Corporate Support for The One Rupee Project by Djuice

Friday, March 30, 2012 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments


A unique idea when packaged with innovation goes a long way and this is what what The One Rupee Project aspires to be, an out of the box idea aiming at changing people's lives for good. As the motto goes,'For the People, by the People!'
One Rupee Project is one of it's kind in terms of giving people a platform to move forward with the idea of donating a rupee everyday for the entire year, hence, contributors get to give Rs. 365 a year in a fund that will be used to focus on children's education, giving loans for new business ventures for those who can't afford a good start up capital and small projects aimed towards the betterment of society.
The founder of the project, Sarosh Waiz along with other responsible citizens got to witness the launch of his project on March 24 at T2F.
Djuice has been the first corporate supporter for The One Rupee Project with it's vow to contribute a rupee out of every card purchased from March 23 to April 3. If you are a Djuice customer, you have been one of the first few people contributing for the big idea that was once an illustration now seen burgeoning.
For further information please visit One Rupee Project's Facebook page and follow on Twitter: