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Dear Mom & Dad,

I never knew education was a crime,
until it dawned upon us on December 16.
But rest assured that Heaven just feels fine,
where everyone is happy and souls clean.

For all my friends that I helped escape,
I felt a surge of victory.
although I paid the price with life,
the pain was ephemeral and transitory.

It hurt for a while,
as I lay sprawled across the floor.
But the very thought of you made me smile,
and forget the agony till its core.

And that was my last message for you,
as we exchanged our final goodbyes.
Let go of my uniform stained in crimson hue,
for the sake of your own drying eyes!

I’m sorry to have left you so soon,
that resulted in such a spacious vacuum!
I come to meet you every day,
and to say goodbye in another way …

Today as the nation holds us in remembrance,
let them know that some stains are there to stay.
They should retaliate with the same perseverance,
lest the ignorant few are led astray!

I know you grieve with each breath you take,
I only thought of you with each breath the left!
In your heart I shall live forever,
Until we meet in another world …

Your Loving Son! 

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  1. Wow Hiba. That's heart touching indeed. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, A.Jay. Apologies for the late reply as I somehow missed on this comment.
    And yes, every time I think about these kids, I fail to understand how anyone could have possibly done what was done to them.

  3. Lovely post thanks for posting.