Not self but imposed-isolation - Day 2: COVID-19

Saturday, March 28, 2020 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

March 22, 2020 - Sunday

COVID-19: Not self but imposed isolation - Day 2 

OCD took over once again ... washed the balcony with that amazing Scotch Bright wiper once again ... ahhh! We had water.

Cleaned the room ... mopped the floor with that ah-mazing lemon Dettol surface cleaner ... bloody OCD!

Cleaned all bird cages as two of my conures yelled, 'Baby' in chorus ... cheapsters.

Took my lorikeet out and gave him a shower as he mimicked the sound of pouring water. He then bit me and yelled, 'No biting! Kaato nahi!' ... loser!

I then left the full-of-notorious-energy-bird near Coco for a few seconds ... Rainbow, I call him. The loser playfully bit Coco, much to her horror. 'Kaat rahi ho!' exclaimed Coco.

Eventually I took Rainbow back to his cage, that colourful little devil.

I let Coco out, we kissed each other ... inhaled her feather dust and realised that she as well needs to be bathed. Got her washed up. She was happy. 'Shower time' she had been saying  every time I had been entering the bathroom.

Took my watercolour stuff out of the cabinet ... the client called for Corona updates. I completed the report, realised that all provinces are behaving like countries within a country ... never on the same page! Hmph!


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