me and me & you . . . 
Oh ! Thank you ! Thank you !
Thank you RED SPOT for having solved examination questions old & new !


"Three Hour Classes"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

I wear glasses to observe the masses,
 all I do is sleep in classes.
Don't shift me from the last row,
 nowhere else would I want to go.
Three hour classes lull me to sleep,
 no one disturb my slumber so deep.


"Out of Sight"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

What could be seen . . .
  Is that one really a human being?
What could be heard . . .
  isn't that the sound of some wild bird?
Which now bites when fights . . .
  Is it a civilised device of any word?
The one who calls otehrs a terrorist . . .
  isn't he himself a war activist?
Watch out for the zoo that rules,
  it's the stout democracy that fools!
Those who call themselves free,
 why do they have to jump and climb the smallest tree?
Just to rattle in their un-oiled cages,
  and battle with the oilmen's wages.
Conquering the sands of gravel they find,
  ashed Earth they can't leave with good mind.
Welcome to the new century;
  where rulers can be chimps, donkeys and yet are so free!