“Bring me back my n – 1”

Monday, October 11, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

 Bring me back my hourly,
Bring me back my n – 1.
Midterm’s on a killing spree,
Enjoyment . . . there is none.
It was wonderful to let go of one
And harvest the leftover two.
Why can’t I still have fun?
Who changed this? Who!? Who?! Who?!
Why kill with the mid when you can use a gun?
Divest one hourly is what we used to do,
Now management has fewer burdens . . . woohoo!
Don’t let go of the study charm,
Reverting back to n – 1 would do no harm!
Think for Zabdesk’s  algorithm sake,
midterm is not a piece of cake!
We want to revert back and die whenever
rather than study once and die forever.
I say n – 1 was a blessing in disguise,
Now it is dearly missed after it’s demise . . .

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