Cartoon Network Go Active Carnival

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Cartoon Network recently organised a carnival at an enormous spot in Karachi, by the sea, The DHA Golf Club. The carnival was divided into two time slots; morning and evening, given the soaring temperature and humid weather conditions of the city, most of the audience preferred attending the evening slot with their children.
Go Active Carnival is part of Cartoon Network’s renowned global franchise ‘Move It Movement. It aims towards educating and motivating kids and parents alike to get accustomed to a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the most engaging stalls were basketball, cricket & rugby and one by Omore that had a ball pool installed. Children who picked a specific ball with the name of the ice cream written in a given time frame were awarded that very ice-cream or ice-loll.

I had taken my niece and nephew along and they seemed to enjoy the Maggi kiosk the most as they had DC superhero mascots placed in the photo booth. The brand was not only sampling their new flavour (pepper chicken) but were giving children a chance to preserve memories as well by giving the photographs just 30 minutes of snapping them. 

Maha and Humza (Niece and Nephew)

Research has validated that more screen time (be it on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone) is making children more moody and lazy, not to mention them being exposed to chances of being obese. Events like these ensure that they are availing an opportunity towards maintaining their physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. So do your children and yourselves a favour, have them actively engaged in outdoor activities. 
The carnival was presented by Knorr Noodles and various associate sponsors included Nestle Koko Krunch, Milo, Surf Excel, Horlicks, Paddle Pop with Omore.

Photography Credits: Mehfooz Aleem Photography
Both these kids won ice lollies at the Omore Kiosk and it turned out to be a battle between the wind and the perspiring ice lollies! :)

Posing with his favorite character

The carnival concluded with the Toon Show


UBL Fund Managers helping Consumers with their Investments

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Last Friday, a few of the city's bloggers were invited for a highly informative session with Umber T. Ansari, Head of Marketing and Distribution and Ammar Valika, Head of Sales Strategy of UBL Fund Managers. Given the depth of Financial discussion which usually flies over my cerebral hemispheres, these very well spoken company representatives did a great job at explaining the concept of mutual funds, not to mention, Umber's and Ammar's confident demeanour that seemed to be the perfect fit for the job they are doing. 

As far as the information about UBL Fund Managers goes, the first thing that one must know is that it's a subsidiary of United Bank Limited (UBL) and works as a separate entity. Therefore, what might become frustrating for UBL Fund Managers' social media team is getting complains and queries about the bank so please know that they operate on a different capacity altogether. 

UBL Fund Managers was founded in 2001 and manages a product portfolio of 14 open ended  funds, out of which 6 are Shariah compliant, 4 belong to fund schemes, that too are Shariah compliant, two are Voluntary Pension Schemes (1 is Shariah compliant). Given, the entity's worth and credibility, it is is ranked amongst the largest Asset Management Companies in the private sector in Pakistan and manages assets worth approximately Rs. 64.52 Billion (as of April 2016). It serves over 20,000 institutional and individual clients and has been ranked Number 1 in 'Top of Mind' recall survey by AC Nielsen, meanwhile, the award of 'High Management Quality' rating AM2++ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company is the highest given to an AMC in Pakistan which the UBL Fund Managers has acquired. Adding up to its laurels, it recently won PASHA ICT Award 2015 for 'Best in Service Innovation'.

Quite a number of common myths prevail, one of them being the thought that one has to have a truck load of money to be able to invest, however, that's not true. The animated video below explains these myths and investment tactics in a few simple steps. It picks an example of an innovator or early adopter and compares with a laggard:

Also, UBL Fund Managers explains that you can save taxes by investing in mutual funds. Yes, that was a revelation for us too as hardly anyone is aware about this fact. According to them, you can avail up to 20% discount on taxes by investing in mutual funds. The next video of the entire series explains it further:

And here's a comparison - Savings versus Inflation, I liked this video the most, inflation is a grotesque green monster that depreciates the value of your money, this naughty monster! We all must know the time value of money in practical terms, something we were taught way back in business school ... NVP, Capital Gains and what not. Finance was the monster back then but it's always good to have an understanding of some basic key concepts!:

"In USA, mutual fund investments are 150% of bank accounts in terms of size, whereas, in Pakistan, this figure is documented at lower than 9%," said Ammar Valika while explaining the concept of mutual funds and their significance to anyone save, "mutual funds are actually for everyone who can afford to put aside some money for whatever their savings goals or future financial needs are, because there is a diverse array of mutual fund types that can cater to almost all types of investors to help achieve their goals." While explaining the need to invest in mutual funds, he further explained, "there is a large number of people that is oblivious about potential investment opportunities, by investing with professional fund managers they can improve their financial position. Similarly, mutual funds provide investors with diversification and customised portfolios. What's interesting is that the same products are available on the same terms to all investors ( being a key feature of all mutual funds). Furthermore, investments in mutual funds in Pakistan allow you to obtain tax credit against your tax paid for the year, therefore, addition to the returns you make on your portfolio, you also reduce your tax burden."

Given the gadget savvy world we live in today, UBL Fund Managers leaped a step ahead and became the first AMC in Pakistan to introduce a mobile app for mutual funds known as the UBL Funds Smart Savings. Now, knowing about mutual funds is one thing and being able to use a related app for it is an interesting development altogether. 

UBL Fund Managers Smart Savings simple and fast paced user interface enables ease of access and use. The high end features enable the end user to:
  • track his/her investment portfolio
  • access multiple accounts
  • make transactions/withdrawals, and conversions from one scheme to another
  • locate nearest Investment Centers along with contact details
  • contact UBL Funds Toll Free number directly or Message Your Advisor
  • setup a meeting with UBL Fund Managers' advisors (for non-clients) 
  • update profile details such as contact details, email, mailing address etc

  • download/View Account Statements - a total of 8 reports/statements are available for download 


The U Within Association arranges its First Patient's Summit in Karachi

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We can't even stand an onset of mild acne sometimes not realising that there are people around us who suffer from skin diseases which are far worse and recurring in nature. However, no matter how mild or severe, acne is itself a disease nonetheless which a doctor should be consulted for, before it gets worse. A number of reasons are attributed to it, for example, hormonal imbalance, irregular diet or high sugar intake.
There are organisations that are setting a stepping stone for causes which very few pay heed to. The U Within Association is one such patient welfare organisation that has established a platform for the physical and emotional well being of patients suffering from severe skin diseases in Pakistan. They have been facilitating patients with dreadful skin diseases like Urticaria and Psoriasis which can leave behind long terms consequences, often that pave the way to a tarnished self image and emotional instability.
The U Within Association recently held its First Patients Summit at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, in collaboration with Transmedia, their digital partner. The purpose of this summit was to bring both dermatologists and patients  under one roof, especially to give a voice to the latter to share their sentiments about the skin diseases they were suffering from and fighting to regain control of their lives. Representatives from the corporate sector and members of the association attended this event, thus valuing the very purpose this organisation that it aims at fulfilling. It is chaired by Dr. Muzna Ebrahim, social activist and television host with a mission to fulfill.
The organisation regularly hosts rehabilitating group meet-ups, thus inviting counselors, doctors, and patients; not only does it arrange free consultation sessions with the best dermatologists there are but also provides free treatment to deserving patients. Similarly, personalised sessions are part of The U Within Association's unique attribute meant to train patients to counteract the negative emotional effects of prevailing skin diseases that could even lead to suicidal thoughts. The support system provided by this organisation is based on the central idea of making these affected individuals get comfortable in their own skins, thereby being able to rediscover themselves.
Dr. Manzoor Memon, being a specialist in skin diseases was invited to shed light on the issues pertaining to severe symptoms and diseases associated with the skin. He happens to be a consultant at the renowned Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, vice president of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists, and member of the Institute of Skin disease Sindh while his career spans over 30 years in this field. Not only has be treated abundant cases of Urticaria and Psoriasis, his expertise in skin diseases is unsurpassed to say the least.
Also present at the event was Mr, Farid Ali, the COO of Indus University, who happens to be a victim of Psoriasis himself. He turned out to be a great example and a beacon of hope, who motivated patients to continue winning this war, thus not allowing these medical issues overwhelm their lives or define who they are.
 Members and stakeholders of The U Within Association
Usama Ghani, a 26 year old Urticaria patient present at the event shared his thoughts. "I have been recently diagnosed with Urticaria; the worst conditions I have faced are bruises because of severe scratching, sleepless nights, severe inflammation on effected areas and depression," said he, "I keep myself neat and clean and avoid eatables that are high in protein that can trigger Urticaria. I want to suggest people to consult doctors immediately as its going to get worst if not treated properly."

Riasat Bibi, a 30 year old victim of Psoriasis is of the view that she is not living but is a mere survivor as she has been engulfed by the disease since the past 10 years. Over these years, the disease went all the way from being subcutaneous to finally reaching down to the bones, leaving sever pain in her joints. This condition has made her ineligible at various fronts, including employment and future prospects, knowing that this disease is transferred genetically. She also said that the rejection she gets from people is far more painful than the physical pain she is enduring.

Those of you who know someone suffering from such long terms skin diseases, please help them get linked to organisations like these, that would help them through this transition and not have them rendered abandoned at the mercy of cold shoulders that make these poor souls feel unwanted. 

Get in touch with The U Withing Association and help spread the word for those in need.

This video helps explain the causes and symptoms of Psoriasis: 

Similarly, the one below explains what Urticaria actually is:

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