Monday, January 18, 2016 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

As I walk away from urban chaos,
I find solace in nature!
As the mountains beckon me,
I find myself lost in thoughts so deep ...
That I forget my way home.
Strolling along the winding pathways,
I follow the trails of those lost before me.
I toss put each anxious thought,
Locking behind the mind with wisdom's key!
Surrounded by nature's serenity,
I get the agility of a 6 year old's.
Observing the metropolis with thoughtfulness and pity,
The petrichor sparks within me the intellect of an 80 year old's.
Brooding over the man made chaos,
I realise that our flora and fauna are at an inevitable loss ...


She (Vol. 2)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

She is fire,
She is ice!
She is sugar,
She is spice!

She is the perfect soul that all aspire to possess,
yet someone who is profoundly despised.
When thwarted, she is not quite herself …
but a lady when obliged.

She is a well for eager minds,
but an aura of draught for vacuous kinds.
She is happiness, she is sorrow,
she is madness, she is sanity!

People wonder why she is often on cloud nine,
while a few delight when she is silently blue.
Altogether she is just fine,
though her resident personalities are a stark contrast!

She is the last page of every book,
yet the first line of each new chapter.
She is predictable to a great extent,
yet her unpredictability does a conspiracy stir …

She is a riddle unsolved,
that most have derailed searching answers for.
She is the scent of old books,
Which very few afford to read these days …