What people asked (other than music) when Ali Sethi went live on Social Media

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The internet is a very interesting place when it comes to history being created in real time and thanks to the interactive nature of digital platforms, people can have live conversations with super humans. 

A few days back, Coke Studio’s much acclaimed singer, Ali Sethi was live on Twitter and Facebook for a chat session with his fans. Some of the questions were outright hilarious and considering that he has also authored a book (The Wish Maker), people were not just talking about his music. Having a diverse set of career pathways he ought to be something not entirely human … a superhuman perhaps. It’s quite interesting knowing that a Generation Y individual is interested in a genre not many youngsters seem interested in and acing it with sheer brilliance is another achievement for him.

Well, even before the session commenced on Twitter, people had started tweeting their questions while some went for the overkill drive (myself included, guilty as charged!). the quality of interaction was quite worthwhile, assessing the intellectual thoughts being put forward.
Here are some very interesting questions that ‘happened’:

The Nerd cum Intellectual Conversation:

When you are also an author and a journalist other than being a singer. 



I know, lame question but not entirely the lamest. I tell you, stay away from people who fold book pages. You don't want such negativity in your life!

Seems to be an advice from an avid reader. Take note, Amber Shahid! :)

Somebody used to like history classes ... And back in school I used to think they are lullabies!

The Voters post Elections:

It's good to be an informed nation that is aware of its rights. Often, people question politicians for their actions and efforts after having them elected, hence the question of 7 As by the Villian Gotham deserves. ;)

You might not have been expecting such honesty by the person being questioned though.
The making of a good politician. If you can't choose between the two most favourable options, be a diplomat. :P


Who doesn't love anday wala burger. That was a good inquiry indeed! 


When I first listened to his voice in Coke Studio Season 8 I thought he belonged to some classical music legendary gharana since he had sung the song so well, thus doing justice to the original piece by Asad Amanat Ali Khan. Here's 'Umran Langiyaan' if you haven't listened to it on your planet:

And! Here's the original version in Asad Amanat Ali Khan's melodious voice which I am sure you must be oblivious too if you're from a completely different universe :P


Sooper depicts Freedom through its Sooper Hai Azadi Campaign

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Oxford dictionary describes freedom as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Similarly, freedom comes in varying forms, such as the freedom of accepting and assimilating with diversity or even the freedom of being able to say ‘No’, not many people are given this right and are forced to perform their daily chores a certain way, often being used a certain way. For instance, being taken for granted is also synonymous with not being free. The questions to ask ourselves are, ‘Are we free?’, and ‘Are we letting the people around us rightly practice their freedom?’

Saadia Naveed, Deputy Managing Director, EBM talking about what freedom means to her
English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. recently invited us for a bloggers meet-up for their campaign launch of ‘Sooper hai Azadi’ which is a depiction of the hard working people of the country. The theme is ‘Rhythm of Freedom’ that shows how Pakistanis associate themselves with freedom that they have been blessed with.
This particular campaign is based on a combination of different sounds associated with various professions that often go unnoticed and is therefore a tribute to those unsung heroes of our country who play a significant role in the development of the Pakistan on a daily basis. From tea sellers to cordwainers, to domestic staff and office boys of our offices and institutes; these are the people without whom we wouldn’t have been able to perform our daily chores with ease or would have required more effort in doing so. Sooper Hai Azadi has thus acknowledged the daily sounds that we hear and made a catchy instrumental out of it. One simply can’t get enough of it, considering the fact that it has been ‘Made by Pakistanis, for Pakistanis’. It struck the audience in awe of its superior quality and well thought out concept together which instilled a sense of pride in us.

The instrumental based on the evergreen national song, ‘Mein bhi Pakistan hoon, too bhi Pakistan hai’ which was sung by Muhammad Ali Shehki back in the 80s struck an aura of nostalgia for the time when Pakistan witnessed some quality national songs which still remain unmatched, nothing beats the quality in terms of composition, lyrics, and those beautiful voices. Here’s the song that speaks for itself and Sooper rightly picked a wonderful tune:

The event host, Umair Jaliawala started up by an interactive session with the audience as he asked us about the sounds that are part of our daily lives and yet remain unnoticed. Some gave the example of the sound of the fan until it stops suddenly due to power failure, to the stirring of tea and the humming sound of computers during work. It was thus a realisation of a number of things we end up taking for granted just because we assume that it’s a given fact that these things or people will exist to operate anyway. 

If you have existed in the 90s or remember that wonderful time period you would realise that something produced along the same lines of the Sooper campaign used to grace our TV screens during festive occasions, such as Eid. Yes, The Morven Gold ‘Rhythm of Unity’, Sooper Hai Azadi is a sweet reminder of this well synchronised combination of people who depicted what unity is. It's been after such a long time and something this great has been created. Watch for yourselves and travel back in time:

Well coming back to the event itself; the panelists included the legendary Squash champion, Jahangir Khan, social activist and lawyer, Mohammad Jibran Nasir, singer, Shehzad Roy, and the inspirational entrepreneur, Saba Gul. 

Legendary Squash Champion, Jahangir Khan at the Campaign Launch
 The presence of Jahangir Khan was a treat for the audience as we were hearing him speak after a long time and having him among us was undoubtedly an honour. Starting his career at the age of 17, Jahangir became the youngest winner of the World Open, beating Australia's Geoff Hunt in the final. It was a great time not only for the then young Jahangir but also for the nation as that tournament marked the start of an unbeaten phase which lasted for five years and 555 matches. He spoke about how he found freedom in his career as a squash player despite initially being deemed unhealthy as a child and how he fought through the harsh time when his brother, also a squash player passed away at the tender age of 28. His is an unbeatable example for the entire nation and he himself is a personality that has given fame to the country and is someone we will continue being proud of.

Saba Gul, on the other hand, with her two MIT degrees and a promising career in the US had decided to call quits one fine day, all she had was a big idea! Now owner and CEO of PopinJay, an accessories brand, she empowers skilled artisan women in villages. Based on non-profit model, her business is backed by a social cause that gives these women their rightly deserved share of income through the business they help run which has spread internationally. 'Let’s just say there is more to Punjab than bhangra!'  is a great depiction and speaks a thousand words for what PopinJay has to portray Saba inspired and undoubtedly woke the entrepreneur inside most of us, for her, her big idea was her freedom that got her happiness through the happiness of others she helps get employment through her business. And according to Saba, her hero has been her office boy who throughout this time has ensured that deadlines are met and product deliveries are made on time. 

Jibran Nasir has been a true celebrity with his leadership skills and the ability to wake people up from their slumber. He started off by shedding light on the Quetta blast and how we have lost an entire generation of lawyers,  he also spoke about what freedom is and what’s in store for us in the coming years as Pakistanis. With his down-to-earth personality and the charisma to do good for the society, Jibran continues to inspire people around and make them question their freedom. He means what he says and is definitely a man of action as has been proven till date. 

I was only able to record a little part of his discussion, sorry for the bad video quality but his words are worth listening to:


From Left to Right: Umair Jaliawala, Jahangir Khan, Shahzad Roy, Jibran Nasir, Saba Gul


I set myself free

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My definition of freedom is being free at an individual level; from yourself also at times, from over thinking, from accepting what comes your way and also from accepting people for who they are, their opinions and their thoughts. Most importantly, being able to say 'NO' when it's needed and prioritising yourself first is the biggest form of freedom because self respect is of utmost importance that must take precedence over everything else. Here I was, penning down my thoughts:


I set myself free from the turbulence within my soul
and the endless thoughts in my mind!

I set myself free ...
From considering others before me,
And from letting them invade my emotional territory!

I set myself free ...
From saying yes to all nonsense
And from letting others use me!

I set myself free ...
By saying no and having the courage to disagree ...

I set myself free ...
By questioning judgements
and accepting diverse opinions ...

Flying was never this easy
Until I set myself free from the shackles of my own thoughts!

Above all, I set myself free from giving a damn!

(I had chocolate and I really did set myself free)

And then this fine Sunday, my pet bird, Kotlet decided to have fun, becoming a model in front on the camera!