"DELIVERING EXCELLENCE" - An initiative by foodpanda to improve the standards in the USD 250 Million Food Delivery market

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Nauman S. Mirza, CEO foodpanda|EatOye! interacting with the attendees at #DeliveringExcellence
foodpanda, Pakistan the leading mobile and online food ordering platform has taken an interesting initiative according to which it has vowed to improve food delivery standards in the restaurant Industry. An inaugural session of “DELIVERY EXCELLENCE” was held at the Nest I/O and witnessed an two hour knowledge sharing session that shed light upon the top restaurant brands in the country. the core discussion spanned around sharing of best practices from foodpanda global information repository.

“Pakistan food delivery and takeaway market is estimated at 250 Million dollars per annum. With positive economic growth, high 3G and Smartphone penetration, this market is expected to double in the next 5 years.  We are working closely with the Restaurant Industry to set standards and ensure that quality service is provided to customers against the set benchmarks,” said Nauman s. Mirza, CEO foodpanda & EatOye.

Among the industry experts present at the inaugural session were Umair Jaliawala, Trainer & Entrepreneur, M. Ahsan Ahmed, Ex-CEO Domino's Pizza, Asif Ghayas, Manager Brand Extension McDonald’s, Babar Nehal, Owner Tooso and Dr. Nezihe Hussain, the consumer voice on social media.

They spoke at length about the operational practices of food quality and timely delivery and how they can result in a good impact as far as the consumer experience is concerned. This, according to them is attributed to perfectly cooked food, smart packaging and timely delivery with the key focus on the product being delivered under the communicated time frame.

Talha Ansari, Managing Director, foodpands & EatOye further elaborated by mentioning, "Our idea is simple: Deliver WOW experience by enhancing operational processes and experience sustainable growth. It is imperative to put the pedal to the metal with collective efforts motivated by one goal.”

For the quest to expand awareness and revamp the restaurant industry as a whole, further sessions of DELIVERING EXCELLENCE are set to be held in Lahore and Islamabad.

About foodpanda Pakistan
Foodpanda is Pakistan's leading online food delivery marketplace. Foodpanda offers a convenient platform to order food online from the widest gastronomic range through its mobile app and website. With 1000+ local and international food chains on-board, foodpanda.pk, currently offers its services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other cities.  Foodpanda mobile app is available for download at Google Play Store, App Store and Windows Store.


Safar Badnamah (S03, E03) "CSR and the much needed Greenery"

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During my BBA days when I used to frequent Dou Talwar almost on a daily basis I often mocked Asim Jofa's advertising for their marketing, for example, there was one such billboard once that said, 'I'm a classy housewife, I wear Asim Jofa'. It was basically a theme based on women's life roles and how it relates to them wearing Asim Jofa; according to them it was the ultimate choice of students, working women, and house wives.

Last Friday I happened to commute through the same place and noticed how beautifully green the roundabout had been made, with flower beds and grass. On the three boards placed there, was mentioned, 'Maintained by Asim Jofa'. this gesture struck me as very impressive.

Below are the pictures of the lush green Dou Talwar. I couldn't get proper pictures because the car wasn't stationary, so in reality it looks far more beautiful.

Finally brands have started giving back to the society, a step at a time. Though I wish, all of us would initiate a CSR activity at a mass level to plant trees so that an even more intense heat wave that is expected this year would be combatted. The rapid urbanisation is to be blamed for the decline in the number of tree. Look around and you would notice a vintage house being demolished with its fruit trees cut down to erect a 10 plus storey building. The pace of swift construction is somehow alarming. There should be a law to plant 10 to 20 trees with each building constructed. I know ... wishful thinking right?

I don't have a very adventurous story since I returned home that day via a colleague's car and not a rickshaw or a public bus and hence the only thing adventurous that happened was light moments of motion sickness with abrupt breaks in between. It wasn't bad though knowing that the ride was overall quite comfortable and yes, I got to save money. :P
And look what Pantene has been up to. The brand has collaborated with GREASE – The Musical, to recreate the magic of a panache of hairstyles from the 50's. Their description relates to hair that is stronger inside and shinier outside. 
And these are the hairy hashtags being used :)
#PanteneHair #DoitallHair #TakeitallHair  

 Maheen Khan

Rija and Hira


Safar Badnamah (Season 3, Episode 2) "Awesome Coke Cans and the CSF Shake”

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For those who are wondering what CSF is … well it’s an abbreviation for Cerebrospinal fluid which we will come to later. 

Strange things have been happening with me lately. For example, dreaming about Richard Branson speaking fluent Urdu and then today dreaming about attacking a good former teacher’s house with a nuclear missile, later to witness a mediocre impact with half the house melting. So basically, the attack was planned for his laptop that had sensitive data stored. I don’t know if it’s the outcome of watching ARROW like crazy or whether the flaw is embedded in me. 

Life is good but even more unpredictable once you sit in a CNG rickshaw, more so, if the driver seems frustrated with his own life! Yesterday witnessed a good client meeting and a good conclusion of the work day because I got off on time and everything seemed beautiful amidst the pollution of the city. 

I negotiated with a rickshaw driver to take me home and that was it! Oh yes, that was it! He started flying immediately and that look on his face was that of a suicidal warrior. He took an abrupt turn towards a small roundabout outside which a dog was sleeping peacefully … very peacefully, despite the loud traffic around. And he almost ran over it, which made me hold my breath until it was over, not knowing that such an instance would not be the last. Meanwhile, the dog continued with its peaceful slumber, completely unaware that it just skipped death. These occurrences were to continue taking a toll on my life.

Till the time I was home, the rickshaw driver made sure that the exhilarating ride witnessed no break; he rode with the same speed for every bump in the road there was, where we landed and took flight again. He went on without considering for a moment that these road bumps must be avoided, he drove past them with the same not-happy-with-things-at-all look on his face. I cursed myself for not yet having the guts to start driving on my on (despite training) or not driving since a few months at all. There were moments when I had to grab the poles with both my hands … ok let’s not exaggerate, there was just one moment when the rickshaw went down from the flyover along its steep curve, let me admit, it was fun as well.

These days the city is being paid attention to in terms of arranging seasonal flowers along footpaths and pavements and then there are billboards reminding you of consumerism erupting out of sheer environmentalism. So seemingly, there are some brands that have announced 23% off on account of the Pakistan Resolution Day on March 23, 2016. I liked the artwork of Gul Ahmed hoardings being put up that gave a vintage feel. I couldn't capture a proper picture as I mentioned the rickshaw was flying and I was enjoying (as well and not entirely).

It was trying to attract the 40 million middle class living in Pakistan that contributes to 20% per annum consumer spending growth, well, according to an article published in the Express Tribune today, Pakistan’s documented economy is worth $270 billion while taking account of the undocumented economy, its estimated to be worth $400 billion. Woah! So we’re not just tax paying fools, we are contributing to the economy as well which apparently shows up in the form of bumpy roads for vehicles to drive on, not to mention the lack of water, gas, and electricity.  

Anyway, by the time I reached home, I realised that I was reduced to a mere CSF Shake (as mentioned at the beginning and it was swishing in my head ... throbbing). I further realised that I won’t simply perish with my name staying unrecognised and not being mentioned on the likes of the Hall of Fame as Coke recently sent me a customised can with my name written on it. Well, yes this is my official spelling and this is not a spelling mistake by the company, though my ‘alter egos’ are feeling jealous by my real self  after knowing that this has happen on a Coke can *giggles*.


Thank you, Coca-Cola! Yes, please take note, this is how you spell Coca-Cola, with a hyphen in between.
Happy March 23rd everyone! Hoist the flags high!

Here's the amazing advertisement by Coca-Cola, titled, 'Pakistan Ke Naam' that I can't get enough of:

Yey! Youtube is working in Pakistan!

Disclaimer: Rickshaw rides are fun, do not generalise your perception or your opinion based on this short episode. But you must opt for LPG run Vespa Rickshaws over CNG Rickshaws as the former appear shock proof. :)


Safar Badnamah (Season 3, Episode 1) "The Four Letter Word and Much More ..."

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Great things continue happening in great cities, not to mention the jaw dropping obnoxious occurrences as well, these altogether add up to the excitement of our sometimes mundane life routine.

Pakistan has witnessed some unusual and interesting things ever since the start of 2016 and we can expect a few pieces of peace to get sprinkled all over Karachi. From the onset of the cleanliness drive ... temporary cleanliness drive rather to the predicted thunderstorm that never happened, our mood swings affect humans, the city itself, and the weather of course.

I happened to be in a public bus one morning and it was 5 minutes late than it's usual time ... and of course the bus was flying. A decent and innocuous looking young woman go on, meanwhile the bus kept on flying with abrupt and random stops to mount and dismount us, horses and donkeys, at least this is what the dilapidated condition of public buses in Karachi makes you feel like.

I tried to focus my attention on Lee Child's novel, 'Killing Floor' that I was reading but in vain, I finally shut it and hoped that my existence on planet Earth would continue gracing it without any leaps and bounds but then flying is fun whether its in a plane, a bus or my most beloved joy ride, the rickshaw!

So here we go! As soon as the bus reached and almost stopped at Teen Talwar, two women got up to leave but the impatient bus inertia somehow gave a sudden jerk, slowing down in a sudden vehicular gasp. One of these two was that decent and innocuous woman who decided to take her decent mask off with all her might! She decided to practice a word she seemed to have recently picked up from a movie, well, of course the guinea pigs were the driver's ears.

"WHAT THE F*** YOU ARE DOING?!?!?!" she yelled and I resisted the urge to correct her grammar and tell her that the correct sentence would have been, "What the f*** are you doing?!?!?!" but decided not to intervene in her deep broth of the four letter word. She was extremely verbose with the use of her recently acquired word and kept saying, "F*** you!", "F*** you!", "F***! F***! F***!" to the extent that she appeared to be a duck, quacking away, following an overexcited spell of amplified quacks. I instead pictured a duck saying, "What the quack are you doing??!?!?", "Quack you! Quack you! Quack! Quack! Quack!" all fluffed up in avian anger. She did seem as cute as a duck though and this mini episode lasted for a few seconds only, maybe a minute in which she vomited her undigested gravy of the four letter word. The driver was annoyed out of his head, more so because he wanted to catch up with the scheduled time, "Chal, chal utaar! Angraise ki aulaad!" he retorted.

What's the point of stooping so low so that you would utter profanities, that too in a foreign language? Are you trying to prove that the person is a jahil whom you need to counteract with through your own version of jahalat? Alright, even that driver could decipher that it was English and who wouldn't but please make sure you yell and opt for an angry outburst in a more localised version; Urdu or Pushto for that matter. Why English? The choice of a local language is well suited for arguments so that both parties understand each other's anger well enough and the audience around understands it too. I have observed Pathan drivers arguing with each other in Pushto but cursing in Urdu. Why? Maybe because the language is easily understood by the masses and makes the meaning of each and every word loud and clear.

On a serious note, foul language doesn't suit anyone, man or woman, dead, alive or undead. Had I been in her place I 'might' have also lost my temper at the driver (while trying to put myself in her shoes), maybe also yelled at him if I had the time but the point is that you must not use your education against someone less educated or illustrate and portray that very education in bad taste. What difference would you see or create?

Anyway, rumour has it that The Green Bus Project is about to start in Karachi ... just like before, hopefully it won't perish 'just like before' so that the city gets a better transportation system 'just like NEVER before'.

While talking about the present and not 'anytime before' if you drive around Karachi or be driven, you will see that the beautification of the city is in progress. There are flower beds on various green spots amidst the pollution and hustle bustle of the city. What really catches any observer's attention is the flyover near Regent Plaza that is being painted the truck art style and it's quite attractive indeed, not to mention the extra effort it must be taking to complete this huge project. I took the risk of pulling my mobile phone out to snap a few pictures. Well, here they are:

There's an interesting milk brand that is becoming the talk of the town these days, for marketers at least, it's called Dayfresh and has been seen becoming active in outdoor advertising as is evident in the billboard (picture below). 'Just cow's milk, no bull' they say. Being a potential consumer or a marketer for that matter, I wouldn't expect the bull to do what a cow does for us. What stands out is their packaging that has followed a minimalistic approach and shows a cows patchy pattern also because their USP is the Australian cow's milk. I like cows. I want this cow. This cow is beautiful and it's Australian.

Until the next episode, it's goodbye/good night from my end. Cherish the weekend, it doesn't last long. :)