5 compelling things about Karachi

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5 Things you’ll Immediately notice about Karachi if you’re travelling here for the first time

Guest Post by Umana Khan 

Karachi is known as the former capital to some, the industrial center to others, and the evergreen ‘roshniyon ka shehr’ to most. This city has many layers, which make it a fine topic of discussion for residents of neighboring towns and districts. While there’s a lot of talk surrounding what makes Karachi ‘special’ and ‘different’ from the rest of the country, today we aim to uncover the various observations our Pakistani shehri make when they visit it for the first time. Curious to find out what they find the most striking? The burger awaam, Sea View or the fancy shopping malls? Then continue reading to find out!

1) The Chaotic Traffic
The most immediate difference you’ll notice when entering Karachi is the absolutely insane traffic! We Karachites are pretty much used to the daily struggle of spending an hour of our daily commute sitting idly in traffic while people from different cities find it to be a real tear jerker and test of patience. 

Image Source: https://tribune.com.pk/story/880411/lessons-from-history-the-evolution-or-degradation-of-karachis-transport-system/

2) The Vibrant Night Life
When I was visiting Islamabad, Lahore and Quetta for the first time on my Pakistan tour, I was bewildered to see that around 9-10 pm these cities gradually start dimming out and fall asleep. Then roads are cleared up, the streets are silent, and you’ll fail to see any person in sight. 
Good luck trying to find a restaurant open in Islamabad past 11 while in Karachi I’ve actually gotten takeaways at 2 – 3 am (safe to say I nearly starved to death while on my trip!). I’m telling you we Karachites NEVER sleep. You can always find something to eat or a place to hang at the strangest of hours; and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Image Source: http://chaskaparty.com/15-night-pics-of-karachi-will-change-your-perception-about-the-city-forever/

3) The Urbanization
Another immediate observation you’ll make is that Karachi is one of the more privileged cities of Pakistan that has been dedicated a reasonable budget for infrastructure (yeah right!) and development. You’ll see tall buildings, fine roads, extravagant shopping malls, and sky skyscrapers prevalent here that are quite a rare sight in rural Sindh and Punjab.

Image Source: http://www.arifhabibdolmenreit.com/dolmen-city-reit.php  

4) The Diversity in Population and shifting Dialects
One thing I absolutely love about Karachi is our diversity! For anyone who’s planning on visiting Pakistan for the first time I strongly suggest you visit Karachi first. Only because this city is like a summary of the whole state, you’ll find people of different tribes and ethnicities, all living here together.

Sindhis, Balochis, Punjabis, Pakhtuns, and Pathans make up the population of Karachi and they all speak their native language and converse with a unique flavor of Urdu. That comes with a strong dialect of their mother tongue. If you take a moment to observe, you’ll see how brilliantly diverse and vibrant the culture of Karachi is. 

Image Source: https://www.shughal.com/among-chaos-15-awesome-things-no-one-tells-karachi/

Okay so we know that Lahore is the food capital of the country (don’t want to get into the Karachi v/s Lahore debate) but for anyone who has had a taste of Karachi’s food will admit that it’s frankly underrated and absolutely incredible.

For all of you foodies out there I suggest you make your way to Karachi not for the beautiful sights and entertainment but for simply a food tour. From leading international franchises to the desi tikka boti and pathan hotel restaurants, the food in this city is heavenly!
So that’s it! These are my top 5 observations of Karachi. What else do you thing makes this city special? Comment below why you find this city interesting or strange and let’s find out what makes it different from the rest. I’d love to hear about all your experiences!

Image Source: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/karachi-cuisine-1

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