“Fashion Trends . . . excuse me balloon dresses . . . get a shape!”

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These days fashion trends won’t cease to amaze you especially with too much of fabric swaying away from corners as if the one wearing it belongs to medieval times . . . I at times wonder if I (or people like me, though nonexistent) belong to the stone ages if I prefer not to adorn my bones and fat with such dressing, however, presence of the so thought of stylish dressing is inevitable.

There are these long shirts, the very long shirts . . . at times with corners pulling themselves out to mop the floor, well they are also the replacement for dupattas as well at times. They originate from the shoulders and go on with their never ending journey . . . well, towards the floor that is, and yes how can I forget the wide satin edges giving the caution signal that yes the length of the shirt ‘ends here’ . . . some have corners pointed out depicting a sad face while some shirts give a look of three to four georgette shirts worn together.

Now let’s talk about those pleated dresses, some have decent pleats but most have the pleated look making the shirts flow away and trap air like a balloon, oh these shapeless huge frocks! Ladies? Well, hello! What is this that you have started to wear? These maternity dresses are ‘IN’ fashion these days with the pregnant look being the value addition . . . Oh my God! Get a shape you vulgar shirts! Such fashion is hard to swallow. .. How can you allow casual dressing to have the look of maternity dresses? 

 There is another kind of shirt that seems to have been worn then stitched . . . yes, because the tailor forgets to shed the cloth below the arms to give the sleeves a shape . . . these are the square shirts where it seems people are asked to stand in a T-shaped while such T is outlined with stitches . . . so simple but expensive stitching. Why? It’s because such ludicrous things are in demand these days . . .  

I’m not against fashion, I, like everybody else like to dress well but such fashion trends are definitely meant to make you suffer from indigestion . . . One should cut his/ her coat according to the cloth but what to do when the cloth is just too much?


"Little Tim's Purpose . . . Graduation . . ."

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Little Tim's Purpose in life was achieved . . . 
  he finally graduated though not on time.
If only moments he could have deceived,
 a stitch in time could have saved nine.

Marketing was now his expertise,
he got what he wished for . . . 
Some guilt he could now release,
his potential career he started to adore,
taunting past he wanted to let go.

His dad got to find out he graduated,
Little Tim could only say, 'WOW!'.
It was marketing that he hated . . .
and disrespected till now.
Pointless comparison to school dropout relatives,
developed hatred for such ignorant natives!

Things were beginning to give up,
he didn't know the time was near.
All that past he could now clean up,
embarrassing moments he could only fear!

Thus, socializing phobia he had developed,
of friends he was becoming bankrupt.
It was finally a realisation . . .
The biggest hurdle in progress is at times life itself!


Olpers Ramzan Campaign

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-->Every Ramzan Olpers brings about a treat for the eye which leaves behind a viral trail for everyone to discuss and share on social networks. Olpers Ramzan campaign is a blend of vintage treasures and gleeful moments that depict the true spirit of Ramzan, such is the case of the much appreciated old songs that are part of their campaign almost every year. Hence, the nostalgia and emotions triggered generate much of brand recall. 

The cultural aspect highlighted upon reveals the togetherness and family values of the entire Muslim culture no matter what the nationality. Thus, Olpers association with the family and cultural aspect continues it’s journey each Ramzan. 

Every time, people from various cities and countries are shown celebrating the moment of happiness whether it’s the preparation for Sehri or Iftar; time difference continues but faith, love and affection stay the same as a result of the prevailing norm of the Holy month of Ramzan.
In the recent campaign, Olpers focuses on this aspect by showing children of different nationalities who share the same sentiments. Be it a hurt human being or a hurt animal, these values teach people to care and share for everyone starting from their childhood stage, hence, the depiction in this campaign. 
With such campaigns each year, Olpers packaging also becomes their unique selling proposition in the entire House of Brands of Engro for a well supported ending pharse, “Olpers! Mukammal Doodh.”
And so the chorus begins . . .


Safar Badnamah (Season 1, Episode 11) “Ungrateful People . . . Pakistanis by mistake?”

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Yesterday as I was going for my class everything seemed calm and quiet unlike the situation overall. One reason I like classes on Sunday’s is because there are no traffic jams and classes are in the morning, however, those still ending in the evening this particular day still disgust me as then the return in the bus is with the target market of Sea View and Jinnah Hospital as I have mentioned quite a few times before as well.

On my way to school I couldn’t help admire Peek Freans billboard that endorsed a huge picture of their biscuit gift pack . . . yes it was at the same place other than the flyover opposite to FTC . . . it was at the same biscuit corner of biscuit front, the same place where Bakeri’s billboard used to be when they used to be out of stock . . . it was at the turning point of Punjab Colony as you take the road towards Forum . . .if only I could take a picture, if only the seatS occupying elephant wasn’t next to be squeezing my remaining fat and bones . . .

In the class we were made to watch ‘Soldier Boy’s’ MOST annoying video that brought us at the verge of begging our teacher to stop it because it was annoying in all ways but good for the teacher he had gone out for a while. These videos make us realise that in order to be an entrepreneur you could be the most irritating, annoying and crazy person on earth but good for you the target market could be like you as well, your seemingly small idea could turn out to be a big idea . . . This world is not a small place when it comes to accommodating lunatics. . .

On my way back it took ages to get the bus . . . Sunday remember? I still liked the space I got to occupy . . .ahhh . . . less people finally, less humans =P.
There was to land a lady whom I felt like chopping down and feeding to eagles . .. some people don’t deserve to live in Pakistan even if they are living peacefully. The woman who sat next to me after Teen Talwar was as obnoxious as I could have expected, or at times I just don’t feel like talking to people in the bus, in quietness there could be wisdom.

“Exxxcussssse me . . . Whut issss tyyymme?” she asked me, looking ashamed to speak her own language, or it was the way things appeared to be, I had to tell myself to get off with that stereotyping attitude but later whatever she said made me want to wrench her throat with the Pakistani flag itself.

At Cantt Station there was a poor guy who was unloading a bicycle off a huge bus, he had the bicycle on his head . . . well poverty can persuade you to handle various forms of burden.

“There is no check and balance and laws over here . . . “she said, “Pakistan is a village now nothing more.” She said sarcastically. Her pronunciation of forced and much thought about English words was tormenting for the ear and then she couldn’t stop bluffing about how the Goras have a great society and . . . “When goras come to Pakistan they become sick and have to leave in just a week.”

Well I had to tell her that it is our very own people who throw litter on the streets even if they have lived abroad and when you tell them not to pollute the roads and the streets they tell you that you aren’t living in NewYork.

But she couldn’t stop her conversation about well ‘angraize’. “Angraize take everybody together in their country and society but over here people just want to do everything for themselves only and go about finding their own ways!”

This was too much to bare, “Well then it is this angraize who then decides to attack and ruin other countries!” I told her . . . how selfish could they get to find their own goodwill in the other person’s despair. Even for the flood victims they promised to provide aid with one hand but are sending drones with the other hand as if they are origami planes! People like her like to live like slaves I guess . . . when you can’t do anything for Pakistan, at least don’t talk crap about it! Selfish morons!

And then there was traffic jam at the same place. “This is Pakistan” the bus conductor said sarcastically . . . but then I can attribute his words to ‘Jahalat’. This stupid woman couldn’t have agreed more with him. “Exactly my point!” he said laughing away.

Hello! Bus drivers! You are the ones who break traffic laws, over speed when you are running short of time because you will be fined if you don’t reach your destination on time! You drive buses like fighter planes at times and as result you are often the cause of traffic jams!

What has Pakistan got to do with all this? Why does the country get to be blamed for the foolishness the people are involved in?


"SZABIST Students unite to find Hope for Flood Victims"

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The youth of a country is definitely it’s backbone and great nations are able to survive because of the efforts put in by their people despite any awestruck situation, be it a natural disaster or any other mishap. Similarly, during the hard time Pakistan is facing, it’s people are making sure that they support their brothers and sisters who have been rendered homeless as a result of the recent floods.

Similarly, students of SZABIST put in a great effort to extract the gems of our society. Yes!!! On road this time. ‘Azaadi Flood March’ is an activity that started off on August 14 blended with hues of white and green, revealing the true spirit of patriotism. It was officially inaugurated with the National Anthem sung by each heart and soul at the boundaries of Dou Talwar.

While the mourning nation witnessed it’s 63rd birthday, these students made sure they were out on the road for a good cause no matter what the weather felt like during this month. With about 70 students involved including the dean herself, Dr. Fouzia Khan , the day began with money being collected from people around the vicinity. Boys and girls walked brandishing flags and carrying money boxes they made. It was not just the rich in cars but generous contributors even included motorcycle, taxi and rickshaw drivers making each rupee count and it was just a matter of two hours when almost Rs. 113,000 were collected.

The following day, that is, Sunday turned out to be another trend setter for us as emotions poured in to support our flood victims and whether those on foot or those stopping their cars to assist, collectively pooled in a total of Rs. 267,436 in the same, 2 hours only. Camps have been set up within campus as well and this campaign will continue throughout this month. Non Szabistians are welcome too. Remember it is not just the effort of a single institute but of every Pakistani around!

This shows how united our nation is when we need each other through thick and thin. Each one of us is a brand ambassador for our country who aims at building it again and covering each other’s wounds.

It takes a very strong heart to watch news channels these days that broadcast the extreme extent of such a disaster and eyes brimming with tears no matter what age a human they belong to, it’s hard to hold back emotions when you see adults crying helplessly. Hats off to the army and to those people who are making sure they support as much as possible and lend a helping hand to those in despair.

This disaster has been far more severe than Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake of Haiti and the aftermath  is worse beyond imagination.

Below is a picture of a beautiful house that has been destroyed, quite a number of the victims were affluent people who owned bungalows and hotels but now unfortunately rendered homeless and brought on the ground. There must have been people who were more financially fit than us and those who used to give donations but now are worthy of donations themselves. 

Who will give them hope? Who will build their houses again? This is the time to help, step forward and make a difference!!!


Safar Badnamah (Seaon 1, Episode 10): “Idiotic Media Channels; GEO, ARY etc . . . Protesting idiots!”

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Yesterday I got off from home to attend my evening class, I was surprised to have had hardly any sneeze of drizzle in our area while North Nazimabad was said to have witnessed cats and dogs.

I had left home hoping there won’t be any chaotic situation on the roads due to rain so that I would be able to reach my destination. However, the road was a mess and yes starting from Cantt Station again. My God! Why can’t I have a better route? Well this time it was a horrible traffic jam starting from that very place and according to the dilapidated post rain condition one would wish his/her sense of smell to stop functioning temporarily . . . at least in that area which is home to filth and garbage and people peeing around. Why can’t we learn to respect our street corners? These people just do it and look around before doing it to make sure no one’s watching, however, everybody is watching them. We should stop them! Our city isn’t a bathroom! Yes! I had developed a habit of keeping used batteries to target these jerks from my window.

Thank goodness the bus made through that area but to encounter another series of traffic jam at race course . . . no use of flyovers. This got me wondering what if I get a job how would I be able to reach for my classes on time. Well . . . what if? ‘If’ is a big question . . . I will see to it when there is any change in my situation why start worrying from now on?
The bus had just crossed Forum when the driver told that people to get at Dou Talwar should do so now, at KPT Underpass. Furious I wanted to know who the hell of any political figure had got the road blocked. I started off my fast paced walk while saying a little prayer for my phone since when you are walking alone you might get accompanied by someone all of a sudden. In this kind of situation all rickshaws seem absent even if only the big vehicles are not allowed. I walked and walked and finally saw the cause of such lunacy . . . This time it was the media channels with their vans! IDIOTS! EXTREME JAHILS for what they were doing. GEO and ARY vans were first to be seen with their ‘aliens to communicate with dish antennas’ on top of the vans.

They were protesting against the government to have banned their channels. I agree it was a very childish act by our government for doing so because the entire world knows that the president was attacked by shoes so there’s no way Pakistani citizens can be kept oblivious to this incident, it just availed another chance of being a cry baby. However, these media channels are better cry babies for blocking people’s way and protesting like this. They just gave an impression that they have nothing better to do in the world but to waste their time and other people’s time like that. What are they getting out of this act besides shooting this SHIT and playing this clip on TV. I’m sorry for using this term as I have never used it in any of my posts so far but this is how they made me feel. Bullshitters! 

I’m also not saying all this because I had to walk all the way from the underpass to Dou Talwar and beyond to reach my school and that is what heated up my temper level but think about these selfish morons, they were protesting and causing problems for people on the road, people at Dou Talwar and people who had to reach that place. Too bad if you travel by public transport but what if there is no other choice. With their slogans, ‘GEO per paabandi namanzoor’ whom are they benefitting besides creating useless fuss.

And talk about their responsible citizenship! Ahh well they proved to be extreme and ultimate jahils! They point fingers at other people for being jahils or ruining the country, that no doubt they are doing but just look at how nicely these media channel employees were representing their companies and how they were being good to their roads and streets. There were PET bottles lying on the roads, those were the bottles that they would have protested with or maybe they drank the water and decided to throw the trash there only. Responsible citizens aren’t they? 

They talk about others who are bad to public property and how electricity should be saved etcetera etcetera and how we can contribute towards being a better citizen. Remember their stupid Mr. Jeem . . . well it’s Jeem for Jahalat as well isn’t it? Their strong words, 'GEO Aur Jeenay Dou', doesn't apply to them when they themselves are required to use it in practical terms.

So they were just a value addition to the filth and garbage accumulated on the roads every day. Did somebody shoot that? No because they want to portray the stuff their own way why would they want to give the other side of the story no matter how insignificant or significant. But this was something very significant!

Had I left home on time and not way before time as I did I would have got late for my class because of these idiots! They weren’t doing anything worthwhile; we students are at least doing something significant by studying and not being monkeys on the roads like them!


“Safar Badnamah (Season 1, Episode 9): “Cantt Station a Nightmare . . . Again?”

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This semester started off with a very disturbed week when there was much of terrorism facilitated by the group whose own man was shot or probably his death was yet another excuse to spread chaos in the city. It’s easy to have one’s bulk in London and notorious followers in Karachi.
Then there was rain, rather . . . there is rain, beautiful rain but what a mess we witnessed in our Northern areas. What if there were more dams? Would they have avoided the turmoil our people are facing?
Today was the day when I had my complete three hour class, yes a Sunday! I love classes on Sundays provided my Saturdays are off but provided they would have been off.
This morning I felt too lazy to notice billboards, however, there were hardly any of them embellishing the roads, The place adjacent to FTC where there was Tarang’s, then Fruitilly’s and then Chocolate chip Cookies billboard one was without any today. Probably it’s time to be cautious regarding rain with respect to what happened in August 2006. Ahhh! Good old memories of BBA. This was the time when it rained cats and dogs in Karachi and billboards adorned with women’s pictures were accused of such disaster and for facilitating the wrath of nature. Some days after that, Karachi faced widowed roads as most of the billboards were removed.
Anyway . . . why have some billboards been removed? They didn’t have any pictures of women to begin with . . . What really is annoying is the picture of that guy with hair transplant, he is hanging on every other pole at Nursery flyover . . . However, National’s mom and kid billboard is pretty nice or probably it’s the attractive mom . . . That’s could be the wrong place to put it up, it could become the cause of accidents . . . Now who would want to have that on a flyover and that too at the turning point . . .
There were small pools on the way to school, what really grabbed my attention was the missing horse in front of Regent Plaza, yes the horse that would continuously change it’s colour from black to white and then again from white to black and the cycle would continue. I remember there was Sony Ericsson’s logo there . . . was it a branded horse? Not to mention this brand that I would blow up some day, it doesn’t deserve a life in the hands of capable citizens here. =P
What followed was the beginning of a disgusting nightmare yet again or rather the daily nightmare. It was Cantt Station with sewerage spills and piles of filth with crows having breakfast on and there was black water on both sides of the road. I can imagine what the organization, ‘Black Water’ means now . . . it means filth!
Inspite of this the bus sailed through the place with smooth drive which is never possible in that place.
I was admiring my class timings, the sooner the better as an afternoon class on Sunday would have meant adjusting in with the target market of Sea View on the way back. I have had good dinner so wouldn’t want to describe them just now.
The day was hot and humid to begin with and we had our ‘New Media’ class. Our teacher was asking everybody the purpose of us being in that class and why exactly we were there, what was it that we wanted to get out of this course.
With a reluctant and lazy to function mind today I didn’t know what to say so the remaining half of my mind decided to cover me up and manufacture a few words it could think of in the short while. “I think I am here to witness the obsolescence of old and traditional marketing concepts.” I said . . . Lame I know but this is what I could relate to and hence the course name. We probably would be finding out about how old concepts might not be much relevant in today’s world, well Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler was written in the 1960’s. Why are we still following that? I mean the same old 4 and 7 P’s? Can’t there be anything new? I like the book but still . . .
These were perfect class timings, on my way back it had started drizzling and when the bus reached Cantt Station again . . . Oh my God! That was an awful drive! The road over there had recently been made from scratch but I guess the rainfall of Karachi is especially customized to suit the place with it being high on acidic content; acid rain only is manufactured for our roads to destroy then completely. Why can’t we have roads made properly that rain won’t wear them out or do they depreciate on a straight line basis with no residual value?
Anyway, there were deep holes after each plateau, and the bus had to crawl because with proper facilitation of kinetic energy or with proper speed gained it would have fallen on either side, left or right and yes in that over flowing gutter or silt. “Bham!” it fell with two front tyres falling into that hole and “Bham!” it fell again with the other two tyres falling into the same hole, after all the bus was moving at least if not being driven with proper Pathan spirit. It fell twice with the bham happening four times. Wasn’t this jargon used for gunshot? Never mind I can use it here as well.
Since yesterday the rain timings have been roughly 2 o’ clock and today again at around this time rain had started pouring in. I got off the bus to have a nice walk in the rain soaking myself till I reached home . . . May we have more rain everywhere but with no negative consequences. Ameen!


Nazia the Vampiress (Season 1, Episode 5) “Toots upset at Sony Ericsson”

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 Scrooge is also a vampire and Toots doesn’t know she thought . . .

“If Red Bull gives you weengs what does Sting  give you Toots?” asked Nazia.

Toots shot back a bewildered look that emphasized on how Nazia had lost it, “It gives you springs!” she said.

“That I could see when you were jumping around the corridor and assuming my Gtalk as yours after you had downed two Stings. My goodness you were so high on the energy drink!” replied Nazia. A few days back when Toots had her high intake of Sting, she was literally acting crazy, she loosened up Nazia’s hair, was taking her pictures while she was trying to stay up after her advertising class as she had developed a habit of having a sleepness night at times just before that class and most importantly, while they were working together in the computer lab, Toots took the liberty of grabbing her hands and sending chat messages through her GTalk. She was surprised at such an after effect of Sting and wanted to be cautious because with term report annoying updates sent to her teachers, some of them had appeared on her Google Talk and with Toots losing it all, Nazia was worried Toots would do something stupid while assuming the gadget to be hers. She probably needed a high five on her bunny cheek to wake her up from Sting high slumber.

Nazia had developed an annoying habit; while working on term reports she used to update and ask for regular feedback from her teachers, while some of them would have wanted to kill her for having an email account no matter how big a vampiress she were. However, she would have accepted that because vampires had a deep respect for their teachers let alone be the sweet blooded teacher she was feasting upon.

Recently, Toots and Nazia were going through a bad time with respect to technology, their phones were giving up, they could hardly keep in touch with each other and this was the time they witnessed post purchase dissonance in practical terms, it’s good you get to learn something when it is applied in real life. Their brand in use failed to convict them, it was Sony Ericsson that gave a bad time and it was their sincere advice to friends not to buy this brand.

“That idiot! That stupid idiot whom I gave the phone to fix, checked it with my SIM and wiped out everything on it. .. I have lost all contacts, and then he realized that the warranty was of some other place!” Toots bursted with anger.

“I know these people are such jerks, they fix one thing and ruin another! Just tell me about him, I’ll sink my canines in. I seriously feel like teaching these people a lesson!” Nazia created Sony Ericsson branded mountain out of a mole hill.

The problem with advanced technology is that once you get used to it, you would never want to revert back in the stone ages again. Therefore, a phone with a camera would make you not to have one without a camera later on.

“If you buy Sony Ericsson it will make you want to Nokia later on,” discussed Nazia with Toots, “But I don’t understand who would have wanted to steal your old Nokia, the blob, the remain, the carcass, the funeral of electronic chips from you?”

“I looooooved that phone Nazia, it was so much better, at least it worked well till it was stolen.”

“Yes but it had become so ugly that you wouldn’t want to have a look at it early morning. By the way what exactly went wrong with your new phone apart from the fact that it’s Sony Ericsson?”

“Everything and all the things wrong . . . Why? Because it’s not just the brand but it’s a slide phone as well, just like it’s a flip phone of yours, so we are both victims of the same brand. Our phones are dumb! Yours just won’t ring up and mine is useless if I try to answer it without the handsfree. GOD! I’m gonna burn this brand and feed the ashes to Nokia!” exclaimed Toots.

They were both so against this brand that they vowed never to buy it ever again and felt it was a waste of money to have such a brand, they so wanted to write a rant against it . . . Well as if they were opinion leaders? But word of mouth matters in experiential marketing.

Toots had confessed once saying, “My loyal Nokia got stolen!  That’s why I thought I’d try something new!!”

However, this wasn’t entirely true . . . This phone was imposed upon her, yes this very, entirely pink phone, the pink, pink . . . The very very pink phone was brought and given to her to use. It was meant for a girl with ‘pink dreams’, a day dreamer of pink happenings. Even though it looked cute it was at times a source of embarrassment for her because it was too girlish. It seemed to be a toy for baby vampires and she had been a Tom boy in the past.

As far as Nazia’s phone was concerned, it was the undead now, within a year of purchase it had gone four times to get fixed. Her being a vampire was ok but why were her things acting like one. It had drained the blood out of her, yes the blood she drank.

While feeling satisfied that her phone was fixed yet again, she thought about the serious conversation she planned with Toots. Scrooge is also a vampire she kept thinking but then decided not to spill the beans and respect his privacy, time will tell she thought. It is a fact that vampires recognize each other and that’s how Scrooge found out about Nazia . . . Some secrets were meant to be exposed. She remembered his eyes bulging with vampire excitement as he saw cats . . . They were disappearing one by one.

Toots and Nazia were relaxing on the uncomfortable cafeteria benches one day (with remaining cats roaming around) and discussing the chocolate brand they destroyed in their advertising presentation . . . it deserved an anti bacterial treatment by Commander Safeguard. They were laughing uncontrollably at their stupidity because they ruined such a well planned presentation of that market leader, the one that claimed to have run out of stock in the chocolate season during it’s ad campaign. As told by the relevant person in an ad agency, the purple pants that birthday guy was made to wear for the advertisement gave it a dramatic effect, yes those purple pants with fine indigo strips . . . It probably added to the day dreaming that he got the wrong gift mistaking whose birthday it was. During their presentation, the advertisement didn’t play because that class pc didn’t have an updated version of the video player. They had to give a commercial break (let another group present after this disaster) and rush downstairs to get it converted. Even though it was a moment of tolerance shown by Mr. F, Nazia thought she had passed on her traits into him already because of this annoying and hard to tolerate mistake. All the last moment extra addition to the project seemed to have rendered futile.

With all the information Mr. Slash provided a midnight before made Nazia and Toots feel even more guilty because he had been very generous in providing a lot of relevant information regarding the brand as he had been incharge of it’s media activities in the past. She had eaten his nerves, brain transmitters and neurons asking questions on the phone and it drained the hemoglobin out of him to quite an extent . . . The human half of her felt guilty for that while the remaining vampire half felt really thankful to him for such last moment help, remember Nazia was still half human, she wasn’t entirely a monster.

Despite Nazia’s sweet tooth, she thought she would not be able to face the brand again as that disaster caused vampire embarrassment. This was a symptom that made her teeth blunt making her unable to practice her traits because of which she feared she would continue borrowing straws from Scrooge for her communication prey (first episode). There was a problem or rather an enhancement of this symptom that was at times hard to control for her, her vampire traits would become contagious for any nearest person she annoyed and hence the advertising presentation.

It was time to discuss something very important with Toots, something that would change the way she got along with friends. “Toots . . . How well do you know me? None of my other friends know me except for you but still . . .” asked she.

“Well I know that you have secrets buried deep inside you and I feel honoured to know you since I am the only one you have revealed yourself to but most importantly I admire your rule of not keeping your close friends and teachers in your circle of preys . . . But what’s troubling you?”

Nazia felt uneasy thinking about whether she knew there was another vampire in their circle of friends . . .
“Hey you know what?”
. . .

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. You can start assuming things and relating to real life characters . . . As if it matters to Vampires . . . =P
Oh by the way . . . the brand mentioned in this post is so real, try it, test it, regret it . . . =D


What happens When Someone from the Elite Group gets killed . . .

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It’s a pity that even after 63 years of existence we are still trying to exist and survive rather than to live. The nation wasn’t over with the flood and plane crash tragedy when something had to happen in Karachi!

The question is who are these people? Don’t they have their own families that would make them think twice before what they are about to do to other people’s families? While killing someone or destroying that person’s property don’t they think about how they would feel if their own family member was killed or what if their own shelter is destroyed? Probably they get paid a lot for each murder or for each mobile phone snatched that render them inhumane. It’s as if Hereafter wasn’t made for them!

Just because of their man got murdered; they decide to torch the entire city and made a bon fire out of vehicles and shops. Having shifts for not letting anyone open up a shop to have forceful mourning is their way of retaliating. Why would a person call another one a human being if he values designations and not lives? For one of their person shot dead they decide to kill more than 50 others because it was those 50 people’s fault that they exposed themselves to lunatics with weapons. What a high level of humanity it is!

Yesterday every other person was running towards his home because each individual felt insecure because of the murder that was to have a magnified adverse effect on the rest of Karachi.

I wonder what will happen when their ‘BIG ONE’ dies if even due to natural causes . . . They will chop the entire nation just because it will deserve to die because of orphans left by big daddy. What a show he creates, it’s difficult to stand his appearance even on TV.

This is what’s called ‘Extreme Jahalat’. People are ready to sell their souls for one man killed and for one dad ruling from somewhere else where his bulk is placed! Are these jerks all hypnotized? Education tames a person thereby making him/ her civilsed, this is what they all lack.

It was time to give emotional support to the relatives of plane crash victims; it was time to give shelter to flood victims and rebuild their homes when Karachi shed bloody tears!