Ode to Coco

Friday, December 04, 2015 Heba Moeen 0 Comments


I hear opera songs echoing from the cage,
ear splitting shrieks, and bowls being flipped with rage.
'Naughty bird!' she then berates herself,
'Chup hojao!' she claw picks a word from her vocabulary.
I wake up to her capricious nature,
'Pretty bird', she yells her morning signature.
Asking for kisses is her ritual,
she then runs a horse carriage with a hurl.
My Whatsapp buzzes, indicating a notification,
I realise not that it's Coco and not my active gadget.
Her self praises are endless,
amidst her food and watery mess.
And there's more to this feathered notoriety,
which is a noisy resident of this beautiful city ...

P.S: Kotler (my Alexandrine Parakeet) has been plucking his feathers perhaps due to the sheer embarrassment caused by Coco saying, 'Kotler, give me a kiss!'

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