"The Real Person Inside . . . War of Egos"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Hiba Moeen 2 Comments

I wonder why people really have to behave like bananas . . . why they end up peeling themselves, thus revealing the their true inner face but unlike a banana they are black and rotten from inside.

When such people are sprinkled in projects and organisations they don't make the topping look resplendent, rather they make sure that they are dominating enough to to protect their egos and opinions. It is thus, a war of egos.
I wonder why such people are too myopic, just like the term 'market myopia' when they think their existence would come to a halt if their egos seize to be prioritized . . . wake up you morons, there is life beyond these boundaries, you will have bosses who would be like you yourself !!! What pain does it take to become trust worthy individuals and gain peer respect? Why do you think others are not important at all?

People like them think their opinion matters the most, whether in organisations or school projects . . . if it's an organisation, these are the people who think they have been paving way for a better output and availing the genius inside (the demon), if it's a business school then maybe their parents pay the most fee, that's how they behave.

Studying in a business school is an eye opener, it opens your mind and eyes to true faces behind those facial tissues and you are able to recognise real personalities . . . while, on the other hand, pursing a BCS degree would only open eyes to dry run and HTML coding or MBBS for that matter would open your mind to sick patients' history only . . . be a business graduate and know it all :). There is no limit of surprise attacks.

As one friend pointed out, "It's the parents' type of money that shapes the personalities of children." Wow ! It couldn't have been realistic and funnier than this. In another instance, another collegue pointed out that when it's an individual effort, people start using the term 'We' but when it's a group effort they start trying to find ways to extract an individual 'I'. . . So, this is what corporate politics is all about.

It's amazing at how people fall to the lowest ebb to reveal their true personalities and for the protection of their false stance, how they lie and get others in trouble to get all the credit themselves . . .

A four year degree program is like a petri dish when all are merrily together like friends at the experiment's commencement but as the experiment progresses alot of them evaporate not because you let them go but because you realise a number of them were never friends, they were never trust worthy, they were a bunch of morons, opportunists and self righteous people . . . A number of them are plagiarism plagues and a few leeches who want to take advantage of you in assignments . . . well my dear reader let me make you realise that you have to vehemently tell them to get off your skin because you have no blood to let them suck and get away with a new blood group, in this case a better grade as a result of your hard work.

Very few people in this world are your true friends, let me repeat very few, the rest are strangers and butterflies (just like in marketing).

At times I don't quite get why almost all of us condemn politicians thereby calling them, "Z for Doggy","Z for Doggy." Don't we know that rulers and politicians are a reflection of what we have become? "The New World Order." It gets reflected in each and every individual now. People are thirsty for power starting from school level, to jobs and finally to country politics, as a result negative politics gets embedded in everyone, the reason I call it negative is because the word 'politics' does not have a negative connotation to it's true meaning . . . Then who do we call good and decent around us? Hardly a few who have gone past the stage of projects and team work and still turned out to be good friends.

The lust for power and fame reveals dual personalities which play a separate role in every context they get to show their true selves in . . .


"How I got an F"

Friday, October 16, 2009 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Confession of a BBA Student
How I got an ‘F’

I live my life off others,
for work and studies . . .
We attend school at the insistence of mothers;
and waste time with buddies.
Hence, it is the story of my grade ‘F’,
as class lectures land on my ears so deaf.
Yet PowerPoint slides come to my rescue,
as studying from the book is the demand of a few.
I am thus a parrot of such learning,
time sensitive studies result in my grade earning.
But ouch! There exist some teachers, who go by the book,
all they do is treat chill programs with their crook.
Alas! They set up marks for class participation,
but dozing off in class is my stance for competition.
Exceeding absence limit is my charm,
and approaching the coordinator shall bring no harm.
Hey! I know I’m cool,
I realized not . . .
until the disapproval proved me an ‘ignorant fool’,
Now I’m a ‘good’ so unsought.
There comes a time of the term report blast,
when I seek ‘copy-paste’ opportunities so vast.
My teacher’s short of time,
thus, for another course I can happily last (assumption).
I realized not . . .
until I saw my name on crimson background,
Now ‘Ctrl + V’ haunts me like a crazy hound.
I was a chilled plagiarism plague,
but my teacher’s slow watch was so vague.
He had the time to read my report,
and drag me to that ‘F’ port.
Product line extensions I have applied,
to my degree I pursue with gleeful pride.
This my friends is the ‘F’,
for which I had to be blind, sleepy and deaf. :)

Hiba Moeen

Disclaimer: This is a general reason why some of us get an ‘F’. Thankfully, it does not apply to me though. :)