If you are a 'Brand' how divested are you?

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What Brand???

This semester we were told that each one of us is a brand and that we are all unique personalities, ironically we were also given an assignment to write about ourselves, however no matter how reluctant we were at the beginning it turned out to be interesting. 

People have the view that as human beings we love to talk about ourselves but I would tend to differ and disagree, still here I am talking about a human as a brand and that too at a social media platform that I was reluctant to join in 2008 … peer pressure got me a Facebook profile.
Depending on how we behave or misbehave we become consumer durable or non durable goods, later if we could be classified as white or brown (goods) is a question to ask ourselves.
The self image we project carves the perceived positioning of us which should be close to the actual positioning that we want to have of ourselves, now, that is determined by how well people around know us or how well we let people know our personalities or allow to get close to us for that matter. 

You should know your essence and identity and what you stand for, as the saying goes, ‘Those who stand for nothing fall for anything’ (Alexander Hamilton). It might be difficult to know but then there must be something that you stand for and you should know that for your very own brand building strategies, just stay focused and find out what you are good at that you could churn out into a profession, yes … not all of us have discovered what we are good at and it should be your aim to discover yourself. 

What you wear is not exactly your packaging but how you interact or how bad or nice you are with those around is, at times one might just learn to say ‘no’ in different ways and be rude to some, believe it or not it’s a requirement, you should learn to be ASSERTIVE.

Every brand has attributes, for instance, as a human brand your attribute might be ‘a person of his/her words, never faltering on commitments etcetera. However, people do tend to be judgmental when it comes to perception … it might be a way of judging people’s personalities according to how they perform in academics, that’s where a few go wrong. Good GPA or average GPA both might not promise a job at times, at least these days with respect to the job market it doesn’t, no employer seems to be giving a damn about it! So don’t compare yourself on the basis of GPA, work and studies could be two different measurement scales.

Whether you are a right brain individual or a left brain individual would further elaborate the brand you are, if you are creative and concentrate on visuals and patterning of certain things that means you are a right brain person, however, if you focus more on connecting pieces to the picture as a whole and have deep analytical skills you could be a left brain person, that is to say that you could be very much into mathematical courses and all. Ironically, schools mostly are designed to foster to left brain activities and learning based on that than catering equally to right brain focused people which in return is a huge drawback. Forgive the right brain individuals for not being interested in subjects like CALCULUS! Get a life … will you? And get me one too ... :)

You might be a closed brand by not revealing much of yourself to anyone, however, you need to get yourself known and heard for what unique attributes you have. Thus, the concept of a positioning statement comes up. According to Wilson and Blumenthal (Managing Brand You), there are four parts of a positioning statement, that is, the target audience your brand is meant to be marketed to, the frame of reference (your comparison with other competitors you have), your point of difference, and support (a supporting statement for the above mentioned establishments). 

Well it’s easy to say Brand You, brand this, brand that, branded ingredient bla bla, however, among the brands that you know, knowing yourself could be the most difficult brand of all. It’s easy to say but difficult to become one. To become a good brand you have to start believing in yourself first and in your capabilities then later maybe you can make your potential employer realize that …

You, on the other hand, might have dreams based on the brand you are, sometimes, creative, sometimes destructive and at times confused. I have all kinds of dreams, This morning I had a dream … Earth was about to finish off completely, we were packing to shift to a new planet altogether, dress lovers had to leave their most cherished dresses here, I picked up a few books but had to let go of my valuable knitting and painting books in this world because we were short of space and I kept on thinking whether we would have mobile signals and internet on that other planet where we would start from scratch. Well what in Heaven was that! Goodness … My branded mind should at least stop thinking while I am sleeping … phew …

Ok I have limited needs and unlimited wants and yes I’m unemployed too. What’s the name of my disease? Acute Brandosis???

No matter how disease inflicted or short of brain cells you are, you will still be a brand. Know yourself before others try to translate you…


"Random Campus Humour"

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Looks like someone was really feeling hungry to have done this to the canteen menu board at our school ... since my phone wasn't sufficiently dead those days, I decided to snap a picture :

And then it was Sunday, we were made to attend a rescheduled class that lazy day, some student had also played around with instructions displayed by administration on the class wall:

Milo tetra pack had been happily glued to the wall over here ... right next to the authoritative instructions ... so you see and feel the fun of doing something that is prohibited? :D


“Eid and Those Wonderful SMS Greetings … Same Message, Gotcha!”

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I woke up this noon to find my phone updated with a lot of Eid greetings, ok this Eid my isolation and late sleeping hours explain my phobia but since I try not to be rude I replied each friend/acquaintance one by one, personalizing each text message as it came along, addressing people by their names and later texting those I hadn’t greeted yet.

It took me half an hour to reply and text but what’s worth noticing is that some of us actually forget to correct grammatical errors and at times even the name at the end of Eid text messages, apparently the message forwarded by a person is originally from someone else and that too happens to be from some other person that you don’t even know.  That’s how funny it is that either we are in a hurry or too engrossed in our ‘Eid is for Sleeping’ slogan that we do not notice such minute details.

Today some had forwarded the same message that they loved, “Eid Moo-Barack to you and your family!’ This seems to be hit not just on facebook but has recently become a text message charm. I remember last Eid I got a message with a grammatical error, it read something like this: “Eid Mubarak to you and your family, may this Eid brings you a lot of happiness and blessings.”

Well the next person to forward me the same message was my very own friend who had not bothered to change the mistake but thank fully the name at the end. When I replied back she told me that she had just woken up and was too lazy and sleepy to change the mistake and had forwarded the same message to several other people, that’s how funny these messages could get.

One of the messages was, “Wish you a very happy Eid Mubarak.” I believe it’s either “Happy Eid” or “Eid Mubarak” how can it be both?

For the Nokia loyal market in Pakistan it can well be targeted with a built in message for Eid and occasions like these … after all we represent a good segment of their total market and shouldn’t be considered a niche, otherwise, it could turn out to be a market gap made use of by competitors… Ignore us and let go of an opportunity!

Eid Mubarak to all! May we have peace in our country, a sensible economy and most importantly; sensible politicians! :)

For people like me whose exams are around the corner … happy studying! :D


Life goes on ...

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Sun rises ... sun sets,
things change ...
some for a reason, some without one.
Life goes on ...
People come to mark an existence,
people leave to create history.
Life goes on ...
Many who were there in your past,
barely make it till your present.
Friends you lose on your way;
later become a memory too arrant ...
When finally you succumb to lonely despair ...
you realise there was so much in past to amend and repair ...
... because life goes on ...


Safar Badnamah (Season 1, Episode 15) “It was flying!!!"

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Safar Badnamah (Season 1, Episode 15) “It was flying!!! And those sons of the same Bitch!

We are living up to the rule of our Quaid for having a work day tomorrow, a study day rather for not having an off. Well what’s the point of getting an off for no special reason at all …How are we benefitting Iqbal or the country by taking a day off? Ok .. ok … I’m being I don’t know what …

Today was an epic journey … it could have been the last for many in that over crowded bus and thanks to shopaholics for gifting us with a beautiful traffic jam …

I left home pretty much on time later unable to cross a pretty easy road not knowing what the bus ride would be like today. 

These buses follow a strict time schedule otherwise the drivers get fined, I waited for my 5:30 pm bus but there seemed to be no movement on the road amidst the steamed menu of a wonderful traffic jam. My bus was 10 minutes late but it did come. This chaos was making the already frustrated drivers more annoyed in both Pushtou and Urdu alike … The so called or so seemed educated people rather were at the throats of not at fault so called ‘uneducated’ Pathan bus drivers. It took me a good half an hour at Khalid bin Waleed Road with traffic pouring in from all sides of the roads like hot tea on vulnerable skin … it was more like acne … arghh!

The bus was hardly moving, the next thing I know is that it was flying!!! It was flying never to stop again!!! And you know what?!?!?!?! It continued to fly even on the flyover. There I saw tiny clustered sparkles of ruby and diamond on the road underneath … Shahra-e-Faisal … ahem … I mean they were lights of jam packed vehicles. The bus continued to fiddle with inertia and fool around with gravity with I’m sure one side up in the air a little … I grabbed the nearest pole to keep from falling to the other corner of the bus … if that crazy driver’s driving style could try dragging a fat person like me to the other side of the bus in ‘flying motion’ what could it have done to somebody thin? 

The bus was flying I mean it! And so were people inside it. It was flying sideways, in waves … anything but in one straight path! There was a woman with a very tolerant baby who was sweating because Karachi’s weather is still undergoing mood swings. I witnessed the horrified motherly love for her baby and rose lipstick adorned lips reciting prayers, the mom urged the driver to drive like human beings though in a very civilized way but he was too high on his dose of traffic jam. In less than 10 minutes we were at Regent Plaza …

What came next was the heritage of traffic related problems … yes Jinnah Hospital, all the way to Cantt Station. People were cursing and abusing each other, there was one way traffic on both sides of the road which puked indigestible vehicles from all over … The motherly love; those three ladies decided to get off for the sake of their babies at least and take a rickshaw instead … The bus driver made a failed attempt at flying the bus with vehicles stuffed around! Give me a break! The bus hadn’t grown wings yet… Oh dear … and then when the road cleared again, oh my God! It was flying again! It probably was fueled with Red Bull instead of diesel … Rs 17 was too less to ask for in this plane then …

Thankfully I was able to reach Dou Talwar though awfully late, I reached school a little around 7:00 trying to be nice to my lungs while almost flying myself, it wasn’t quite a walk neither was I running …
I made it! I made it! I made it to class! I wonder what those many shopaholics wanted with us today; it seemed as if all of them decided to pour down at once! You can’t blame the goats and cows, there weren’t any being transported … none that I saw and well … goodness! You don’t want my opinion on the act, ‘shopping’.

I remember on the first day of this semester, something went wrong in the city and our classes got cancelled, it was that tantrum producing  huge baby in London and his obnoxious acts in Karachi that shook our city again. I went with my friend (Paras) to her place waiting to be picked up by my brother there …

Today she told me that her 3 year old nephew was getting ready and had changed to come meet me but I had left already … He was so sad for not being able to meet me but he really admired me to an extent that he wants to be named Hiba as well! Hahaha!

My class ended and it was time to wait for the bus at Dou Talwar again … I waited for about 10 to 15 minutes and wanted to look so ugly and scary that I could scare the hell out of perverts … Bloody, dogs! Stalkers in cars. One stopped honking his horn like shit asking me in, then within 5 minutes another stopped by gesturing the same crazy shit! I wanted to damage his car and I mean it! I really wanted to smash that bastard’s windshield with a rock if only my bus hadn’t come then. I could have beaten the crap out of him … Those two were probably sons of the same bitch! I have seen weird women coming in front of cars at that place at night but I’m sure I don’t even look close to what they are like … I didn’t believe it first but they have a dress code.

What was a flying and stuck experience on my way to school turned out to be a slow donkey paced ride on my way back home but it was pretty smooth without reminding what death could be like …


Nazia the Vampiress (Season 1, Episode 7) “Glow in the Dark Vampire”

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Disclaimer: Ok here we go, disclaimer is at the beginningAll characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. Don't start assuming things, try educated guesses . . . if you still fail and relate them to real life characters, it’s not vampires’ fault, you were warned already …

Nazia wasn’t yet over with absorbing the fact that Faraz is a vampire too when suddenly she jumped at the sound of the firm knock on her window. She tried to use her invisibility traits but immaturity only rendered her unsuccessful, she started blinking. The window open with a strong, roaring gale . . .
“Mommy!’ she exclaimed.

“Day and night I work like hell to fix this home but you guys are sure to make a mess! Problem with dinner, problem with everything, why would you like home made food when you have got so used to restaurants! Your cat was roaming inside the kitchen again, couldn’t you check?! Her mom fired away. With that she gave a flying kick to the cat and it went running away where it came from; the floor outside. But self respect was missing in that cat, it never was content until it got a kick from her mom.

That glutton was always at the verge of purring it’s way in as soon as the door opened and if it continued to annoy her mom Nazia was sure that she would chop down the cat some day to serve Scrooge some cat chops and cat biryani … sounds yucky indeed.

Nazia would have killed to be invisible someday other than Gtalk and Facebook alone; she could only consume her invisible potion for these two PC gadgets but could not become invisible in real life. How nice it would have been to hide away, hide your past, change identity with the new you, be invisible and not to let anyone know you well enough … ahhh!

Just when she was lost in her deep torturous thoughts she saw neon light getting brighter and brighter outside her window, it made her jump her way towards it …

“What the heck! Scrooge and Faraz! What are you both doing flying over here?! She asked.
“Just checking up on you and your cat! Blinking vampiress.” spoke Scrooge.

“Stay away from this building cat of mine, it’s well fed but not meant for you!” Nazia snapped, “What’s with this incandescent light? Have you had a reaction with bromine crystals or alkaline confused, dengue infested water? Vampires are not supposed to show off and get noticed like that…”

“Well we got together to discuss a local company’s penny scheme meant to circulate interest and have a profound effect on the monetary policy …” explained Faraz “Oh I’m so proud of the penny scheme … oh my pennies! Oh my pennies! Fled with a diversified company! Yey!”

They were both flying together, hand in hand, glowing together with their wide eyed fiery looks.
“But why the heck is Scrooge glowing??? You know you both should be at home before the demon’s tantrums shake the city again.”

“Oh his fondness went to attack some animals but got inspired by a frog who had consumed a light bulb … he ate it up and now he thinks he is an entrepreneur with a bright idea. Poor Scrooge and he is high on cow blood now that Eid is around the corner.”

                                           Photo courtesy: www.nationalgeographic.com
“See my motto is ‘if you can’t beat your purchasing power, drink it’ heahahaha!” uttered Scrooge.
Nazia pitied him for the blood reaction he had just had, he wasn’t awake and was vamleeping with bulging eyes (vampire sleep). 

 Toots would be so devastated if she knew her friends were vampires and that too unclassified ones. However, Nazia waited for the right time for the reality to unfold itself.

“You know I was thinking about the cocoa butter cream’s target audience and group honey mooners we discussed in Mr. Sinclair’s class …”

“Oh the glowing vampire! He is cursed!” interrupted Nazia’s mom, “he must be exorcised with Surf Excel’s pH level solution!” 

“No mommy he just ate a frog and that frog had eaten a light bulb, eventually he is glowing!” defended Nazia, “but wait a minute … oh … this syndrome… Faraz why are you glowing as well?”

… To be Continued …


Safar Badnamah, Season 1, Episode 14: “Ahh Billboards again …”

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Today as I got done with my ‘Emerging Media’ rib cage shattering, mouth collapsing humourous class I realized that I would get roasted again to wait for my bus … well that I later did unlike after fourth time slot classes when the stupid bus doesn’t come at all anymore …

While I was getting barbecued, there was still hope to get the bus though over whelmed with the target audience of Sea View but I thank God that this class of mine starts in the morning to end at an appropriate time when the situation isn’t as bad … you know… tiny feet filled with wet sand and exchange of coconut pieces within the enormous family of families … ‘The Khaaandaaaaaan’ all in one bus.

This time I didn’t observe much because I dozed off within a few minutes of being privileged with having a seat. Thanks to the electricity loadshedding situation it’s difficult to keep a balance between work and sleep. Since I go through a logging off session at times, it is my duty of utmost importance to guard my mouth which thankfully stays shut during these power naps in the bus … I have seen people sleeping, falling to sides and worst of all with their mouths so wide open so as to reveal the throat tunnels and teeth … I feel bad for these people especially when I try to imagine myself in their position which is never happening in reality for God’s sake.

What I did recall was the billboards I observed a few days ago and those awfully cheap songs again. Why do some Pathans have a taste for Indian cheap songs that no one listens to. I remember this song from last week’s ride:

“Tum agar saamnay aa bhi jaya karo, laazmi hai kay mein bhi pardah karoon. Shaadi kay din abb kareeb haen!”
I mean what the hell is this? Don’t make me translate this crap, it was already buzzing on top of my head and some things have a tendency to later buzz inside your head because their ‘annoyance’ has a good recall.

 What I really liked was StoneAge’s ‘Perfect Fit’ and ‘Relaxed Fit’ billboards. The former shows a figure of a girl some would want to kill to get while some fat people like me would want such perfect looking jeans to fit them someday and enhance their esteem or social needs. Yes I know what you are thinking: … “Whateverrrrr! Maslow’s hierarchy” The painful looking stilettos worn are … well … painful.

Similarly, when we see along the same product lines, there is Levi’s billboard regarding recycling, ‘Recycle Happiness’. I wish I could take a picture with my ‘hoping to be replaced with Nokia, Sony Ericsson mobile phone. I want to sell it for Rs. 100 and buy popcorns.
Well that was an attracting billboard too.

Then there was this billboard by McDonald’s about their value deals which don’t seem value generating at all especially when you buy Sundae and find it half empty. Oh common let’s be optimistic here, it’s ‘half fully filled!’

Teddy Charles name still endorses Sunsilk’s billboard just outside the cemetery, the surroundings need it … ghosts need a reason to flaunt off their hair or decide for the sweet melon fragrance Pantene instead, both choices are right there ‘fighting’ for their brand.

Last but not the least, Panadol decided to make use of it’s OTC status by advertising … ‘Maira Bharosa’ … The billboard plays a reminder function to have this food in your bag to kill migraine produced by bad weather or by the weirdest songs played in the bus …


Nazia the Vampiress - "There is no Escape” (Season 1, Episode 6)

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Nazia was concerned and wanted to tell Toots something very important. However, her mind was prey to too much of thinking … she just couldn’t stop thinking all the time and was finding out ways how to tell her. It was a weird situation characterized by mental turmoil since she felt she couldn’t even stop thinking while even sleeping, most commonly known as ‘vamleeping’ in her terminology which means vampire sleep. If vampires sleep at night they sleep with their eyes open, however, blood hunting is most appropriate at that time.

It was mid semester and time to get more active not just in studies but also for new preys which were not supposed to be cats like in case of Scrooge (Akbar). Some friends had nicknamed him that as per his perceived positioning. 

It was time to spam potential employers with her resume and she made sure none of them were even given a slightest hint that she is a vampiress. She happened to mention in one and the only interview so far that she blogs and writes vampire stories, even though she didn’t reveal her true identity there was no call again from that place. So far so good, it wasn’t meant for her to work at that place either …

At the same time Nazia was trying to make peace with her past (first few episodes) but the low feeling dragged her back to those ‘How Cow’ incident memories. It was something that affected her sense of smell too.

“Hey Toots you know what? Have you thought about why the cats are disappearing from here? Have you thought about asking Scrooge?” asked Nazia.

“Ummm … don’t know but why should I ask Scrooge? He’s not really fond of cats, you are the one stalking them,” said Toots in a mocking and mischievous fashion.

“Maybe he doesn’t show how fond of cats he is while he could be thirsty for them,” Nazia gave a hint still trying not to make it very obvious but the last time both of them met him he was high on cat blood … having pink dreams with a paper umbrella behind his ears. He must have thought it’s the cat’s tail he consumed a night before, however, there was this one big, very, very … as in very huge, obese cat in one of the campuses of school that he dared not touch, Scrooge was scared of it and only waited for it’s each semester kittens. It was wonderfully overweight that relied upon left over biscuits and biryani and even tea.

Toots thought for a while then shot Nazia fiery looks, “I think I know what his birthday gift should be . . . a kitten!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah I hope it survives . . .” said she in a low tone.

“Hey what?”

“Nothing …”

“You know you need to be loud not just in classes but in life as well.”

Nazia had no option but to feel pity for the kitten, she had tried her best to give signals about his identity but failed miserably yet again. 

 There was a new competition in town, yes, the dengue mosquito that destroyed platelets, it was time for vampires to come to terms with the these upgraded versions of mosquitoes since at least they (vampires) only made complete humans anemic only rather than start living on blood cells.

More of the differences included that vampires attack around midnight or after fourth time slot classes while dengue mosquitoes were punctual with their 6 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 10 pm timings. Victims are advised never to use Dispirin but rather use Paracetamol while vampire bites only need lemon juice applied to the affected area and sprinkled with some salt too to undermine the effect.

Vampires are characterized by another trait, their teeth grow longer at night and they can’t help but smile. Nazia and Scrooge had started using straws on some old, loose skin just like on the oral communication sweet blooded prey, however, Scrooge had just got a teeth whitening treatment due to which he only preferred them to reflect light for the time being since he was inspired by a tooth paste advertisement.

What really had been annoying was her neighbour who smoked midnight onwards to her utmost furor and not that she would have preferred a smokers blood, she was making him suffer from slow death … she was drilling 0.25 mm holes in her jugular vein and draining him out on a fortnightly basis when one night she overheard him while he was running his daily chores in the kitchen, “Begum these mosquitoes have become very notorious, they bite me as if they are drilling holes in my neck.”

“You have lost your mind, you better concentrate on making the chapattis round,” she scoffed, “Pakhair raaghlay (you are welcome),” she continued in her native tongue.

This persuaded Nazia to make the holes bigger and invite more from the vampire community to feast upon him. 

A fellow vampire had once revealed the process of freezing her preys with the help of the video she sent:

Classes on Sunday were not boring anymore especially when it was a course she liked, though the hectic routine of the night made her look impaled by victim blood reaction but no one noticed. Early morning caffeine intake used to settle her since the school canteen didn’t cater to the niche coffee consuming market or blood for that matter.

Mr. Sinclair’s Sunday classes were fun to attend with yawning faces and targeted jokes, however, it was outright disrespect for the teacher to have some student yawning right in front his very face and she abhorred it because vampires respect teachers, at least most of them. Mr. Sinclair also had a favourite student in class, the much awaited popular student who used to stalk Facebook at night and wake up late for class, he had more of those vampire attributes too but Nazia was sure to tell herself that humans could be as gone as vampires and that she needed not worry. The teacher always waited for him as he brought along some industry knowledge, not that everybody understood it. 

“Get some beauty sleep now!’Nazia had to tell him the night before class while trying to apply this statement to herself but in vain, beauty sleep meant early morning hours or early night hours dedicated to bed for her. 

She wished Toots could have taken this course with her and had been struck by a spree of nostalgia.

She was learning ‘Digital Vampirism’ in this course or at least she thought that way due to the very nature of being able to find the right target audience online while she preferred twisting the learning in her own interest. Vampires are passionate bloggers and stay up late at night often to blog also due to the ‘blogging vows’ they have made, however, not all bloggers are vampires. The teacher who taught her class about blogging in the elective ‘Blogging for Mankind’ was definitely not a vampire and she made sure he was kept out of the vampire vicinity.

“Helleow!!! We have to go to hospitals again to steal blood samples, platelets are in menu these days.” Read Scrooge’s text message one night.

“Yes let’s plan a day, in fact, a night to scare more house officers like we did before,” replied Nazia, "Listen ... have you watched Engro Rupiya's ad? Isn't it brilliant? But don't you think it's haraam (prohibited) especially when they linked it with Hajj?" asked she.

"Look who is talking about Hajj! A vampire! Muha ... muhaha .... well again ... muhahaha!" teased Scrooge.

"Hey I'm still more human than a vampire you still immature, unbranded vampires!" she scoffed.

Nazia really feared having known about herself by other mature vampires as they belonged to an elite community and made their presence felt in the much feared world, they also got hold of young vampires and branded them ‘Vampy’ on their wrists. 

Similarly, vampires usually have this strong sense of smell which they use to locate other vampires. Nazia was thus feeling ‘vampyrations’, the recognition vibrations felt when another fellow vampire was nearby or trying to locate other vampires. She could not however smell back as to who was trying to locate her because she was still 75% human and the ‘How Cow’ accident (first episode) had affected the smelling sense and the vampire locator hormone.
Her phone buzzed, in fact, vibrated since it was crippled by the brand name, Sony Ericsson, the name was the only factor to reveal how pathetic the phone could get. Ok . . . ok, it vibrated . . . with a late night message,

“You seem like a vampire too! See you can’t hide from another vampire!!! Bloooooooood time!” it read.

She was dumbfounded at being discovered by another vampire and the fact that they were two now, Scrooge and now him both belonging to the same school she was going to and there sure would have been more female vampires. Vampires find each other …


Just when she was about to try to sleep there was a knock on the window …

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. Don't start assuming things, try educated guesses . . . =P