Nazia the Vampiress (Season 1, Episode 4) “The Forgotten Identity”

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The monitor flickered, ‘Game Over’ since Nazia had given up with her racing car and her heart pounded together with each flicker of these words. “How could I have been so irresponsible?” She thought aloud. Her identity was at risk of getting revealed to people, it was something she even kept away from friends except for Toots and Uncle Scrooge. She recalled Paulo Coelho’s tweet that she had just retweeted, “RT @paulocoelho: What we fear the most may happen to us, because we are attracting it.” She was running away from letting people know her and her accidental past but this was the time when everything was at the verge of being revealed.

And yes, Scrooge was the name given to Akbar by some friends as they perceived him as having quite a few Bob Cratchits around and someone with a stiff upper lip, however, he was the exact opposite, though Nazia had told him once to work on his perceived positioning than the actual one. In fact, she felt more like the character Scrooge and had become more isolated like him with lost interest in occasions like Eid.

Anyway, the most important thing forgotten by Nazia was her school ID Card without which she would have been refused entrance for her classes and that hospital was the place where she left it while stealing blood samples without paying any heed to the fact that the people whose blood samples she was drinking away would have to come again for another draw. Now it was time for an intense payback. She would have to face the consequences . . .

Panic struck, she called Scrooge. “Hey Scrooge . . . Uhh . . . I mean Akbar! I’m in deep, deep trouble! Now with all the chaos created in the hospital, I don’t know how to reach out for it. Hey are you asleep already?”
“Yes . . . I thought of getting my vampire sleep before training excessive cellulose again at Mission Planetarium tomorrow and besides, I hate my colleagues at the new office. What happened? What’s with the Vampire Shock you just got?” He asked.

“I left my Id card at the hospital where we stole blood samples and scared the skull out of that house officer!”
“Oh no! The Lord shall have no mercy on you now,” Scrooge joked, “But don’t worry, your Id card does not mention anything like you are a vampire does it? Just make it look natural and file a request for a new school ID card.”

Nazia felt a bit relaxed and later went online to make an online request for a new card and waited for further events to unfold. She thanked God that she had not done this stupid mistake of dropping the ID card at her sweet blooded communication prey's house for the dots could have been connected, linking not just her and the school but also the actual dots on her throats aimed at the jugular veins! Or was it the carotid artery? Who cares when the blood is sweet? The slowed down blood circulation was causing some atheroma to exist in her arteries . . . oh yes those innocent cholesterol lumps exposing the sweet lady to chances of heart attack. But then that could be termed as a natural cause.

What a dramatically ‘awesome’ situation she was facing . . . Yes ‘awesome’ with an ‘a’ and not an ‘o’, yet the monster she was feeling to be made it a flavoured owsum problem. She just needed to add some flavor to the issue to neutralize it but for that she had to wait for the morning to fade in.

Her now soundless, post purchase dissonance creating, futile Sony Ericsson vibrated with an unknown number. She didn’t realise when she had dozed off and her night was over in a split second as she let out a vampirishly ear drilling shriek. Nazia reluctantly opened up her phone’s flap, “Hellll. . . oooo?” she asked.
“Is this Nazia from ...”

“YES!!!” she exclaimed cutting off the sentence right there in her phone while keeping her eyes away from popping out.

The guy on the other end explained that he was from some hospital and that they had found a card. “We found an Identity card so thought of locating you through the number mentioned. With sincere apologies we would mention that we have just caught a hallucinating house officer who had been stealing girls’ ID cards and giving them missed calls. Unfortunately he had been smuggling blood samples too. We shall soon send your card at your school address.”

“What do you mean by hallucinating house officer?” she inquired.

“Well . . . this guy goes in sever shock when he gets to see lizards and thinks he has seen vampires taking blood samples from the lab (refer to episode 3). We have recommended relevant treatment . . . And suggested his parents not to let him watch movies labeled, ‘PG 13.”

She could not have expected such a twist and had been planning to jump through the back gate at school just like Scrooge had done once when without that entrance pass. However, she actually was getting missed calls from an idiot but BLOODY UFone charges on a monthly basis to block numbers. Weren’t they content with the hefty amount of tax they deducted from prepaid scratch cards?

The schedule was getting hectic and it had been three weeks since a day off, even Sundays had been worked up and she had been fully consumed by an experience created by a marketing course and Nazia felt tired to Vampire death but loved being busy as she disliked vacations. The feeling of being educated was self fulfilling an achievement she valued that most.

She was fed up of nonstop breaks in sleep caused by nightmares and getting the entire day’s recap in her dreams. One night she dreamt that her school was haunted, but what was the need of being frightened? Who could haunt it better than her? She admired her coordinator, Ms. Sabiha’s admiration for vampire stories and knew she had great respect for vampires, that is, if they existed in her world which she was oblivious to. Nazia’s favourite vampire book was ‘The Historian’, however, reading Vlad’s history disgusted her since she wasn’t that fierce, she was after all an innocent looking hard to believe vampiress.

Everything was going pretty smooth besides some hourlies becoming horrorlies. The symptom was called, ‘Semesterosis’. Islamic Banking was torturing her with ‘negative marking’ quizzes worth 20 marks. In the meanwhile she needed to strictly tell Scrooge to keep his hands away from school cats and position himself based on his core identity while hiding it at the same time.

Things seemed stagnant yet progressing, dull, yet shiny as the company of true friends brought about a feeling of fulfillment. Together Toots and Nazia searched for jobs in the recent saturated, moronic, ‘not promising any jobs’ market. They skimmed through Aurora to pick out places to apply at. Services sector had been taking quite a positive step ahead with 53.8% contribution to GDP; hence there must be some job hiding behind an old adventitious tree with a vampire grin.

Besides having a vampire tooth, Nazia had a sweet tooth, and thought that life would have been lifeless without anything sweet to eat. The nearest thing was the sugar jar in the kitchen that was raw-fully quick to fetch. As she got a spoonful of sugar she figured out what made Toots so hyper that day and feared sugar could have the same effects, it was two cans of Sting that made Toots high on insanity as she was jumping around school corridors and climbing trees.

“If Red Bull gives you weeeeeeengs what does Sting give you?” Nazia asked herself. It was time to ask Toots that question.

While enjoying the spoonful of sugar she realized she had to ask something very important from Toots, something that could be a value addition to friendship or . . .

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. You can start assuming things and relating to real life characters . . . As if it matters to Vampires . . . =P
Just remember to shut your i-windows while going to i-sleep at night before it turns into v-feast upon thee . . . 


“Some Idiotic or Possibly Funny Mistakes I did in my Finals”

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My last day of exams was May 10, 2010 . . . a blessed day, a happy yet confused day, a thrilling day coupled with fright . . .it was all in one. Stupid mistakes done on this day being aside, I will remember it as one of the happiest days of my life though a final presentation and a final exam of an awful course that day really got to me and that course made me look forward to Summer but thankfully it was really the last day of the last days  . . . it was the 40 true and false questions that killed me that night . . .

It was Islamic Banking but with all due respect to my teacher I still feel there is nothing Islamic about an Islamic Bank even though quizzes worth 20 marks and students fried with negative marking did not make my thinking biased I continue to feel this way. As learnt from Business Ethics, it’s a capitalist world with us getting more inclined towards a revisionist approach . . . well, well my perception of something cannot be blamed on my Business Ethics teacher so here comes the disclaimer at the very beginning rather than at the end.


Starting from the idiotic and silly essay in my Arabic final exam I marked the commencement of foolish answers. There was an essay on ‘Al Baitee’ in our exercise book which meant ‘The House’, most of the students had learnt it in a parrot fashion to simply paste and regurgitate it from their minds. However, to most of our horror the essay question said, “Write an essay on your country.’

Now here comes my most craziest answer. I don’t know what went in and around my mind that I thought of different words I had learnt from the course while I merged Al Baitee essay into it. I could not think of a word that would translate ‘neighbour’ or ‘next to India’ thus China was there to let Pakistan in front of it. I knew I was ‘Ana Minal Bakistan’, Thank God I knew this . . . (how to translate I am from Pakistan), since I didn’t know the word for neighbour to make our country next to India, I placed it in front of China: ‘Bakistan Imamus seeni” (Pakistan is in front of China). 
I then elaborated that we have big cities and that we also fan ‘Marwahitunn’, ‘fans’ . . . Where was this fan coming from? Yes the ‘Al Baitee’ essay that had a fan in a particular room. The next word was ‘Jameelatunn’ (beautiful), now whom to call beautiful? Yes the ladies of Pakistan . . . I went on to write that the women of Pakistan are beautiful. Digestible? Wait now let’s go on . . . the essay then got embellished with some wild life . . . I mentioned we have chickens, ducks and big and beautiful eggs, the stress was on the word ‘Kabeeratunn’ (big) now. ‘Ba’eezatunn wa kabeeratunn fil Bakistan’ (Big and beautiful eggs in Pakistan), I went on to call the chickens beautiful too and the ducks, ‘Dajjaj wa Battatunn’, and yes we also have milk in our country. Something was going on in my head and yes it was a flood of Arabic words . . . I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to put my pen down and sweaty palms on the table to take a break to laugh at what I was writing though it seemed really awkward and insane to laugh in the middle of an examination going on a that auditorium, but I really could not stop laughing at what I was writing. It was time to pen down one of the last sentences of that ridiculous essay I was writing. I had to tell the examiner that I and he are from Pakistan, ‘Ana wa Antaa Min Bakistan . . . Kaifa Haluka Ya Ustaazi? Ana Bikhairin WalHumdulilah.’ (I and you are from Pakistan. How are you oh teacher? I am fine Alhumdulilah). Though I’m not sure about the second sentence but I think I wrote this as well.

Experiential Marketing:

Experiential Marketing final exam followed and even though that exam couldn’t have been worth an hour and a half I went on relaxing myself and answering all the way to the maximum time duration. I took a little more than 2 hours facilitating the oil spill from my head into the sea of Experiential Marketing answer script. There was a question about having an event for the graduating batch coupled by the experience that we could give . . . Experience SZABIST was a good learning ground but inspite of all the relevant stuff our teacher taught us I couldn’t think beyond a typical beach event because beach is something I am always obsessed with. The budget limit given was Rs. 50,000; therefore, I had to apply the trash of economies of scales coming from my head.
As usual, social media was to be taken assistance from, thus, FaceBook was something to educate the audience with . . . yes, yes an FB page where we would first create some hype based on the words as follows . . . and yes the name of the event would be SPLASH ‘a’ BATCH:

Splash ‘a’ Batch

It’s been a time of four year,
under SZABIST’s roof;
the time of togetherness and term report fear,
and interesting credit hour consumption.
Remember the copy paste intention?
When you realized plagiarism is a crime . . .
It now seems a nick of time,
when course phobia led to course withdrawal urge.

Remember the first day?
When the class would never end . . .
Graduation seemed far away,
and then your hectic life you wanted to lend . . .
Now sections unite as one batch,
as together we merge.
Cherish the ending moment of togetherness,
in the splash of entertainment you shall submerge!

I remember this because I had requested the invigilator for a blank sheet to help with some rough work. I took a sheet out of my bag and showed him that it was blank, well just to be on the safe side. Later I brought it along with me.
And yes, how can I forget animal over here as well? Saving turtles was part of the event. The logo to be printed in front of 90 and 100’s entrance was part of the deal, The thought about deal . . . the answer.

I was sure such a common event to serve as an answer would cost me marks and infuriate the teacher but thankfully the effect was no where to be seen in the final result. I was also cautious because in my first hourly we were given a question to launch a car and devised an answer based on a chocolate replica of the car that would be placed in front of super markets such as Macro and Metro etc. Later it was discussed in the class as being a wrong answer not just in terms of target market but cost as well. Moreover, my laughter during the discussion blatantly revealed that such a crazy answer was mine. My other promotion strategy was to place the car at Clifton’s underpass area with it changing it’s colour into the range it would be avalible in . What? Was it an animal . . . reptile? How silly of me . . .=D

My friend, Mehr Azeem devised an experiential event (final exam) for entertaining students and I have to agree that it’s one of the most unique ideas I have ever heard of; she wrote about ‘Term Report Bon Fire’ where students would get together and see their reports perishing in the fire they create. Now this is what a real entertainment would be.


One of the last blunders I did was in my Advertising final exam and would conclude that the soft corner of my teacher’s heart let me have a decent grade even though he would have wished to have a shot gun and have me in front of him while he was checking the paper.

There was a question worth 10 marks and it was regarding the topic that spiced up our worst nightmares . . . yes CPM, calculating the cost of a newspaper advertisement when there is a catch in the question  . . . ‘DO NOT INCLUDE EVERY COST MENTIONED IN THE QUESTION’. He had a nice early morning walk in the auditorium clearing out every student’s confusion; however, it wasn’t a difficult final at all. I would say it was teacher phobia for some while course phobia for the rest that would later result in potential anti bacterial treatment (some people know why I’m using this term . . . in relation with a particular character). We have had simple and to the point advertising hourlies but we had been too scared to expect an easy paper and that easy paper used to surprise the cerebral hemispheres out of our heads.

There was a question regarding types of ad agencies . . . Easy isn’t it? But who would have expected such an easy question. There was another one that said ‘You are the brand manager for National Ketchup and are supposed to segment the market, devise strategies etcetera etcetera’, Though I don’t remember the exact words but here’s the gist of it. Just why? Why? Why on earth do marketing teachers love this topic of market segmentation?

I almost applied the entire Ansoff’s Matrix in my answer I think partly due to my blind love for this matrix, I went on crucifying the brand with all my thought processes. Having a sleepless night before an exam especially an Advertising exam made a brain a blob of crazy ideas. I developed the market, penetrated through the strategy of penetration pricing and bogo offers and went into cities where National’s product penetration was low, I think I went to the Northern areas as well. MY GOSH! Not only this, I applied line extensions as well introducing flavours not thought of before from a brand of ketchup.

Once we were told by our teacher that pickle sales are the highest in Peshawar in Ramzan because they perceive this product to assist digestion. So where else to start from for my answer than from Peshawar and yes in Ramzan, with low prices to beat the competition already prevailing. I started off selling this product in my answer and went soft in my head.
I also devised a nationwide animated ad that would appeal to the mass audience where a tomato says ‘ Bara ho kay Ketchup banoun gaa!” (I will become ketchup when I grow up). What a ridiculous tagline by a tomato! Since animated advertisements are taking off in the local market my myopic thoughts could elaborate this.

Was this the outcome of not sleeping at all? I don’t know . . . At times I just don’t sleep prioritizing my work so that’s not a big deal but I so wanted to borrow the mind of a marketer that day. Well now I’m one too . . . whatever kind that’s a separate issue altogether. . . 

There was another question about how to be careful with a brand in terms of how social media has gained momentum . . . There was an international example where Kraft introduced a new line to it’s brand vegemite and did some crowd sourcing through social media and named it iSnack 2, it wasn’t appreciated and through social media much negative publicity spurred off.
But hey wait . . . local examples were needed and thank God I had completely forgotten about Vegemite or ‘help the over sharers thumbs down feature’ on facebook by Pringles.

There were some comments on Stings fan page that were later removed and were a great help in facilitating negative publicity for the brand. However, it was rather funny, a girl had commented that it tastes horrible and tastes bad also . . .well ‘shit’ was the word she used, I had saved the comment. She also elaborated that she got really sick and was on bed after three days after consuming Sting. Now this response helped me with the answer even though I think it tastes better than it’s competition.

After all the stew I cooked I was sure my advertising teacher would puke on my paper while checking and be delighted to award me a D . .. yes a D for Dog, let’s use a phonetic euphemism here . . . a D for ‘Delta’ . .. and no Alpha or Bravo or even Charlie for that matter . . .
My God! After exactly 2 months I remember what I did in my finals! Dinosaurs live in my memory . . . It could be bad at times as far as bad memories are concerned if any . . .


After doing such mistakes or rather trying out my moment of confused answers I wished I would become invisible and disappear, something I had been wishing for ever since my Entrepreneurship second hourly. There was a question for a business idea and then having a chance to meet a genie who would grant three wishes, however, that poor, poor, very very poor genie seemed to be bankrupt or rather got done with his bank balance paying off electricity bills to KESC that he could not offer any money or shares if wished for. Oh that useless genie I wanted to shoot right there and then. But I wished for invisibility to later visit Rembrandt’s factory and find out about their secret raw material used to manufacture water colours, my other aim was to sneak into teacher’s offices before hourlies and find out the questions compiled . . . Oh that’s evil, this was the purpose for wishing to be invisible. LAMENESS I know  . . .

However, the funniest answer was written down by another class mate who found the genie to be of no use at all and sold him in the market to at least get some money out of him. When this answer was discussed in the class we laughed our lungs and entire rib cages out let alone be our heads . . .

My business idea focused on having 'glow in the dark' T-Shirts . . . and I thought it was a unique idea especially for a place where we have a lot of electricity loadshedding but when I came home to Google it up I found that this idea actually existed on the internet and already capitalised upon, people have a habit of thinking their ideas are unique and one of a kind. Well, hello, your idea could already  be utilised in some other part of the world. As far as I remeber my tagline was "Hope in Darkness" . . . I know this too is lame haha.

After my exams were done I had literally started living in ZabDesk to check my marks, one course was remaining so let me be free . . . yes Experiential Marketing. .. and when it was uploaded I couldn’t believe what had just happened . . .I GRADUATED!!! It was one of the main purposes of my life . . .

May 25, 3:19 a.m I finally graduated with the last upload done on behalf of Experiential Marketing! Thank you Experiential for bringing my heart beat back to normal.

Disclaimer: If you are my potential employer this is what I had been doing . . . May God have mercy on your company. Ameen!


Safar Badnamah: Season 1, episode 8 . . . “Beggars & Wonders of Public Transport”

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When I was in school and ever since I opted for a public bus in class eight for transportation as opposed to a school van which I vowed never to travel by again, my friends expressed how they would love to travel in a public bus and these thoughts really amazed me. Some of them had not even sat in a rickshaw. Oh common! How can anyone afford to miss the joy ride?

Today I was summoned by my home again . . . Yes Szabist that I probably am not leaving before another two years. A few days back I was thinking about PhD . . . Damn! What’s wrong with me???

Anyway, I left my original home to reach my second home, on my way to get the bus I was accosted by the beggar duet; husband and wife. I got reminded about the topless beggar who later started bringing his wife as well for begging. His persuading, painful, pitiful and attention grabbing voice always prompted people to do something for him. “Baabay ko roti khiladou baba bhooka hai,” he used to shout out at the top of his lungs (translation: “Feed the old man he is hungry.”). Given his old age, his vocal cords were really impressive, my mom gave him some clothes and yet the next time he was topless again. Later he was seen with his wife at various shopping centers.

There is one of the most renowned beggars at Tariq Road who is deaf and dumb and walks with a slate expressing the reason why is begs, it reads about God and his Prophet (PBUH) and that his children are very young. His kids have been young when I was a kid and I wonder how many of them there are that some are still young, I have been noticing him since class two and he has the same thing written. One of the shop keepers even challenged him and offered him a reward of Rs. 500 if he could talk.

While I was in the bus I missed my phone that is dead until repaired, I missed it for it’s camera because there were really cool billboards by Coca Cola and Mountain Dew. Coke had it’s logo printed with the beverage gushing effect while the latter continues to focus on it’s adventurous positioning. As the bus neared Cantt Station, I was surprised; I was not only surprised, I was awestruck and shaken by what I saw!!!!! Oh my goodness how can that be? That place now, finally has a road, a well spread out, smooth charcoal road, a ‘still black’ road, a newly formed road . . . well until heavy rainfall I guess. In these years of having this pathetic route never have I seen a road here and when it rains there are trenches to pull the bus down.

I love the location of my school not just it’s a central location but because of the wildlife around . . . well the real wildlife ofcourse! J Cuckoo birds, humming birds, storks, big WELL FED school cats, all are here.
When I reached the place, I saw tensed faces of human beings, well dressed quiet people with anxious looks and ahhh those faces reminded me of my day back during my time. Yes they were interviewees. I remember the question I was asked, though it was pretty unexpected, I was asked the meaning of my name and this meaning makes me laugh at myself at times. How can I talk about other faces when my own face probably goes pale and then colourless during such dreadful situations? Some people are just not comfortable talking about themselves at times.

Once I got done , it was time to go back, infact rush back because it had started raining kittens and puppies and in no time they would grow up. Finally I got the bus, crowded one and that stupid engine to sit on again, however, I was thankful that I am not standing at least. A few blocks away a few women entered burdened with their shopping menu and one of them placed herself next to me. Within no time he started feeling uncomfortable after all it was getting suffocating and sickening. She pulled out her shoe box lid to ward off the humid temperature around . . . Wow what a fan but good idea in this awfully hot weather. But to my surprise she just placed the lid underneath her . . . the engine side seat was becoming unbearable to sit and eventually she was feeling cooked.

Lately you can get to see the outcomes of latest fashion trends among ladies and guys with hair bands . . . It’s really weird how it appears that some women have worn three to four shirts with fabric flowing out from different corners and the wings they get with shirts. This topic is for coming discussions.

At my right side was a filthy pathan kid with some suspicious activity going on in her head, it’s not that I dislike pathans but the target market of Sea View and Jinnah Hospital is helplessly filthy I’m sorry!!! The woman with her pulled something out of her head and though I was trying to deny my eyes of what they thought they saw I controlled them from bulging out and running away. She had pulled out a lice and handed it over to that girl, those disgusting people!!! How can somebody afford to be so dirty? I wanted to puke in her head but tried taking deep breaths  and tightened the dupatta borders on my head a little bit more to avoid any invasion. AARRRGHHH! :@

Later I chanced upon Coke Studio billboard, I felt not so good about the not so good season this time even though the billboard is awesome. They seem to be losing some charm but things should be remembered for the good quality they have produced and not for moment they falter . . .

Disclaimer: You have just read this post, this dull, pictureless post because my phone is almost dead, it needs to be repaired and, therefore, I can’t have a camera on the go. 


Nazia the Vampiress (Season 1, Episode 3) “A New Discovery”

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Nazia could not believe what she just saw . . . It was a he and that he was a vampire too and just like her he was stealing blood and that too from the same hospital . . .
“Akbar??!!! You also? Yyyyy . . . ewe!” she stammered and was horrified to find out that some other friend got to find out who she really was and what her past was.

“Meow, howdy!” Akbar uttered and flashed back a vampire grin, “You thought you were the only one? I couldn’t help limit my consumption, I am a fatty!” he exclaimed in his routinely mocking fashion.
“I could sense the presence of somebody like minded around but kept on convincing myself that there is no one . . . Were you following this blood trial to quench your thirst?

“I had been noticing where you went after fourth time slot classes other than that poor little communication teacher you had been drinking away. Well, shame on you. Facebook is not the only place I stalk people or rather victims at times . . .”
Nazia was listening to his words very carefully but could still not consume the reality of another friend to be one of her own kind. It always was fun listening to how he used to have a bad time with obese ladies while being a fitness trainer, fat bulks of over smart cellulose always disgusted him and once when he was describing one of them, Nazia almost puked but Toots changed the subject back to studies to make her feel better.

For a person as diverse as him, being a vampire was an additional trait but why did he have to steal blood samples like she was doing in the hospital right then? Did he also go through the ‘How Cow accident’? Or was he simply lazy to make use of his canines?
One day when all three of them were sitting together after 8 am class staring at the huge potato on the front page of Synergiser, the library seemed bleak and he looked pale as a vampire when lacking iron and other blood supplements, in simple words he looked as malnourished and thirsty as a hungry vampire. Just when he started talking about the campus’s disappearing cats and how much he adored them alerted Nazia and gave her a feeling that something was wrong.

Now the question was, ‘How would Toots be able to digest the fact that her very best friend . . . Yes another very best friend was a vampire too?’ This thought worried Nazia and she had a bad habit of thinking about problems too much and almost forever, and to an extent that her head would start hurting.
“You never told us you were also something like what explains why we are here . . . Why do you need to steal blood samples like me? What’s wrong with your teeth? questioned Nazia.

“I just got my teeth whitened up and some people have dark blood like their black hearts,” explained Akbar, “It leaves stains on my teeth, last time I had to use Ariel to let my traits be a secret,” he confessed. “Then I used Surf Excel because ‘Dirt is Good’. However, when it translated into stains in Urdu the meaning was just disputed and contradicted . . . You know taglines and strategies should be carefully devised and transliterated especially when it’s a global campaign . . . And then . . .”

 “Ok! That’s enough . . .” exclaimed Nazia quite defensively. “You don’t have to discuss the Advertising course over here; my B+ sample has started clotting already. Hey you have a straw?”

“Uh oh! Yes I had them but forgot at your first victim’s place . . . Khee khee khee!

Nazia went red with shock. “Hey she has been mine since the second semester, keep your teeth away from her! Oh I mean your straws. By the way, Toots was really down today; during her entrepreneurship movie project somebody called her a beaver, then a rabbit and well I remember you were one of them.”

Akbar had just found some chilled blood samples and was now enjoying his moment of different blood group frenzy. “Well how can I forget the rabbit smile she had on her face while distributing popcorns during her entrepreneurship presentation and her beaver smirk when I couldn’t make it on time for Mr. F’s advertising class according to Mr.F’s standard time that is . . . Phew! His watch is ahead of Pakistan, he plays nursery rhyme tricks when somebody is just in time but late according to his watch . . .” Akbar went on and on . . .
“Hey studies obsessed vampire let’s think of a way to cheer her up rather than comparing her cheek co branded smile with cute animals . . . But beaver! Oh come on!

Their conversation, rather an argument related to another friend of theirs was interrupted by a shrilling scream echoed by horror and pity. The blood that meant a lifeline was happily being stolen by thieves and that too weird beings that were only human by some percentage, the accuracy of which could only be determined by ‘Trust Me I’m Human Test’. It was an awestruck,  sleep deprived house officer who definitely had now lost his sleep for days and fainted . . . fainted and fell to the ground with a loud thud creating a sound as if a melon had fallen surrendering to gravity.

“Wake up! Wake up! What just happened?” asked both the breathless nurses trying their best to get him back to consciousness. Finally he woke up, as cold as a dead body. “Lizzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . Lizz . . . Aaaarduh! Oh lllllll . . . Over there, I just saw! A Lizard!” He finally found his lips coordinating with his vocal cords. It was as if lightening struck him.

Both Nazia and Akbar let out a sigh of relief from the corner they were hiding in. ‘Baby!” Akbar joked. “Let’s fly off!” whispered Nazia and silently they took their invisible flight off the unlocked window. Boring days had started since exams had ended, jobs seemed absent but just idle vampirism; however, it was time to start writing for her group of friends’ blog where both of these vampires had contributed earlier on other than other blogs they wrote for. It must be noted that vampires have a special flair and passion for writing and when they become marketers they write rants too.

Nazia was awfully tired and somewhat frightened too, thanks to that house officer’s scream that still echoed in her ears and she developed ringing in them for quite some time. She switched her computer on and went online to play the same game where she was on a car racing spree, a linked shared by some friends. Since a few hours she was crazily playing this game and challenging others as to who would get the highest score. The link was saved in her browser window:

All of a sudden she realized she had forgotten something in the hospital, something awfully important, it meant so much, how could she have forgotten that . . . Her fingers swayed away from the keyboard as she stared at the monitor with a vampirishly blank look until it shot back in caps, “Game Over!”
How could she have forgotten . . . 

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. Don't start assuming things, try educated guesses . . . The brands mentioned in this post are real, even the picture of this cat is real, I mean the cat really existed in the campus mentioned (in the story :P). And Believe me it has disappeared . . .