Creativity - Just to Kill Time

Thursday, October 11, 2012 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

A Few months ago I started off with a knitting project just for the sake of experimenting 'bobbles' (this ball like texture as seen in the picture below). Later I found out that I was occasionally continuing it in office breaks and sometimes just to kill time or as a leisure activity in between nothing-left-to-do moments ... mostly while watching movies.
I soon found out that it's a good activity to accompany you when you have been feeling down and that's when I gained extraordinary momentum to complete it - last month, it might not make one's mood change suddenly and positively but is sure to divert your mind from things that have been unnecessarily occupying it and that's when you speed up. One side got completed, then it was time to knit the other ...

To my dismay, I found out during my work-in-progress that I am running short of dark violet colour hence this new combination (picture below) ... then came a touch of eyelet stitch and a little bit of basket stitch later to embellish the whole thing with some sequins. The handle (i-cord) was knitted with double pointed needles.
And finally for the 'LOVE OF PURPLE COLOUR' it was complete. :)
Try it ... if you've had a lot to worry about studies or your job, it's a good depression killing exercise, more like a tension repellant or maybe even a depression neutraliser. Your hobbies are your destined therapy sometimes ...

Here's a closer look. Enjoy!

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