Whose Life are We living???

Thursday, January 06, 2011 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

If I don't think my thoughts ...
If I don't talk my words ...
If I don't listen through my own ears,
and I don't walk my path ...
Whose life am I living?

If I choose the same path of oblivion,
If I'm doing what everybody else is doing,
then whose destiny am I carving?

If I don't respect the differences in others,
and force my existence with a mindless mindset ...
... do I still have the right to be called a human?

If I was born unique,
why have I made myself so undifferentiated?

This is something to ask myself,
before it's too late ...
... because it's very late already!!!

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  1. goood...........loved it hiba

  2. Thanks ...
    It would be nice to see your own name though ... :)