A Unique Jewellery Statement

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Heba Moeen 0 Comments


HELL-O pretty birdies! Ahhh … didn’t we all love Rio the movie?!

Anyway, this post is about a dear friend of mine who makes elegant bead and wire jewellery. Tee Syed’s work has me sold for her art. She started with bead jewellery as a hobby in 2015 and kept improving her skills; now she has evolved into creating sophisticated Bohemian jewellery besides carrying on with her original idea.

Thanks to some encouraging friends who started buying from her, she felt the need to take it a step ahead, thus evolving into an entrepreneurial butterfly. 

Her passion for art is quite astounding and she knows what will be preferred by unique jewellery enthusiasts!

In this picture of Nigel, you will see him holding pairs of earrings, all made by Tee Syed bespokeelegantjewels … I am personally in love with the wire nest and egg earrings that she custom-made for me, besides the others that are part of the picture.

Just so that you are made aware of her style of jewellery making, you can see these pictures below. Please check her jewellery and buy from her if this is something that is of interest to you. Let's support our female entrepreneurs! :)

Some Bohemian style jewellery




Bead Jewellery


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