Is this Life?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Hiba Moeen 2 Comments

Trust? What is that? Expectations? Should you really expect anything from any one? No! There is no use because first of all you should not expect anything, especially if you are seeking compensation for your hard work . . .
In today's world I fail to trust people, in other words, with my education and interaction with the real world I have been taught not to trust anyone because the majority is so untrustworthy . . . In school life was so simple, everyone seemed to have just one face inside out but now the reality seems to bite.
Wait till life gives you the true taste of trusting people blindly, they would reveal their real faces so soon that you wouldn't even realise the storm that struck you!
At times the situations could get so confusing and disturbing that one day you could also stop trusting yourself and your decisions in life . . . enough of people and their real scary faces!
And what do you expect in life, stop expecting because people don't care for what effort you put in and how hard you have worked for your one goal in life, what matters is you poor conscience in expecting a reward . . . Hence, life goes on!


2012 and MBA

Monday, December 28, 2009 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

If the world ends in 2012,
I won't waste money on MBA.
If predictions come true,
I shall soon put my books away . . .
Swimming for life would become my norm,
jungle resident would become my crazy, nasty form.
I would fight for traces of land,
grow a farm and steal neighbours' chickens to expand!
What's happening?
Oh the Earth's crust, the Earth's crust . . .
. . . it's the elite generated quakes for power's lust.
It's their hologram for eternal mess,
but Freemasons would never confess!
They must create hype,
to see their capitalisation go ripe.
But if the world really ends into pieces,
why waste time for another crazy Thesis?
I must learn the jungle language too;
'Yabaadabaa doo','Yabaadabaa doo','Yabaadabaa doo!'
I would miss my education,
for it tried to change me . . .
But in it's efforts I graded it a big 'C'.
Ocean waves, skies and land await this late December,
for it would turn into 2013 and jerk people off their slumber . . .


"Titleless Admiration"

Monday, December 28, 2009 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

You mean everything in life to me,
I have waited enough . . .
But hindrances do I still see!
Such a journey couldn't have been more painful,
while many suggest it's the most gleeful.
So much I have been through just to get to you . . .
But I still doubt what people say about me and you!
48 doors have I seen . . .
To have you I'm still so keen.
Time have I lost apart from a lost mind,
but you are the one I should soon find.
In the course of time allergies have I developed,
however, immunity is the cure . . .
I am told we are just months apart,
while I hopelessly wait with all my heart!
I chose to have you and I'm going to get to you,
I am helpless and desperate too . . .
Being together is what I see.
Graduation you have meant everything in life to me !!!



Thursday, December 10, 2009 Hiba Moeen 12 Comments

I mean, "WHAT THE HELL!!!"
as in HELL, HELL.
Why do we get what we haven't paid for?
Why a service someone wasn't made for?
Are we test subjects for some credit hours?
Because a few assume we are from Mars!
Why do we run after grades,
when the knowledge gained just fades!
Frustration is all I smell . . .
Why are there service quality gaps?
when our commitments had no naps . . .
Patience and our minds have we lost,
when at this crucial time we need them the most!
The state of being 'fed up' has peaked,
while insomnia is now our host.
Hence, I repeat. . .