Global Warming

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One of the main challenges being faced by the world these days is that of environmental sustainability. Whether it is the melt down of Arctic ice, the damage of the Ozone layer, extra pollution in developing countries; all sums up to one thing in common and that is global warming. Problems such as these have resulted in quite a number of initiatives being taken, such as the quest for bio fuel.
According to Houghton (2004), we are now living in what is called the ‘interglacial period’ and the last of the ice ages witnessed an end some twenty thousand years ago. Our changing weather patterns are paving way to quite a number of natural disasters, thus, leaving a very profound effect of various parts of the world. These include wind cyclones, floods and hurricanes among which Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina have had a very devastating effect on many lives.
As compared to the entire century, 1980’s and 1990’s have been the warmest of all decades with 1998 being the warmest year as compared to the year 2005 of the twenty first century. How can we not term this as an undeniable issue then? However, it also is appearing inevitable day by day. The melting ice and diminishing ice bergs could possibly make the polar bears extinct in a matter of twenty years.
Industrial wastes and other forms of pollution have been posing serious threat to the existence of this world, however, many developing countries challenge the Koyoto Protocol demanding that it is now their turn to industrialize while the industrial revolution caused the same harm and has paved way to the progress of the developed countries today.
Similarly, much of the global warming is manmade. For instance, when fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are burned they emit carbon dioxide which later cover the atmosphere and engulfs Earth because of which heat is trapped and goes into its cycle within (Singer & Avery 2007).
If we talk about the United States, then a major part of their electrical energy is achieved by burning coal which paves way to the largest amount of carbon dioxide produced per unit and thus results in a trickledown effect of environmental pollution. Thus, due to reasons such as this quite a number of aware citizens have started aiming for environment friendly houses such as those having solar panels and water recycling equipment. However, these turn out to be very expensive and demand a substantive investment which then results in long term benefits.
 Responsibility towards such an issue is not just limited to industries alone, it’s the job of every individual serving his own self and those around.  Any laid back attitude especially by highly responsible professions like those of doctors could result in any serious consequence. According to the documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Guggenheim highlights major events that could lead to a world catastrophe and reveals organizations playing with lives. It is a matter of professions merging with industries and various other individuals to show responsibility to a mutual cause.
Perhaps those responsible for global warming and then complaining about it themselves are large corporations that indulge in all activities that undermine ethical contribution to the planet. Exploitations range from under paid workers to toxic wastes led down the seas and rivers. Who exactly is solely responsible then?
On the other hand, many argue that the issue of global warming is nothing but hoax which is being used by the elite and politicians to their own benefit and it’s thus a man made issue altogether. However, pondering over evidences and raise in atmospheric temperature could be felt as one of the stages of global warming itself which could possibly be exaggerated by developed countries to undermine the industrial activities of the developing countries.
Professor Shaviv, in the documentary ‘The Global Swindle’ lays stress on certain key factors and unchanged measurements which reveal that no such thing is taking place tremendously. Likewise, as such, experts may affiliate media as a tool of polluting people’s mind with these trouble some issues that do not exist in their entirety but are rather a matter of mind control of viewers. Furthermore, talking about bio fuel, it can easily be argued that ethanol extracted from corn and sugarcane to serve as an alternate fuel source might not turn out to be as cost effective as it might seem, thereby, rendering the developing countries victims of food inflation.
Experts also argue that IPCC is a body not just of scientists, there is quite a number of non scientists dominating the entire set up and hence have found a means of projecting their thoughts. Therefore, one can witness a high level of exaggeration and polluted results and figures which are inevitably confusing those falling prey to the media. It should also be noted that this era is not just about the war of weapons but media wars in their entirety, therefore, there is some element of truth in any such thought put forward.
Global warming in it’s entirety has become a huge industry and a business and though there s some element of truth in it, too much global warming talk has raised many other issues that undermine it’s credibility.
In wake of the above discussion it can be argued that though the issue of global warming is exaggerated by the media and some countries and also the documentary points out, it cannot be termed as a hoax or something totally misguiding.
Global warming does exist and it cannot just be observed but felt as well in the form of natural disasters and temperature changes. Why exactly was 1998 the warmest year of the last century then? And why was the year 2005 the same for the twenty first century up till now?
Emerging concerns regarding high carbon dioxide emissions had already started to take their stance beginning from the early 70’s (Weart 2004) when carbon emissions had started undermining proper environmental conditions of this world.
At the 1972 Symposium, concerns were raised by a few saying that doing nothing to safeguard the environment would be quite a conservative thing to do. Therefore, various scientists who had already been working for this cause started publishing their research in the form of journals and documentaries so that the mass audience could be warned.
It is thus, a world of limited resources which could eventually get utilized and vanished soon if no responsible action is taken. It is thus, our duty to take steps and trying to educate those around us about the possible consequences of global warming, especially, those who are completely oblivious to such an issue.
It is not doubt that this matter is exaggerated but the grave possibility and truthful evidence cannot be denied. Why do we think that Greenland has lost a great deal of it’s ice in the form of melting glaciers and diminishing ice bergs. So let’s media do it’s job and we do ours.

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