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Last weekend was a very happening one with so much to look forward to in the city. I went to the Bonsai Exhibition at Zamzama Park after work on Friday where bonsai enthusiasts had displayed their most cherished bonsai plants and shared their knowledge about the art that most are not aware about, it was arranged by the Pakistan Bonsai Society. There is so much that Karachi has to offer for art lovers, in this blog post you'll know how to avail all. Those who are interested in bonsai in particular can attend this society's free of cost sessions every first Saturday of every month, for further information, you can visit their Facebook page: Pakistan Bonsai Society.

And the next day was the best day of the week when I paint, following that was our photography exhibition organised by the Facebook photography group called, Aaj ka Random, I must say that the admins had done a commendable job! The best 3 pictures of each member were displayed among other marvellous ones at Alliance Francaise and all sales proceeds are to go to Edhi Centre. Such exhibitions are proof that there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan.

The next day I went to the, museum, TDF Ghar with my colleagues and his lovely girls. It's an amazing place and I'll write about it as well so that you know just how valuable vintage stuff is, with this house being among them.

Sunday was the day I got enlightened with a place that promotes Art & Culture and is located in one of the oldest places of Karachi, Pakistan Chowk, where you see pre-partition architecture that makes you feel part of the time that was perhaps more organised with the city being undoubtedly well structured. This cottage is called the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre and is inspired by the likes of T2F that was founded by the late Sabeen Mahmud. My art friends' persuasion to visit this wonderful art adobe was worth it.

There was a session by the senior most watercolourist of Karachi, Ustad Abdul Hayee who has been associated with watercolour since the past 60 years and teaches as well. If you see an astute watercolourist, chances are that that person has been his student at some point in time. "We are available for eager students and are here to teach you without charging anything, you just have to be willing to learn," said he, "Anyone who works and spends a day with us, learning and practicing, we'll offer him the anday wala burger (egg burger being the specialty of this area)," he chuckled. As Mr. Abdul Hayee shared his stories and experiences he added a touch of humour to everything, including his perseverance for Art and struggles he faced along the way.

Mr. Abdul Hayee has been associated with various art shows at a global level and is a member of the Sadquain Awards Jurists. Here he tells all:

His apprentice and student, Farrukh Nasim Sethi later showed us his spectacular watercolour paintings and the best part was his own earnestness to teach it to others. When we requested him for a watercolour demonstration, he happily agreed to enlighten us with his skills and talent. Here's a video compilation of his watercolour demonstration:

Here's the final painting:

Following are his paintings that he displayed and mesmerised us with. You end up looking and hoping to paint like these immensely talented fellows.

Keep a track of Pakistan Chowk Community Centre to be updated with related events. The roundabout outside this building is also the spot where they gather and paint every weekend. 

Masking Fluid ... no you don't need it as suggested by him. That's when you have command over your talent.

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