Cadbury Dairy Milk #MarvellousCreations serves a Combination of Some Interesting Condiments

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Heba Moeen 1 Comments

Mondelēz Pakistan Ltd recently launched its new sub-brand called Marvellous Creations, followed by great BTL and ATL advertising and there is no way anyone would still be oblivious about this new chocolate. available in two variants; the Cooke Gummy Crunch and the Jelly Popping Candy, it really is making its mark among the Pakistani consumers, thus adding up to the strong brand recall.

As I write this, my terrible sweet tooth keeps budging me for more of Marvellous Creations which I just can stop having ... and yes! Coffee is a great writing companion too, not to mention that a combination of coffee and chocolates is the ultimate affair! I personally love meetha and it's a stated fact, at least for me that I feel life is incomplete without sweet things to eat which is why I often fail to understand how people can say no to any kind, creed, caste, or any meetha affiliate whatsoever. 

Below are both the variants of Marvellous Creations which ... are mine!!! Well ... don't judge me, I love sharing so I'm sure somebody ate these while I only had a look. While I believe everything purple on planet Earth belongs and should belong to be, I hereby proudly claim possession of these chocolates (in this case, taken away and eaten away). Let me tell you a short story; I once wanted to buy a laptop and even though it was available in all the desired specifications, it sadly wasn't available in the colour purple which is why I am still laptop-less and hence penning this post down or rather typing from my office laptop - END of sob story. ;)

Since I am an ultimate meetha lover I liked both the variants, well lets say excluding the gummy jelly part but still, who cares when it's a part of chocolate. Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy is somewhat of a combination with quite some interesting condiments that is meant for people who like to experiment with something new; the fizzy feeling and the popping sensation triggered in your ears would leave you with a quizzical look that would result into a smile eventually. :)

As for Marvellous Creations Cookie Gummy Crunch, the combination of cookies and crunch seems to be the preferred choice of most; perhaps the Baby Boomers and Generation X (well just a perception and observation). If you ask me I would give an extra point to this variant (well before you judge me let me tell you that I belong to Generation Y) although I have observed Generation Z and Generation Alpha going all crazy for Jelly Popping Candy. Ok! Enough of this Marketing talk, go out and grab one for yourself and share your experience. :)

Recently, the company also did an activation at Dolmen Mall Clifton which was part of their launch phase and it was quite brilliantly executed by Empact Activation. The depiction of a chocolate factory in a carnival like setup was worth all the praise, it was quite an eye candy for the adventurous soul and one could see a long queue of kids awaiting their turn to get stamped and hence made to enter. Here's the stamp, I'm chocolate inside:

They had physical games a a digital game, the likes of Candy Crush which was a fun activity indeed.


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