Knitting Madness

Sunday, February 17, 2013 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Here is a picture of the knitting madness I committed yet again. This has been an experimental bag somehow. It all started when I ran short of the light green yarn which you can see in the upper left section of this image, I had planned bead knitting, not knowing that the yarn I had would not suffice. After leaving it like that for a year or so it struck my mind that all different knitting patches can be joined together to make a funky bag with beads and bobbles and buttons too. Ah! Do you also see cable knitting and flowers?
It was Hell completing it because an unplanned thing goes easily out of proportions. 

The yarn material is known as 'Rabri Dori' available at Anarkali Shop, Tariq Road. Though the quality has dropped thanks to the manufacturer who also decided to double the prices ... I don't buy these strands anymore because it's no use working hard with something whose quality has gone down the drain.
The patterns and textures of knitting here include:

- Cable Knitting
- Bobbles
- Bead Knitting

- Spiral, flower and Gingham Pattern 

If anyone wants the pattern for any of these I would be very happy to share.


Carrot Cupcakes

Thursday, February 07, 2013 Hiba Moeen 11 Comments

Two days ago my sister baked something that I could never spare. Yes! Carrot cupcakes, they were not just as gorgeous as they look but also very moist, soft and delicious ... not to mentioned the amazing cheese-butter cream. We used Dr. Oatker's citrus sprinkles that were a combination of orange and yellow and leaf nozzle to pipe the leave out while the star shaped nozzle was used for the carrots and white icing to give it a professionally designed look.
If you plan to bake these, don't forget to add shredded carrots in the cake batter, they simple enhance the taste, besides, cooked carrots are even more beneficial for health! :)