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"Confession of a BBA student at Szabist"

10,000 times I do the same mistake,
what's left is my grade at stake.
Imparting knowledge causes no change,
however, I would get a degree in exchange.
10,000 times would my teacher correct my mistake;
but the same mistake I would continue in exams;
yet comes my teacher again to fix up our RAM's.
Crossing 70 would let me breakeven (just pass with a C),
'No gain, no loss' would be my sigh.
Contribution per hourly would be so uneven,
then why keep my expectations so high.
Relying on n-1 is my norm,
'Best when chilled' is my form.
Education tried to halt me,
to possess me, and to fault me.
Yet here I am,
transferred to the next semester with constant units of mistake,
with abundant materials and knowledge conversion so fake.
I keep my fingers twisted in a cross,
rolling into semesters and gathering no moss.

Hiba Moeen.

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