"Creativity Committed Suicide !!!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

Creativity committed suicide through 'Above the Line' activity when it saw it's end approaching . . . courtesy Omore and Walls advertisements, let alone be Tarang that was making it feel nauseous since quite a long time. When Walls Badami advertisement was put on air, creativity got spat out from the agency's mouth just like the kulfi was from the actor's mouth when he was talking towards the end of the advertisement . . . this is when creativity got lactose intolerant and had initially freaked out because of the milk monster . . . the gentleman created by Owsum. This resulted in a completely 'Awesome' and fatal suicide thought, so let's not beat about the bush right now about how it felt about it.

Creativity had initially thought about taking a 360 degree turn for hanging itself, then thought about drowning itself with the help of ‘Through the Line’ activity but finally resorted to wrist slashing as a result of ‘Above the Line’ activity on air (in these advertisements) thus showering it’s guilty blood on the respective ad agencies  . . . it might now take a few years for offspring creativity to prove itself with the help of the story telling approach regarding it’s deceased ancestor.

If Omore could follow the Matrix death and Walls Badami a resonance fit then it surely was the end of the big idea . . . the good big idea  . . . as in the big big idea! If they could relate it to  slice of life then creativity showed them the slice of it’s own demise  . . . this low involvement/low feeling approach led to real low feelings regarding self esteem and security needs in relation with creativity’s neighbouring peers and it felt ridiculed in the social media by people . . . by sharers . . . by over sharers who share it’s misfortune with their own peers . . . Oh what an inevitable suicide!

All the agencies’ horses and all the agencies’ men couldn’t pile up the scattered and ignored Creativity ever again. It died! Oh it died! It had already killed itself when the agency came again to make sure that they shoot it so that it never wakes up by any chance (Omore gave the last blow through their super-ed Matrix Dance over Creativity’s dead body).

“Over my dead body!” exclaimed Creativity once, that’s when these agencies started developing ideas how they would capitalize through their obnoxious ‘rough cuts’ on such carcass . . . there ended up a factory of thoughts without any vision. . .

The media vehicles for these advertisements proved to be a coffin carrying vehicle for dearest Creativity which is no more among us . . .

Eventually, it cannot be denied that since it committed suicide it went directly to hell where it continues to commit the relevant said suicide everyday at the constant rate of frequency and the decided percentage of reach. . .

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  1. Hiba after reading the above blog i came up to the conclusion that what people see and believe is that Advertisement is the only form of creativity left among masses which is dying with such ads (correct me if i am wrong). however, dear writer, creativity is far beyond these ATL activities you watch/listen every other day on your entertainment/juke box.

    there are lot more other forms of creativity which you need to know and address and then you can say that "It died! Oh it died!".it's such a brutal comment that an advertiser rather a madvertiser like me can't bear.

    moreover there is one thing which you should know as a student of advertising and marketing that when a company drive such campaigns like Owsum and Badami a brand manager is least bothered about the creativity minus the sentiments of an advertiser. they slashed all the creativity of a creative agency for the sake of meeting their sales targets.

    go and ask Wall's Badami's BM who is on the seventh sky with the response of this campaign .. how much appreciation he receives from his region for doing this campaign which broke the sales records. in just 3 days they did the sales of their stock (similar to EBM's Sooper Biscuit campaign).

    i would love to write on each of the campaign you TRIED to criticize but time constraints. will try to enlighten you with an advertising scene this weekend. by the way after reading your blog i'm very seriously thinking of starting a Madvertiser Blog. :)

    feel free to mail me or call me if have any confusion around


  2. Wow! What a nice and long explanation . . . I would like you to start living in my blog . . . I like comments like these, thanks for dropping in . . . =D
    Well what to do . . . the general public is blamed to have such kind of thinking that attracts them towards ads like that of Badami's, I say that it's the advertisers who have been shaping the target audience's thinking capabilities and it's how they do it . . .