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God has made the world beautiful, there are countless examples of His astounding creations and miracles. It is us humans who continue to destroy the very world gifted to us.

Just look at the marine life swim and you will feel completely stress free and at peace with yourself because of the calmness and positive vibes generated as these aquatic animals swim.

Jelly Fish in the Underwater Zoo - Dubai Aquarium (Music has been added in the video, they have a very natural setup without music)

These days I am on a family trip to Dubai and exploring some places that are worth an explorer's time and effort. Though most of the things here are artificial, their maintenance and management are quite praiseworthy.

A few days ago we went to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (at Dubai Mall) that houses a great collection of marine life characterised by absolute serenity; just as you watch the fish swim you get to realise the calmness of your surrounding amidst the urban chaos within your very soul. Nature has its way of telling you just how peace loving and vibrant it is, and this aquarium tank is a small percentage depicting how beautiful the sky and the oceans are.

Their ticket prices start from AED 100 and go up to a maximum of AED 250, depending on the variation and experience level you want to spend for. They also have a membership fee worth AED 250 and is valid for a year, it's highly recommended for people residing in the UAE, especially the ones with children. It's a great place for expat friends and relatives too as they can pass on the discount to them as wellChildren under 3 years of age are entitled to free entry. Another absolutely amazing thing to use for availing a range of offers is the Entertainer app available on Google Playstore. You can use this app for entertainment purposes quite literally while being able to avail phenomenal discounts. However, it's a bit confusing and slightly less user friendly. Still it was very helpful as a friend pinged me through this app for availing a combo offer for this great experience.

Below are some pictures we snapped until the camera battery died since I forgot to charge it but then my Samsung Note 5 came out of my bag for the ultimate rescue ...Ah! *sigh of relief*.These moments with the animal kingdom must be preserved by those that see nature as their true calling.

A leaflet was given to us along with the tickets that aimed at marketing the King Croc - Crocodylus Porosus; a saltwater crocodile. This leaflet was very precisely illustrated into in informative infographic. Personally, I am not a fan of reptiles and I felt that the pair was too big for their enclosure but I may be wrong. Let's say that I am a kind of a person that likes the animal kingdom excluding reptiles. 

So we were finally in the tunnel which I wanted to go on and on but still it was humongous.

The fierce looking Sand Tiger Shark that didn't seem to be bothered by the excited humans.

Yey! String Ray!
The rest of the pictures that you will see are from the Underwater Zoo located at the second floor of the Dubai Mall.

The rest of the pictures that will follow are snapped with my Samsung Note 5. It is not just a professional phone but has a great camera too that turned out to be angelic right when we needed a good camera the most! My faith in this brand has got stronger!

This guy was at peace with himself and the surrounding fishy relatives! 

Jelly Fish

Remember Finding Nemo?
Pineapple Fish

My niece likes to take risks *pun intended*

Sea Horse


He's only 8 months old and yet was enjoying the place.
Elephant Nose Fish
There are so many other pictures that I have including those of crocodile skulls and several other fish species and oh wait! Did I tell you there is an owl too? And there was a pair of extremely gorgeous parrots ... those were probably Red-Winged Parrots, they were bright green and had colourful wings.

This is definitely a must visit place for tourists!

Interesting Facts about the Dubai Aquarium:

1. An intriguing chance of under water photography.
2. Different ticket offerings.
3. The tank contains 10 million litre of water.
4. Being home to thousands of aquatic animals, comprising of over 140 species.
5. Over 300 sharks and rays.
6. The largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world.
7. The aquarium measures 51 metres in length, 20 metres in width, and 11 metres in height.
8. You can become part of the 'Conservation Team' ( or +97144485200) or apply for an internship. 

Can't resist sharing one more picture!

All visitors must give me a hug! ;)

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