Who is a Friend?

Friday, April 20, 2012 Hiba Moeen 1 Comments

Don't know whom to call a friend,
and who actually is one.
Life is just a rapid loss of friends,
until you have none.
A friend today is a stranger tomorrow,
it's up to you whether to move on or live the moment with sorrow ...
Many who call themselves friends,
don't get the chance to prove it.
True ones fade away,
 when a journey finally ends.
It's you all by yourself,
when no one's trustworthy;
for trust is a word that erased itself from every dictionary.
Sometimes trust is the biggest pain you endured,
leaving behind wounds that can never be cured.
It's time to explore yourself and get to know yourself well,
in this world where nothing is felt,
but endured what you still cannot tell.
Who do you call a friend?
When all you get is a dead end?
Of the people you know,
knowing yourself is the most difficult thing of all ...


Sometimes it's Too Late to Learn

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Sometimes it's too late to learn,
by the time you have learnt that thing, you become unacceptable and old.
It's when time has slipped away to have all the fun,
all you are left with is a self war you never won.

It's when you stand out from the crowd in a different way,
thinking how to run back to your past,
and stop paying the price everyday.

Sometimes the post achievement phase is a reminder,
of the change possible from yesterday.
If only you could have had an answer,
there would have been another way.

But sometimes it's too late to learn,
realising there are people in that race younger and energetic than you ...
Sometimes it's simply this thought that kills you ...


Sometimes ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of life is and whether things were destined to be the way they are for everyone ... sometimes I end up asking myself if trust is one of the biggest mistakes of life because time and again, at least recently, in the past 7 to 8 months it has been proved so. It has been proved that even the person you have started trusting the most could end up making you realise he/she should not have been trusted ... 

As you gain experience with life you get to know that the word, 'TRUST' keeps erasing itself from the dictionary until it's almost completely gone ...

Which gets me to a conclusion that you have to become a selfish moron in the world you are living in today ... why bother about untrustworthy people who upset you. However, having said this, it does not mean that everyone should be seen from a doubtful mind, there still are people who can be trusted, it's just that they either don't exist or are very few but they are AROUND you, you only have to discover them ... Foes are many but friends are few. As you move on, you get to know the real faces and real personalities ... double faced people are so abundant that you almost forget which face you are communicating with each time.

Whether it's business dealings, work places or friends to be you just need to wait a few months before even knowing that they can be trusted ... sometimes no one can be ... sometimes most around can be ... sometimes hardly anyone in life can be ...because of the fact that when you are once bitten, twice shy ...

Being able to trust yourself if one of the biggest strength you can give yourself ... sometimes even that's not possible ... :)


Lawn Brands Conspiring Towards Cutting Down Female Population in Pakistan

Monday, April 09, 2012 Hiba Moeen 0 Comments

"For the love of lawn! Why on Earth is she wearing the same print as mine?!" Exclaimed a lady at a local mall. She apparently had bought the latest dress even before that particular brand's exhibition and what was more tormenting was to actually see someone else wearing it (in her case and many others).

"I received a punch while defending my pile in that exhibition, it's not purple eye shadow you see ... and that day,  my hair style was destroyed in the raid ... too much for spending time in the beauty salon ... besides the brand kept telling me, I am the way I am because I wear it ... oh well, that brand ofcourse," mentioned the other person accompanying her, "Don't worry, you can still flaunt yours off in front of those who are still wearing last year's prints. Oh God! Backward people ... they still wear shalwars even though trousers and choori daars are the 'in' thing!"

She went talking and talking away without noticing that her friend had swooned at the sight of a duplicate dress being worn by someone who was now her to-be-slaughetered rival.

Stories like these are not uncommon, with people spending amounts in thousands, ranging from PKR 5,000 to even PKR 50,000. Costs of accessories and stitching add up to the misery, thus embellishing the ego of many customers. Every other person has launched a Spring or Summer Collection of lawn, contributing to the brotherhood's idea of controlling the female population in Pakistan in what seems to be a crusade in lawn exhibitions. It's where people would fight amongst their own gender, thereby finding a way out towards extinction of the niche. 

The female population is already 49.01% in Pakistan, while these brands collectively have conspired against this gender, they are busy devising ways to attack the male population so that the total population could be controlled through certain parameters. Nothing else has been more effective so far.
The idea is simple; each brand runs a campaign, gets a billboard, announces an exhibition and finally invites enthusiasts to get to each other's throats and KILL, just KILL ... in what is literally set up as a wrestling ground to conquer purchases within hurdles. These women are recognised by the secret code, 'LUBJECTS' (Lawn Subjects).

According to eyewitnesses, one of the enthusiastically charged up subjects ... err ... lubjects tied her dupatta (don't worry, it was the preceding year's print and design) around another lubject's neck and swung her outside the exhibition venue ... the crows had no choice but to take the weaker lubject away. It's all DARWINISM! What else could it be? After all it's the basic concept of the plotted conspiracy. While a few of them get consumed/slaughtered in such fights, the stronger lubjects get consumed by their thoughts of a matching bag, a matching pair of sandals and complimenting laces. Therefore, it's a win win situation for the conspiracy of the lawn brotherhood.

While the plot in terms of achieving targets has been worthwhile towards females so far, ideas have been pitched for the male population too. Perhaps introducing a vending machine in malls would help, vending machines where people pop out to give you ice cream and even what seem to be empty boxes of flat screen TV's. This gender would be controlled through fist fights into a quest of who gets the most out of the so called vending machines. The world seems to be ending anyway for this map where somebody (the smiling 'khappay' dude) gets a life time achievement award for ripping it off anyway ...

In conclusion, the illustration of a real life situation of a lubject (lawn subject) cannot be ignored: