Swaik Lake, the Ultimate Trekking Reward!

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The previous travel post was about the Katas Raj Temples where it's origins and beauty were discussed. Once we were done with the trip to this historic place, we returned to the hotel for a Namaz and lunch break after which we headed towards Swaik Lake which is also known as Khandoa Lake and Neela Pani.

Swaik Lake is at a distance of 10.8 kilometers from Kallar Kahar (takes about 30 minutes) and is 30 kilometers southwest of Chakwal along the motorway. It is hidden between the cliffs and mountains where it reveals itself quite unexpectedly as a stunning reward of strenuous trekking which itself takes about half an hour or more.  

It was a pretty hot day with the sun shinning in full glory, we stopped at a hilly location where we were supposed to trek from. It turned out to be pretty steep as we proceeded along the rocks and rough terrain, the sight all around was spectacular. On our way to the lake, we saw a donkey shed which was quite dramatic in its own way, not to mention that the donkey appeared somewhat desolate. 

Mr. Donkey
We kept going and going and finally heard the sound of a water stream that we decided to follow, after further trekking we heard the sound of continuous splashes. What appeared in front of our very eyes was nothing less than a miraculous beauty and a ravishing spot that was a striking contrast compared to the hills around. It was a crystal clear accumulation of water, sparkling in shades of emerald and cerulean blue! Finally we had reached the Swaik Lake!

Swaik Lake

People were jumping from heightened cliffs around amidst laughter and giggles. The temperature seemed comparatively low at this spot and the water felt pretty cold yet pleasant. It is recommended to wear a life jacket because joy could turn out to be a disaster, given the lake's depth. Life jackets were available for Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 for a certain period of time and there were people earning through this business. 

If ladies want to dive into the water then it is recommended to dry out naturally through trekking rather than trying to find a discreet spot where you could change clothes because there seems to be none. Despite belonging to the marine species, I resisted the urge to go neck deep into the lake.

Staged photobombing by my colleagues ... but trust me, this arm was the real photo bomber! :)
We had a long day ahead of us because we had checked out from TDCP Kallar Kahar Resort before leaving for Swaik Lake as we were supposed to return and get going immediately towards Sangra (Haripur District in KPK). Time was short and locations many!

Some fungal growth on the tree trunk

On our way back while trekking, our boss noticed this strange fungal growth on the tree trunk which seemed quite mysterious. Below is a zoomed in view.

There were two hard working men molding some iron utensils and were kind enough to let themselves be photographed. Here's their setup.

The sun was setting and the serenity of the mountains spoke quite loudly beneath the sky.

We were back to the place where the vans were parked and cold water was all we needed to quench our thirst.

We reached the hotel, picked our bags and hit the roads again for a long journey all the way to Sangra which my next travel post will be about ... until then, goodbye!  

P.S: All pictures have been snapped by my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and yes it DOES NOT explode. :)

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