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Friday, August 04, 2017 Heba Moeen 6 Comments

A few days ago a bunch of us bloggers were invited to The Patio for lunch and hence I thought of sharing my honest feedback regarding their food, from quality to pricing. When it comes to dining out I end up being a burger person (eh ... as far as consuming it is concerned). I like the ambiance of this restaurant and the simple decor they have. However, a little issue is the location itself because there are barriers at the beginning of almost every street and you have to find the right passage to reach the place.

Let's begin with the starters:

Arabic Mezze Platter:

Arabic Mezze Platter (Price: 719)
My mouth has started watering again at the sight of this picture. Ohhh! Trust me, it's amazing! It comes with Hummus, Baba Ghanoush (Lavintine dish of cooked egg plant mixed with tahini, olive oil, and various seasonings), Labneh (the delicious yogurt balls), served with pita and Lavash (the crispy thin bread). It's a must have, the taste and presentation as you can see were splendid. 
Price: 719
Highly recommended

Quinoa & Roast Beef Salad

Quinoa & Roast Beef Salad (Price: 590)

The Quinoa and Roast Beef Salad is served with greens and Dijon dressing. This was good too and very delicious but if I had to choose, I would go for the first option, it gives more of a starter feel and this one part of the main course.
Price: 590

Buffalo Mozzarella Salad:

Buffalo Mozzarella Salad (Price: 890)

This comprises of marinated fresh mozzarella with cherry tomato on a bed of arugula and dressed with olives and chilli gremolata. I loved the salty taste of cheese and its soft texture, besides, it was beautifully presented as well.
Price: Rs. 890

More starters -  Flat breads:

Margherita (Rs 375)
 This is served with Classic Marinara Sauce with mozzarella and basil. 
 Chicken & Jalapeno Flatbread:

Chicken & Jalapeno Flatbread (Price: Rs. 450)
This one was without a doubt better than Margherita so my recommendation would be this one.
Highly recommended

Grilled Jumpo Prawns:

Grilled Jumbo Prawns (Price: Rs. 1930)
Oh my! My! Look at these scary faces and those eyes! This was quite a specialty and very expensive too as it's priced at Rs.1930. These prawns are served with zesty Sriracha Butter and Mango Salsa, the latter is season specific and replaced with pineapples as mangoes discontinue. However, since I don't have the taste palate for tropical cuisines, I didn't like the combination of mangoes with a savoury dish, it's the same as not liking Zardah mixed with Biryani (sorry for the lame comparison). The prawns were good but a bit too bland for the liking of desi foodies, that's because you're supposed to have the butter poured over them and the salsa mixed based on your own liking. Therefore, I only poured the Sriracha butter on the prawn and tasted it, otherwise no mango salsa ... I also don't like fruit salad with sugar or any spice added, I believe it kills the original taste of fruits. So my Ramzan Iftars went with fruit salad without sugar or chaat masala, also summer fruits are already so sweet so why the need for added sugar?
So in conclusion, this particular dish is perfect for those who like tropical cuisine in its original form.

Main Course:
Steak au Gratin:
I can't believe I didn't order a burger despite the choice being there right in my face. I'll make sure that I request for it the next time I go to The Patio because I deviated from my own tradition. 
I went for the Steak au Gartin. It's a pan-seared fillet mignon, topped with shitake and button mushrooms, infused with cream and parmigiano. When it was served, it turned out to be half done and I just couldn't have the knife pass through so had to remind the kind waiter again to have it fully done which he did. And this was so wholesome, considering I had tasted bits from the starters, I was bound to leave quite some part of the steak uneaten.
I'm always concerned about food not going to waste, I hate it when during weddings for instance, people fill up their plates and waste the food. So I asked the owner about what strategy she has in place for left over food and if she donates to social activists like the Robinhood Army. She told me that the customer can either have it packed for themselves or if the food is in decent condition they have their staff who can eat it. So eventually no food goes to waste which is great isn't it?!
I really liked the mushrooms and the sauce and yes the seasoned potatoes were the best, potatoes are love ... I still would like to try their burger! :)
Price: Rs. 1,184

Steak au Gratin (Price: Rs. 1,184)
Other highly photogenic dishes (the plating was lovely for all) that my blogger friends tried were:

Chicken Tournedos:

Chicken Tournedos (Price: Rs. 956)

It's a roulade of chicken breast roasted, and stuffed with mozzarella, spinach, and olives. This is served with herb induced cream sauce and house fettuccine pasta. I tasted it and really liked it although it may appear a bit bland/dry to the liking of some people, especially those who usually prefer food to be spicy.
There were Malaysian Butter Prawns as well which tasted very buttery and creamy, however, I would pass this dish because of the same reason - not too fond of tropical cuisines. But it's Heaven for those who like it along with a very cheesy and buttery taste. 
The person who ordered Prawn & Crab Ravioli felt it was insipid also I feel was because of the same reason, it's not supposed to be spicy otherwise if you're fond of such food then do try it (it's crab stuffed ravioli served with prawns with basil cream sauce).

And here comes the best part of life!
Patio's desserts are meant to suit different taste palates. Here's what I think about the three different desserts we tasted: 

Tres Leches Cake:

Tres Leches Cake (Price: Rs. 450)
Pronounced as Trayse LAY-chase, it's made of three kinds of milk. It's indeed a delectable three milk cake (evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream) meant for all chocolate lovers and the terrible case of a sweet tooth, even those who play it safe when it come's to the choice of chocolates. Despite being coated with a dark chocolate ganache, it isn't bitter, therefore even meant for those who play it safe and prefer everything sweet. It's an absolute love!
Price: Rs. 450
Cheese Cake served with Passion Fruit Curd:

Cheese Cake with Passion Fruit Curd (Price: Rs. 495)
It is a typical cheese cake, therefore only meant to please those who appreciate the taste of the original lemon cheese cake because it would taste a bit intense and strong.
We were told that they import the Passion Fruit from Sri Lanka during its season.
Price: Rs. 495
Dark Chocolate Mousse:

Dark Chocolate Mousse (Price: Rs. 410)
Woah this was something! Highly recommended for dark chocolate lovers. Those who only prefer mild chocolate, this may not be for you.With an added taste of cherry, it would definitely delight dark chocolate lovers like me who prefer this strong taste of chocolate. For some reason, it also reminded me of Quality Street's fruity chocolate with the pink wrapper.
Another interesting part is that it is water based, and egg and gluten free or even milk for that matter. Therefore, perfect for people with lactose intolerance.
Price: 410
Overall, the food was superb! However, I feel the prices of a few things were a bit too high especially for starters, these are too costly to begin with, although perfect in terms of taste and quality. 

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  1. Horrible reviews! Googling fancy words and adding them to the article doesn't make it a brilliant article and I don't think you can go out to eat at such places which is why you're impressed with such common dishes. Inaccurate review! Tres Levies is pronounced as tray lay chays. So annoying to see such amateur bloggers at such events

    1. Hi whoever you are. Thank you for your comment. Although it's ok to write your name even if you choose to post a nasty comment as long as it's not spam. These words or descriptions have not been Googled but in fact extracted from The Patio's menu to mention correct details.

      Also, everybody's taste preference vary so one can't expect an opinion to become uniform just because he/she doesn't like something. You may like something which I don't which is again ok.

      And thank you once again for the pronunciation part which I have edited despite the fact that it was correct before as well but just not written to suit some people's understanding. You might want to correct the spelling of Leches that you have typed. Peace! :)

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