Is this Life?

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Trust? What is that? Expectations? Should you really expect anything from any one? No! There is no use because first of all you should not expect anything, especially if you are seeking compensation for your hard work . . .
In today's world I fail to trust people, in other words, with my education and interaction with the real world I have been taught not to trust anyone because the majority is so untrustworthy . . . In school life was so simple, everyone seemed to have just one face inside out but now the reality seems to bite.
Wait till life gives you the true taste of trusting people blindly, they would reveal their real faces so soon that you wouldn't even realise the storm that struck you!
At times the situations could get so confusing and disturbing that one day you could also stop trusting yourself and your decisions in life . . . enough of people and their real scary faces!
And what do you expect in life, stop expecting because people don't care for what effort you put in and how hard you have worked for your one goal in life, what matters is you poor conscience in expecting a reward . . . Hence, life goes on!


2012 and MBA

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If the world ends in 2012,
I won't waste money on MBA.
If predictions come true,
I shall soon put my books away . . .
Swimming for life would become my norm,
jungle resident would become my crazy, nasty form.
I would fight for traces of land,
grow a farm and steal neighbours' chickens to expand!
What's happening?
Oh the Earth's crust, the Earth's crust . . .
. . . it's the elite generated quakes for power's lust.
It's their hologram for eternal mess,
but Freemasons would never confess!
They must create hype,
to see their capitalisation go ripe.
But if the world really ends into pieces,
why waste time for another crazy Thesis?
I must learn the jungle language too;
'Yabaadabaa doo','Yabaadabaa doo','Yabaadabaa doo!'
I would miss my education,
for it tried to change me . . .
But in it's efforts I graded it a big 'C'.
Ocean waves, skies and land await this late December,
for it would turn into 2013 and jerk people off their slumber . . .


"Titleless Admiration"

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You mean everything in life to me,
I have waited enough . . .
But hindrances do I still see!
Such a journey couldn't have been more painful,
while many suggest it's the most gleeful.
So much I have been through just to get to you . . .
But I still doubt what people say about me and you!
48 doors have I seen . . .
To have you I'm still so keen.
Time have I lost apart from a lost mind,
but you are the one I should soon find.
In the course of time allergies have I developed,
however, immunity is the cure . . .
I am told we are just months apart,
while I hopelessly wait with all my heart!
I chose to have you and I'm going to get to you,
I am helpless and desperate too . . .
Being together is what I see.
Graduation you have meant everything in life to me !!!



Thursday, December 10, 2009 Hiba Moeen 12 Comments

I mean, "WHAT THE HELL!!!"
as in HELL, HELL.
Why do we get what we haven't paid for?
Why a service someone wasn't made for?
Are we test subjects for some credit hours?
Because a few assume we are from Mars!
Why do we run after grades,
when the knowledge gained just fades!
Frustration is all I smell . . .
Why are there service quality gaps?
when our commitments had no naps . . .
Patience and our minds have we lost,
when at this crucial time we need them the most!
The state of being 'fed up' has peaked,
while insomnia is now our host.
Hence, I repeat. . .


"The Real Person Inside . . . War of Egos"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Hiba Moeen 2 Comments

I wonder why people really have to behave like bananas . . . why they end up peeling themselves, thus revealing the their true inner face but unlike a banana they are black and rotten from inside.

When such people are sprinkled in projects and organisations they don't make the topping look resplendent, rather they make sure that they are dominating enough to to protect their egos and opinions. It is thus, a war of egos.
I wonder why such people are too myopic, just like the term 'market myopia' when they think their existence would come to a halt if their egos seize to be prioritized . . . wake up you morons, there is life beyond these boundaries, you will have bosses who would be like you yourself !!! What pain does it take to become trust worthy individuals and gain peer respect? Why do you think others are not important at all?

People like them think their opinion matters the most, whether in organisations or school projects . . . if it's an organisation, these are the people who think they have been paving way for a better output and availing the genius inside (the demon), if it's a business school then maybe their parents pay the most fee, that's how they behave.

Studying in a business school is an eye opener, it opens your mind and eyes to true faces behind those facial tissues and you are able to recognise real personalities . . . while, on the other hand, pursing a BCS degree would only open eyes to dry run and HTML coding or MBBS for that matter would open your mind to sick patients' history only . . . be a business graduate and know it all :). There is no limit of surprise attacks.

As one friend pointed out, "It's the parents' type of money that shapes the personalities of children." Wow ! It couldn't have been realistic and funnier than this. In another instance, another collegue pointed out that when it's an individual effort, people start using the term 'We' but when it's a group effort they start trying to find ways to extract an individual 'I'. . . So, this is what corporate politics is all about.

It's amazing at how people fall to the lowest ebb to reveal their true personalities and for the protection of their false stance, how they lie and get others in trouble to get all the credit themselves . . .

A four year degree program is like a petri dish when all are merrily together like friends at the experiment's commencement but as the experiment progresses alot of them evaporate not because you let them go but because you realise a number of them were never friends, they were never trust worthy, they were a bunch of morons, opportunists and self righteous people . . . A number of them are plagiarism plagues and a few leeches who want to take advantage of you in assignments . . . well my dear reader let me make you realise that you have to vehemently tell them to get off your skin because you have no blood to let them suck and get away with a new blood group, in this case a better grade as a result of your hard work.

Very few people in this world are your true friends, let me repeat very few, the rest are strangers and butterflies (just like in marketing).

At times I don't quite get why almost all of us condemn politicians thereby calling them, "Z for Doggy","Z for Doggy." Don't we know that rulers and politicians are a reflection of what we have become? "The New World Order." It gets reflected in each and every individual now. People are thirsty for power starting from school level, to jobs and finally to country politics, as a result negative politics gets embedded in everyone, the reason I call it negative is because the word 'politics' does not have a negative connotation to it's true meaning . . . Then who do we call good and decent around us? Hardly a few who have gone past the stage of projects and team work and still turned out to be good friends.

The lust for power and fame reveals dual personalities which play a separate role in every context they get to show their true selves in . . .


"How I got an F"

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Confession of a BBA Student
How I got an ‘F’

I live my life off others,
for work and studies . . .
We attend school at the insistence of mothers;
and waste time with buddies.
Hence, it is the story of my grade ‘F’,
as class lectures land on my ears so deaf.
Yet PowerPoint slides come to my rescue,
as studying from the book is the demand of a few.
I am thus a parrot of such learning,
time sensitive studies result in my grade earning.
But ouch! There exist some teachers, who go by the book,
all they do is treat chill programs with their crook.
Alas! They set up marks for class participation,
but dozing off in class is my stance for competition.
Exceeding absence limit is my charm,
and approaching the coordinator shall bring no harm.
Hey! I know I’m cool,
I realized not . . .
until the disapproval proved me an ‘ignorant fool’,
Now I’m a ‘good’ so unsought.
There comes a time of the term report blast,
when I seek ‘copy-paste’ opportunities so vast.
My teacher’s short of time,
thus, for another course I can happily last (assumption).
I realized not . . .
until I saw my name on crimson background,
Now ‘Ctrl + V’ haunts me like a crazy hound.
I was a chilled plagiarism plague,
but my teacher’s slow watch was so vague.
He had the time to read my report,
and drag me to that ‘F’ port.
Product line extensions I have applied,
to my degree I pursue with gleeful pride.
This my friends is the ‘F’,
for which I had to be blind, sleepy and deaf. :)

Hiba Moeen

Disclaimer: This is a general reason why some of us get an ‘F’. Thankfully, it does not apply to me though. :)


‘ Plaintive Elegy’

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I dwell seas and oceans away,
To reach thy destiny.
And to be more precise to say,
Things now fear mutiny.
How long must the soul stay. . .
For the body that now changeth into a monotony.
Our lives shall thus sway,
Like crisp autumn leaves;
In search for a way. . .
To find driftwood heaps.
But whence the rivers of hope turn dry,
And anguish creeps;
To hinder the echo of a mournful cry.
The soul starts to lack festivity,
Sinking into hopeless thoughts of thee.
I dwell seas and oceans away,
To reach thy destiny.
But a day shall come,
When thee will accost my plaintive elegy;
From top till bottom,
Etched on a desolate tree.
With my tombstone near. . .
On the earth’s crest,
Standing still with utmost glee. . .


Apple: The Evolution

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Hiba Moeen 2 Comments

After their high school, old friends; Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak started working in Atari and Hewlett Packard respectively. Out of the admiration for electronic invention, Wozniak designed a computer which later came to be known as Apple I. It was at the insistence of jobs that it got introduced in the market for sale. It was introduced in the market in 1976.

After having created Apple II, Wozniak got to be known as the ‘Apple Genius’. Initially, he distributed shares among family and friends who he thought were contributors in his hard work and helpers in bringing his dreams come true. Soon Apple went public, the Initial Public Offering was made on December 12, 1980, the starting price was $14 per share but sold at $22, the business mounted the steps too quickly that the share price closed at $29 per share witnessing a 32% rise. All 4.6 million shares were sold out within a matter of minutes and the company then had a market valuation of $1.778 billion , making the valuation of Wozniak’s part of the shares at $ 116,000,000 and jobs at $217,000,000. Wozniak then had the time and money to experiment and upgrade his computer models in whatever ways possible since his imagination had enough room to be made as lucrative as possible.
In 1981, suffering from air crash injuries Wozniak went through an amnesiac phase and soon after that took a two year break from Apple Corporation to complete his BS degree from University of Berkeley. Apple had more to witness with his joining in with the completion of studies.

Soon, Apple III was in the pipeline and with two years being spent, it was introduced on May 19, 1980. Where, Apple I and II was aimed at hobbyists and home users (more of a one man show by Steve Wozniak), Apple III was designed to target businesses and had been a product of a group effort. This model having two configurations had a price range of $4,340 to $7,800. This particular project was headed by Steve Jobs. It featured a built-in keyboard, a built-in real time clock and a video cable. However, it turned out to be a great remorse since some details were not paid much heed to at the time of conception. In February of the next year it was announced that Apple III would not have any built-in clock or calendar because National Semi conductors’ clock chips were not compatible with it. Soon the price was dropped and every body who had bought Apple III by that time was given a $50 rebate. To add more pain to the misery, it was found out that about 20% of these computers were useless as their chips fell out during shipment .

Steve Job’s idea about not having a fan proved to be a fatal disaster for the model. He thought that radio frequency interference emissions would be reduced and the aluminum structure would cool off the chips after conducting heat itself. When time came for the computers to be used, the chips got hot and fell out of the sockets in the wake of heat expansion. To add to it’s credibility, Apple exchanged non working Apple III’s with new ones (April 1981), however, this strategy too didn’t pay off that well, since the replacements were downright failures too.

In November of the same year, new updated Apple III was introduced at an even lower price of $3,495 and it was also announced that the previous problems were not associated with the design but rather was a manufacturing default. The new product model had a 5MB hard disk and new sockets . By December, 2000 old Apple III’s were replaced with this new model, however, sales remained at the lowest ebb due to the new bad reputation acquired. Over $60,000,000 were lost in the Apple III product line and eventually it was removed from Apple’s product list in 1985. Steve Jobs refers to lost amount as ‘infinite, incalculable amounts’, whereas, Steve Wozniak was of the view that throughout its conception Apple III had so many defects and flaws that when it was introduced again it should have been called Apple IV. When Apple III was introduced, the then CEO, Mark Markkula (1981) told the Wall Street Journal that Apple III had been designed to have a life span of 10 years, when later on it had turned into a market failure and ‘divested’ as a ‘dog’ product.

In spite of this failure, the company had enough fortune to keep having new experiments done. At the start, Apple gained momentum too quickly that no one could have thought about college dropouts being millionaires within years. According to Jobs, when he was 23, he had a net worth of lucrative amounts exceeding a million dollars, which exceeded $10 million after a year and by the time he turned 25, the net worth he possessed increased over $100 million. In the year 1982, Jobs was among the 400 richest people in USA, after getting his company, ‘Pixar’ public in 1997, his net worth as estimated by Forbes was $710 million and in the year 2002, he became even richer, then having a worth of $1.6 billion just at the age of forty seven .

It was Wozniak, who out of the goodwill of his heart let other employee (especially who had been working from the beginning) have stock options because he was of the view that it’s unfair for them who are only salaried whereas, only a few were becoming billionaires. Even though he faced resistance from Jobs and company lawyers about not following a stringent stocks requirement, he assumed it was a good deed he was performing for which he even received thank you letters by these employees for making them able to afford good houses and better education for their children.
Currently Apple’s stocks listed in NASDAQ have the symbol, ‘AAPL’ and as ‘Apple’ in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, whereas, the company is also listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by the symbol, ‘APCD’.

Apple launched it’s Mac (Macintosh 512 K) pc in 1984 and received an excited uproar from potential customers. It was small, light, backed by a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive and people simply liked it’s sound quality. For following years to come different variations of Mac series were targeted at various mass and niche markets. Mac plus followed in 1986, then Mac II in 1987. In 1997, under the supervision of Steve Jobs, the product line was distributed further into sub categories, eradicating the confusion in the minds of people. They were distributed into categories such as, professional, consumer, desktop, and portable computers.

Apple’s logo was conceived by Steve Jobs and was designed by the graphic designer, Rob Janoff who created a rainbow striped logo of an apple bitten from the right side. Apple is one of the first companies to have a logo instead of it name to endorse it’s products. The logo has now got a silver chrome tint and the designer of the 1976 rainbow logo feels grateful that it only got upgraded not replaced with some other logo.

According to AMR Research, Apple has been ranked on the top for having the most brilliant supply chain management as they have been witnessing market expansion and growth with hardly any physical stock available every where to sell. Their online business has created much room for having a competitive edge over its competitors and have been able to have high stock turnovers due to its innovative strategy. Physical inventory need not be present for most of the sales.
By the research conducted by AMR, it was found that Apple had the highest score in terms of supply chain as compared to other competing companies. In 2007 alone, the company had a stock turnover of 45.8 and had witnessed a revenue growth by 24.3%, whereas, return on investments had been 13.8%.

By the end of the twentieth century, Apple Corporation had to meet the environment safety standard to give up using CFC’s in their products. It had to meet up with suppliers to devise a new plan for bringing into being a new process to produce their circuit boards. As, a result, their productivity increased and bottlenecks were reduced, moreover, the level of pollution at suppliers’ factories was controlled . CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) is a compound used in various industries (also used as a refrigerant) which forms chlorine after breaking down into simpler molecules as and when it is released into the air. This is also responsible for damaging the ozone layer and, therefore, has been a major concern looked upon by environmental activists.


Types of Depression

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Hiba Moeen 2 Comments

Feelings characterized by anxiety and immense tension could lead up to depression. Moreover, it is often characterized by such feelings prevailing over a period of six months which lead to depression. If not treated on time such symptoms could lead to physical problems and blood pressure fluctuation is one such result.

According to Alford and Beck (2009, p.20), depression would cause an initial loss in the satisfaction derived through responsibility or any work life obligations. This could also be fulfilled by extracting satisfaction through recreational activities such as one’s hobbies or anything that results in pleasure. For example, one would resort to watching any specific genre of movie as part of a recreational activity that would satisfy him or her and strive to undermine the depression.

In cases of mild depression, patients would complain of the absence of joy from their life or they no longer feel the pleasure they once received from work, friends or family. As a result, such people may resort to passive activities such as those characteristic of rest or recreation. Moreover, some people might resort to sleeping more while some would complain of loss of sleep (insomnia). On the other hand, as opposed to mild depression, symptoms underlying severe depression would include intense behaviours and a person not feeling any sense of enjoyment that was felt through the same activities in the past. Therefore, nothing is left in their lives that they feel satisfaction from. This could even lead to death and which sometimes could be an outcome of suicide.

When talking in terms of mild depression, a patient would lose the intensity of admiration and affection for friends or immediate family members and would rather be more dependent on them than the past. Similarly, crying spells get more frequent and severe; in one such related research (Alford & Beck 2009, p21), 83% were found to have said that they cry more than before or that they either felt like crying but had no tears to shed. Therefore, any such stimuli that had no profound depressing effect on the person would pave way to tears now or make him or her more prone to dissatisfaction. Likewise, frequent crying might not elicit tears in a man as compared to a woman who might resort to crying. At the same time jokes would end up seeming more blunt or something that would create boredom.

Similarly, some would argue (Seligman, Mier & Peterson 1995, p.221) that mild depression is a cognitive disorder as opposed to sever depression and thus creates pessimism and demotivation in life’s routine. Moreover, mild depression would be a reaction or result of a person’s life’s setback shortfall or a negative occurrence whereas; severe depression could at times be genetically transmitted through biochemical factors.

At the same time, mild depression would not demand a Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC) or DSM-III-R and even SADs (Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia) because it is very different from severe depression which definitely requires the use of medicinal drugs and diagnostics.

Depression could also be attributed to sociological problems and as those emanating from the society one lives in; not abiding by social norms or not coming up to the expectations of such social practices could cause depression, for instance, the birth of a female child could cause depression in developing countries where the norm is to have collected dowry for the girl’s marriage or when a male child is considered to be the only future bread earner. Cases of depression are now being treated through GP’s (General Practice) even though they pay more emphasis on severe depression. People suffering from mild depression are often grouped as those suffering from ‘mild depressive episode’ or ICD 10 Criteria, which covers aspects of this illness such as depressed mood, fatigue, loss of interest etcetera (Wilkinson & Stein 2007, p. 765). Similarly, the condition should have lasted for more than two weeks, and even though patients would complain of not being able to continue their work or academics properly, they still do.

DSM-IV-TR uses a term called ‘minor depressive disorder’ to describe sub threshold disorder which is characteristic of two or more symptoms occurring in a month. Therefore, if not treated on time, these symptoms could slowly and gradually engulf a person, thus climbing up the stages of this particular illness. DSM IV could even last for a year having similar characteristics to a major form of depression, thus, it could result in psycho social mutilation or adversely affect the quality of life.

According to the guidelines of National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), studies and practice are not in favour of the use of anti depressants for mild depression. However, according to the observations of Wagner, when even the varying form of mild depression lasts longer, especially over a period of a year, the use of anti depressants could be resorted to.

Likewise, the patient’s preference and previous history should be taken into account while having counseling sessions or writing down a treatment. For example, screening should be done for high risk groups such as for those having such history or prolonging or short periods of depression that would in some instances cause problems for patients with mental illnesses like dementia or physical disability.

‘Watchful Waiting’ is the term used for patients who do not want any constant intervention and would be treated and assessment arranged for within two weeks. Furthermore, because of the poor risk benefit ratio, anti depressants are not usually recommended for people suffering from mild depression. Therefore, a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is suggested so as to provide self help to people. However, even if an anti depressant is prescribed, it should be a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) because these could be more effective and have few side effects for an illness that has not being prevailing since a long time (Wilkinson & Stein 2007, p. 767).

Therefore, brief CBT counseling sessions should be conducted for patients and this should account for about six to eight weeks.

Investigators of sub clinical depression usually aim at studying individuals, who have been a victim of at least 2 cardinal features such as those characteristic of sad mood and having lost interest in some activity that had been taking place on a routine basis (Hammen & Gotlib 2002, p. 91). Participants are selected who approve either of the two symptoms or both of them. Then cut off scores are maintained based on how respondents reply to these two varying levels of symptoms. Thus status is then classified as DSC IV or III depending upon the severity of the situation.

There are then various methodologies to describe clinical and sub clinical depression depending upon the intensity of the illness and past history of the patient. Those having previous breakdowns in the past are more prone to aggravating stages than those of the patients who haven’t had any such break down or even those who have not had such a problem existing in the family. In simple words, depression is also inherited and those symptoms prevalent in the parents could be passed on to their children as future depressive symptoms of potential depression related stages of illness. For instance, as discussed above, severe depression could be inherited as opposed to mild depression which might have been occurring over a period of at least two weeks.

However, if it exceeds a year then the situation could turn alarming for the patient.

In times of economic downturn and sever financial turmoil, countries are having increasing number of cases of depression that could drag a person’s health to turmoil. More and more counseling sessions are being conducted nowadays, however, per capita spending needs to be controlled and credit limit monitored by people themselves so that depression could be dealt with personally.


Gold Macaws

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Initial Stages of Zab Semesterosis (Zee's)

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Alas! Here we witness the launch of a new semester at Szabist, luckily for people like me it's the seventh semester and the last year of BBA but for newcomers . . . Well, my dear friends, the cats are already there to welcome you at lunch, however, they are your guests not your hosts.

Seventh semester has charms and grievances of it's own, one of them is a symptom or rather a disease known as 'Zab Semesterosis' abbreviated as Zee's. Not only senior year students suffer from it's initial stages but all new semester entrants are it's prey. Recently, we are at the initial stages of this critical illness.

This is characterised by some obnoxious term projects and entire days spent in the campus. However, the butter churned out of us and the hypoglycemic nature of projects do reveal some outcome by semester end depending on whether we were group leeches or group workers . . . Yes exactly, in simple words it would mean whether we were those opportunists who capitalise on others' efforts and do nothing or those who shed all those extra pounds working like hell. The latter happens to be a co-branded feature of my sweet tooth which I do not find dragging me to potential negative effects of having cravings for just anything sweet.

'Leeches' has been the favourite word of our business communication teacher, Ms Taha Kazi which she provocatively used in order to describe those students who are reluctant to contribute anything in group projects and gleefully avail the hardwork of those who actually work, thereby, only gifting projects with their names as supposedly renowned brand names.

On the other hand, our brand management teacher went on to describe an entire scenario explaining the outcome achieved when there is a group of five people working on a report or project. According to him, there would always be a student who would be ready with a car and yes his only contribution would be his car (dad's car more precisely), another one would be willing to bring in cold drinks, the third one would watch television on behalf of the other group members, while only two would work. Given such a scenario, big groups emerge to become non contributing and obnoxious members of the society and hence our teacher like many others refrained us to form a group of more than four people. Well how thought provoking. At times individual assignments could put you more at ease.

Experienced teachers' most frequently occurring, taunting tagline is, "We have been through the same stage, we were students once just like you so we know everything that you can possibly do . . . "their course outlines, their students, those books they teach from and the jokes they crack become part of their 'Monolithic Branding'.

What makes the seventh semester unique from former semesters is the comparatively higher number of fourth time slot classes, that is, classes from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, at times three hours of agony and at time three hours of fun. Most importantly, the 'ELECTIVES' are here and there is an outrageous possibility of having regular elective classes on Sundays. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . .
God help us, even so if we are unwilling to help ourselves. Amen!

Say what you do, do what you say. However, this becomes contradicting when we actually experience some of our elective classes. Quite interestingly, a number of students deviate from the electives they chose in the previous semester, so here they are, with a feeling characterised by guilt and adventure, by laziness and excitement. I happened to be one of those who deviated and was having nightmares regarding electives, nightmares more excruciating than electricity load shedding and I would wake up in the morning with a dry throat and mind lubricated by the recent nightmare.

As per our Sales Management teacher, Mr. Colombo, "Electives are the courses that you have elected for yourselves and not those courses that are forced upon you." Still I felt blank when he asked me, "Why Sales Management?" To that question my lame reply was: "There was no particular reason of opting for this course, I just want to study it. . . but by the end of the semester I would definitely get to know why I chose this course." My intentions weren't rude, however, any teacher with a normal Karachi temperament would have loved to spare his shoe to aim at me and this is where I had deviated from my previously chosen electives, I had not selected this one but want to study it now. Part of my mind was lurking back at the time when I was working in a call center as a Sales Executive because of which I thought this course would be equally boring but surprisingly, my first class turned out to be pretty interesting and urged me to continue with this elective though on Sunday.

So the journey to Szabist begins every day which is rather excruciating, especially during the visiting hours of Jinnah hospital. My joyride, a public bus, is embellished with the target market of this hospital . .. the same (shuttle cock burqa and running nose children with lice) target market which I at times get to shout my lungs out at . They have a habit of stepping on my shoes, staying on my shoes and throwing their entire mass and bulk on me. Stepping on my Hush Puppy Shoes is like stepping on my uncontrollable nerves. Still I save my lungs and their bronchioles as they are already in use as a result of obnoxious passive smoking.

This is a part of a personal touch of the first stage of Zab Semesterosis or rather Zee's that I am suffering from and the stages would simply enhance. Same is the disease condition of the other Szabistians who are handling it their own way.

Services Marketing is a wonder of it's own kind especially with the teacher (Mr. Shah) who has consumed a number of marketing books in his explicit and sound memory and expects good interaction from our side too. Here occurs a test of our prior reading for the class. Oh yes. . . we should be equipped with text books in Services class, bringing books is not just refined to school going children. Those who annoy him are branded 'BUFFOONS' which eventually all of us do after forgetting what our demanding teacher taught us in the past. Therefore, we are all his pet 'buffoons' :) at times he, though a wonderful teacher becomes a source of terror for us, all other teachers who didn't ever know him have finally got to be indirectly acquainted to him as most ly and in between classes Mr. Shah and his projects are a center of discussion, the centrifugal force.

Then come the elaboration of those Services Marketing's tremendous and mighty projects! If we die, we are heading straight to heaven. . .

One of the greatest symptoms of the disease, 'Zee's' is the bombardment of projects by teachers that they do while endorsing their first strike position at us and we are the students catching up this disease and trying our best to refrain from potential doomsday that they keep scaring us from. It's always easy to get a 'D' and its easier to get an 'F'. Lets brace up ourselves to find a cure from Zab Semesterosis :) . . . Happy studying for good grades ! Well this is the cure.


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"Confession of a BBA student at Szabist"

10,000 times I do the same mistake,
what's left is my grade at stake.
Imparting knowledge causes no change,
however, I would get a degree in exchange.
10,000 times would my teacher correct my mistake;
but the same mistake I would continue in exams;
yet comes my teacher again to fix up our RAM's.
Crossing 70 would let me breakeven (just pass with a C),
'No gain, no loss' would be my sigh.
Contribution per hourly would be so uneven,
then why keep my expectations so high.
Relying on n-1 is my norm,
'Best when chilled' is my form.
Education tried to halt me,
to possess me, and to fault me.
Yet here I am,
transferred to the next semester with constant units of mistake,
with abundant materials and knowledge conversion so fake.
I keep my fingers twisted in a cross,
rolling into semesters and gathering no moss.

Hiba Moeen.