"I want to become a Smuggler when I grow up!"

Saturday, March 09, 2013 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

When I was in class III, our teacher made use of the remaining 10 minutes we had till the class would be called off. She asked each one of us what we would want to become when we grow up. Most kids gave beaten about the bush answers saying they wanted to become doctors or pilots etc, etc. The last kid of the last bench in the last row stood up and proudly exclaimed, 'Smuggler!' 

Everybody was shocked and laughed and some thought his obesity had taken over his brains.
Now I understand the economic benefits of becoming one and that Fahad (his name was Fahad) had given the best answer through a futuristic approach, a profession no one in Ms. Ghazala Ahmed's class would have ever thought of, neither before, nor after. 

While we struggle for a good career through a better job, smugglers don't need to think, they just do what they have to do. Who cares when no one does? Why do we care when they don't? 

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  1. We care because we have the conscious that we have to answer to a higher power at some point in time! Its that conscious that seperates the good from bad!

  2. Lol! It was supposed to be something non-serious. We definitely have to answer for our deeds in both worlds. Hence, we are not smugglers. ;)